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JavaScript Weekly Issue 102
October 26, 2012
Welcome to issue 102 of JavaScript Weekly. Not so much news this week but some great stuff in the 'Watching' section as several conferences, such as JSConf EU 2012, released their videos. Enjoy!
The (Online) JavaScript Summit 2012 - November 13-15, 2012 The fourth outing of the online JavaScript and jQuery conference. Speakers include Brandon Satrom, Garann Means, Nicholas Zakas, Rey Bango, and Rebecca Murphey.
Jster: A New Catalog of JavaScript Libraries A new site aiming to catalog all of the most useful JavaScript tools and libraries. If you're a library builder, it could be worth submitting.
O'Reilly Fluent CFP Open (May 28-30, 2013, San Francisco, CA) O'Reilly's JavaScript and HTML5-oriented Web technology conference is back in San Francisco in May 2013 and the call for proposals is now open until December 10th.
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Bringing JavaScript Code Analysis to The Next Level Ariya Hidayat (PhantomJS, Esprima) is a guru when it comes to JavaScript parsing and analysis. He shares a lot of interesting stuff in this slide deck.
Single Page Apps in Depth (New Free Book) Zendesk's Mikito Takada has put together 'the book [he] would have wanted when [he] started working with single page apps'. You can read it online or grab a downloadable copy.
Encapsulating State in JavaScript
ES6 Is Nigh: A Presentation on The Future of The JavaScript Language Slidedecks by Domenic Denicola covering much ECMAScript 6 goodness, from object literals and block scoping to Unicode support and generators.
JavaScript OO Without Constructors
Build IRC Bots with NodeJS
Into the Land of Functional Programming with JavaScript
Function Invocation Patterns in JavaScript Barry Steyn says: 'One concern with JavaScript functions is how different invocation patterns can produce vastly different results' and then shows off four approaches.
JavaScript Is The New Punk Rock At JSConf EU, Stuart Memo gave an entertaining talk, including a live theremin jam against the Star Trek theme tune. Well worth a watch if you're into working with audio using JavaScript and HTML5.
Break All The Rules Angus Croll believes that some JavaScript rules are made for breaking and digs into the 'with' and 'eval' statements along with the reasons for breaking many 'rules.'
JSConf EU 2012 Roundup Video Getting some of this month's JSConf EU vibe in a 4 minute video. Short and sweet.
The Architect Way Cloud9's Jan Jongboom talks about the challenges of the architecture around their online IDE app (which they claim is the largest Node app in production). A handy watch for any Node developer who wants to keep a large app manageable and stable over time.
A Novel, Efficient Approach to JavaScript Loading A novel talk (it's outside!) for a novel idea by Malte Ubl and John Hjelmstad involving a new way to load JavaScript code.
JavaScript As A Compilation Target - Making It Fast Another talk from JSConf EU 2012.
Code and Libraries
CoffeeScript 1.4.0 Released, No Sign of Source Maps Doesn't seem to be a huge release, despite the version number jump.
node-persist: Easy Persistent Data Structures in Node.js A server-side storage system that uses the HTML5 localStorage API, so it's a bit like 'localStorage on the server'. Uses JSON documents at its core rather than a daemon or server process.
r...e: A 'Range' Implementation for Node.js range('a', 'c').toArray() // => ['a', 'b', 'c']
node-passbook: iOS Passbook for the Node Hacker Passbook is a new 'digital wallet' that's part of iOS 6 on the new iPhone 5 and similar devices. Assaf Arkin's new library helps you create Passbook files from Node.
uiji.js: Use CSS Selectors to Create Elements Claims to be 'jQuery in reverse' as instead of selecting elements, you can use a jQuery-like syntax to create them.
Express 3.0 Released
Bifocals: Node.js View Library for Asynchronous Sub-Views/Partials
Qatrix 1.0: A New JS Framework Boasting Less Code and High Performance Animations Qatrix is a new, lightweight and high-performance JS framework. It includes an animation engine based on native, hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions and is only 4.7KB in size.
DOCX.js: Microsoft's Blob-to-DOCX Conversion Library
Numeral.js, A JS Library for Formatting and Manipulating Numbers
Slatebox.js: Real-time Mind Mapping and Concept Drawing
ZyngaScroller: jQuery Plugin for Fast, Collaborative Kinetic Scrolling
cssConsole: jQuery Plugin to Turn DOM Elements into Terminal-like Inputs
Front-End Engineer at InVisioneer, Inc. (San Jose, CA) InVisioneer's passion is innovative products that people love to use. If you want to build the future of the entertainment and video space, we'd like to hear from you.
JavaScript Hackers Wanted for Growing EdTech Startup in SOMA Interested in things like Node, Backbone.js, and scaling on AWS? At Pathbrite we've built an HTML5 stack and codebase that works on all devices and resolutions. We're a well funded EdTech startup looking for more smart JS hackers. E-mail our CTO at
Front-End Engineer at Practically Green (Boston, MA)
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least..
Treehouse Interviews Paul Irish Treehouse's Nick Pettit sits down with front-end super star Paul Irish to chat about the complexity of front-end development, HTML5 Boilerplate, and the browser experience for developers.
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