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JavaScript Weekly Issue 101
October 19, 2012
Meteor 0.5.0 Released: Authentication, User Accounts and a New Screencast Meteor is an interesting JavaScript-based platform that's caught a lot of people's interest lately. One big criticism was its security but this release includes 'everything necessary to build and deploy secure applications using Meteor.' There's a new screencast to watch that shows it all off, too.
JavaScript Library Poll Results: What Libraries Are We Using? Peter-Paul Koch shares the results of a poll of 3,350 JavaScript developers' library usage. Unsurprisingly, jQuery is on top, but where's your library of choice?
Celebrating Dart's Birthday with the First Release of the Dart SDK
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Does JavaScript Need Classes? ECMAScript 6 is going to have direct support for classes, but JavaScript guru Nicholas C Zakas asks if we really need them.
Rendering HTML Templates Obsolete with JavaScript Jed Schmidt doesn't see much value in client-side HTML templates anymore and ponders the benefits of templates written in JavaScript. With this in mind, he's built a DOM library called dom-o that unifies markup and style into JavaScript syntax.
The Ins and Outs of (JIT) Invalidation Mozilla's Kannan Vijayan presents a technical, but very accessible, overview of 'invalidation', a technique used by JIT compilers (a present in modern JavaScript engines) to mark compiled code as unusable when conditions in the program change. An enjoyable higher-end read.
ECMAScript 6 in Node.js Over at DailyJS, Alex Young considers the forthcoming ECMAScript 6 and its new features and explains how to use some of its features in Node.js today. For other features, a handy list of shims is given in the comments section.
Making Your Library AMD Compliant The Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) - as supported by Require.js - is a popular way to modularize code in JavaScript, pending native support. Here, Jack Franklin covers how to make a JavaScript library AMD compliant and publish it using Jam.
Mozilla Adds Sweetener to JavaScript We first linked to the preview in JSW #97 but Mozilla's 'Sweet' JavaScript syntax macro system is growing up fast. Learn more here.
Try JavaScript Syntax Macros with Sweet.js in the Browser
How to Build a Real-Time Geolocation Service with Node.js A tutorial digging into building a real-time app that shows the locations of visitors on an interactive map. Uses Node.js and the HTML5 Geolocation API.
Parallel Programming Via River Trail Coming to Firefox Work has begun on a Firefox-based implementation of Intel's 'River Trail' idea for functional, parallel programming in JavaScript. Dr. Axel Rauschmayer sums it up (check out the article from his first link if you want a lot more detail).
XKCD/Handdrawn-style Plots in D3.js
JavaScript Animation Tutorial with the Greensock Framework Originally, Greensock was a popular Flash-only animation library but now it's available in JavaScript and this short set of examples with code shows off some basic usage.
Totally Testacular (What AngularJS Uses for Testing) Testacular bills itself as a 'spectacular test runner for JavaScript'. It's framework agnostic but was primarily built so that AngularJS had a better test system. AngularJS has now switched 100% to Testacular so DailyJS's Alex Young takes a deeper look.
Machine Learning and Neural Networks in JavaScript with Encog Learn about using the Encog framework to pull off some basic machine learning techniques in JavaScript. Covers simple OCR, genetic algorithms, and neural networks.
How is JavaScript's Array.sort implemented in browsers? It's good old mergesort for Mozilla but WebKit's engine has a surprise up its sleeve..
Yehuda Katz on ECMAScript 6 The creator of Ember.js reflects on how ES6 (a.k.a. will be making things better for JavaScript developers.
Say Hello to Lineman: Tool for Bootstrapping Fat Client Webapp Projects A short screencast introduction to a new Grunt-based tool for bootstrapping fat-client webapp projects. Handles live compilation of templates, CoffeeScript, and Less, provides a development server, minifies CSS and JavaScript, and more.
Code and Libraries
YUI 3.7.3: Gets Windows 8 Apps and IE 10 Support The latest version of YUI is out and adds IE10 and Windows 8 runtimes to its target environments. This post summarizes some of what was involved.
TodoMVC: Helping You Select An MV* Framework Addy Osmani and Sindre Sorhus's TodoMVC project now has a snazzy new homepage and continues to grow with 12 stable and 30 experimental versions of a 'to do' app built using a myriad of JavaScript frameworks.
rsvp.js: Tools for Organizing Asynchronous JS Code Yehuda Katz has released a tiny implementation of Promises/A and a mixin for turning objects into event targets. Works in Node.js and the browser.
Fuel UX: Extends Twitter Bootstrap With Extra Lightweight JS Controls
Kwicks: jQuery Plugin for 'Sexy Sliding Panels'
Postgres Object Relational Map System You can embed JavaScript within PostgreSQL using PLV8 and PORMS takes it a step further by embedding a JavaScript-powered ORM right into the popular database engine.
node-mruby: Embedding Ruby into Node.js mruby is a new, embeddable Ruby interpreter and node-mruby makes it possible to embed mruby into Node.js. Currently an experimental prototype.
node-jsmin-sourcemap: JSMin With Sourcemaps
Physics: Port of Processing's Traer Physics Library into JavaScript
Front-End Engineer at Practically Green (Boston, MA) Practically Green is growing rapidly. We have built a beautifully-designed SAAS platform that's currently shaking up the Fortune 500. We're looking to expand our engineering team so we can deliver on our mission to help people live healthier, greener lives.
Software Engineer at Square (San Francisco, CA) Square is looking for amazing people inspired to reinvent how people pay and get paid. We’re turning everyday transactions into wonderful and human experiences on both sides of the counter.
JavaScript Developer at dotDigital (Croydon, United Kingdom)
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Last but not least..
JSMentors: A Friendly Mailing List for JavaScript Discussion First linked in JSW #2 (two years ago!) JSMentors is a mailing list that continues to provide a friendly, non-antagonistic environment to ask questions about and discuss JavaScript and browser scripting topics. Has an enviable set of mentors to help you out so make use of it.
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