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JavaScript Weekly Issue 100
October 12, 2012
Issue 100 has snuck up on me! :-) No big fanfare but issue 104 will be our 2nd birthday.. so maybe then! Thank you for your continued support and patronage. - Peter C
Harmony of Dreams Come True (New Stuff in ES6) Brendan Eich reflects on a recent keynote he gave at Strange Loop (be sure to check out the slides) and shows how many of his dreams for the future of JavaScript's syntax and functionality are coming true. He covers sets, maps, default parameters, for-of iteration, and much more.
jQuery UI 1.9.0 Released jQuery UI is a curated set of UI effects, widgets and themes built on top of jQuery. 1.9 introduces new Menu, Spinner, and Tooltip widgets, some redesigned APIs, and extra jQuery version support.
YUIConf 2012 Early Bird Registration Open (Santa Clara, Nov 14-15)
Performance Tips for JavaScript in V8 Google's Chris Wilson offers up plenty of practical advice and insights into ensuring your code flies along happily on the V8 engine (as used by Node and Chrome).
Essential JavaScript: The Top Five Testing Libraries Jack Franklin looks at Jasmine, QUnit, Mocha, Buster.JS, and YUI Test. If you're new to JavaScript testing, this is a handy overview of some options.
Optimizing JavaScript Variable Access (in SpiderMonkey) Mozilla's Luke Wagner takes a technical look at how variable access in SpiderMonkey (Mozilla's JS engine) has been made more efficient. Catnip to the engine implementation crowd!
DOM Enlightenment: Exploring The Relationship Between JS and the Modern HTML DOM A draft version of a book under development by Cody Lindley for O'Reilly.
JS Minty Fresh: Identifying and Eliminating Code Smells in JS A slide deck by Rebecca Murphey. Note that the slides about the 'smells' allow you to move down to see the before and after code examples.
55 Unique jQuery Techniques and Tutorials Yes, it's a cheap and cheerful screenshot-laden list post! But if you're on the prowl for an interesting effect or widget, they can be handy.
2 Helpful JavaScript Patterns New Relic's David Morrow shows off his two favorite JavaScript code organization patterns: modules and hand-rolled 'classes'.
Categorizing Values in JavaScript Dr. Axel Rauschmayer helps you better understand how how different types of values are categorized in JavaScript.
Hosting a Node App on Heroku
Flying JavaScript! JS Powered Drones and Copters at the Nodecopter Hackathon
ECMAScript 6 collections, Part 2: Maps
Designing Better JavaScript APIs
Hacking Node.js on a Raspberry Pi using Orion
Code and Libraries
Scripted: A New JavaScript Editor, From VMware A general purpose code editor built using Web technologies with a focus on offering a great JavaScript editing experience.
node-sha3: An SHA-3 Library for Node.js Based on the reference C implementation, Phusion has released a library that implements the SHA-3 (Keccak) cryptographic hashing algorithm for Node users.
JS-VBA-M: A JavaScript Game Boy Advance Emulator I'm sure we've all seen the JS Game Boy emulators but now it's the Game Boy Advance's turn. I downloaded a ROM to try it out and it worked but was an unplayable 4 fps or so in the latest Chrome.
otto: A JavaScript Parser and Interpreter Written in Go
HATCHSHOW.js: A(nother) jQuery Typesetting Plugin
Templayed.js: Fastest and Smallest Mustache-compliant JS Templating Lib
microformat-node: Microformats Parser for Node.js
Examplifier: Turn Bland Source Code Into Interactive Demos
ABalytics.js: Client-side A/B Testing With Google Analytics
InstaLib: A jQuery Instagram Library
tappivate: Zepto + jQuery Plugin for More App-like Buttons on Mobile
JavaScript Developer (United Kingdom) We need you to build the fantastic user interfaces which give our products their easy to use feel. Work on our pure JavaScript applications that seamlessly bridge the gap between client and server operations. Join our agile team to learn and build great things.
Bring Home the Bacon with Hubbub Hubbub change how people shop, and support local high streets, by providing a pioneering delivery service for independent shops. We're looking for two super-smart developers to join us - and we're offering a year's free bacon to successful applicants AND the person that refers them too!
Post a job in next week's JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least..
Trigger Rally: A 3D Web-Based Rally Driving Game using Three.js
A fast paced rally driving game with 20 checkpoints. Give it a go. I eventually got an OK time of 1:39.41.. but tweet me at @peterc to gloat about your better time ;-)
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