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JavaScript Weekly Issue 103
November 2, 2012
Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
A free e-book from Microsoft Press by Kraig Brockschmidt. MS is going big with JavaScript on Windows 8 development and this should prove a handy introduction. I had a quick flick through.. it seems well produced but will demand patience as it weighs in at over 800 pages.
The 2012 Node.js Knockout: A 48 Hour Node.js Online Hackathon Like Rails Rumble for Ruby or Ludum Dare for game development, the Node.js Knockout is a 48 hour online hackathon that takes place over a weekend (November 10-12, in this case). Enter and have fun. Barely 50 spots remain last time I checked..
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Object Properties in JavaScript Dr. Axel Rauschmayer examines how the properties of JavaScript objects work, what types exist, and how to create your own.
Isaac Schlueter Ponders a 'free' Operator for JavaScript The lead developer of Node.js says it'd be 'nice if JS had a way to explicitly delete an object' and asks es-discuss what they think about the idea. It turned into a reasonably busy thread.
A Command-Line JavaScript Validator With Esprima JavaScript parsing guru Ariya Hidayat demonstrates how to use Esprima to perform JavaScript syntax validation.
BookJS Turns Your Browser Into A Print Typesetting Engine A look at a JavaScript library that can turn an HTML page into a PDF formatted for printing as a book. Requires Chrome.
Why does 10..toString() work but not 10.toString()? A little tripping point some JavaScript developers might not be familiar with.
Designing JavaScript APIs The folks at share some best practices for JavaScript API design.
Building High-Performing JavaScript for Modern Engines A well produced talk by Microsoft's Amanda Silver and John-David Dalton about building fast applications using JavaScript.
JavaScript Jabber on Enyo.JS A 40 minute roundtable discussion about the HP backed 'Enyo' JavaScript application framework.
John Resig Talks About The Khan Academy Computer Science Platform
Spots on Canvas: A Beginner's Introduction to JavaScript
Code and Libraries
SheetClip.js: Copy/Paste From Your HTML5 Web App to a Spreadsheet Transforms 2 dimensional JavaScript arrays into clipboard strings compatible with spreadsheet apps. After just doing my accounts, I wish more webapps supported this sort of feature ;-)
LispyScript: A JavaScript With Lispy Syntax And Macros Compiles down to regular JavaScript. Reminds me of ClojureScript to an extent.
BootUp.js: Load and Cache JavaScripts in LocalStorage (Where Available) Linking to a Reddit thread about this as the motivations for using this rather than relying on browser cache are discussed in full.
Knockout 2.2.0 Released
Stochator: Generate All Kinds of Random Values An interesting library that can generate random numbers in several ways including from weighted sets and matching a desired standard deviation. (Warning: CoffeeScript.)
traversty: Headache-Free DOM Collection Management and Traversal The example usage is certainly an interesting bit of code to behold.
YAAK.js: Yet Another Audio Kit An HTML5 game audio libraries both for browsers and native HTML5 app acceleration platforms (e.g. AppMobi).
Violin: Instrumenting JavaScript Apps (with included visualization)
Sublime-jsrun: Sublime Text 2 Plugin to Run Selected JS in The Browser
Software Engineer, HPDD, Intel Corporation (virtual) Work in a small virtual team (Americas/UK/Europe) in Intel Corporation's High Performance Data Division to develop and maintain the web interface of our enterprise storage management solution, Chroma Enterprise. E-mail for further info.
Sr. JavaScript Engineer @ VMware Socialcast (San Francisco) Socialcast is looking for a passionate, experienced JavaScript Engineer to join our growing Engineering team! Continue your career in a start-up atmosphere focusing on fast experimentation with the latest technologies and frameworks (Backbone, Node.JS).
JavaScript Trainer at appendTo (USA) How would you like to have an impact on the next generation of front-end developers? appendTo is currently looking for a trainer to create and deliver top-notch learning experiences to developers all over the world via onsite, remote, and other modern formats.
Für alle, die nicht nur ein Rädchen im Getriebe sein möchten - wir suchen agile Softwareentwickler.
Miscellaneous but Interesting
Find The jQuery UI Icon You Want Instantly A jQuery UI icon name map and cheatsheet viewable both online and downloadable as a PDF.
Webshell: An Easy Way to Work With Popular Web APIs (from the Web Itself) An online JavaScript coding environment/sandbox with a focus on interacting with Web-based APIs. Says it can be used to 'program the Web in JavaScript, CoffeeScript or even TypeScript!' Check out the 'Prototyping' examples to get a feel for it.
jscii: getUserMedia + ASCII == Your Webcam as ASCII Art
An Apple II+ Implemented with JavaScript and HTML5 Technologies
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