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JavaScript Weekly Issue 105
November 16, 2012
JavaScript APIs You've Never Heard Of (and some you have) Nicholas C. Zakas was set to give this as a talk at YUIConf but due to a scheduling conflict, we get to enjoy it as a 50 minute screencast recording instead :-)
Compiling to JavaScript: What, Why, and How? André Rieussec walks through five different approaches to compiling other languages to JavaScript, explains the motivations, and shows off a concrete example of game development in C# that's then compiled to JavaScript. A great primer to the topic in general.
jQuery 1.8.3 Released
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JS Adolescence James Padolsey presents 11 JavaScript practices which 'once seemed right but [he] now deems foolish (in most situations).' Includes always declaring variables at the top of their scope and using strict === equality everywhere.
AngularJS and SEO AngularJS works using specially formatted HTML which isn't always the easiest to work with for search engine optimization purposes. In this post, we learn some techniques to improve matters.
DOM DocumentFragment Objects in JavaScript David Walsh demonstrates how you can use DocumentFragments, DOM objects that allow you to perform DOM operations and build up element trees within separate, non-visible branches.
Refactoring to jQuery Combinators Reg Braithwaite demonstrates an intriguing way to implement the Game of Life with jQuery and his jQuery Combinators extension.
The Emscripten Compiler Gets Some Upgrades Alon Zakai, the creator of Emscripten, the LLVM to JavaScript compiler, shares some info about updates made to the system. As a project that helps bring many C and C++ projects into the JavaScript work, all performance improvements and optimizations are much welcomed.
How Promises Work A walkthrough of building a promise library incrementally and analyzing the major design decisions.
JavaScript: The Real Bad Parts [A Slidedeck]
Backbonification: Migrating A Large JS Project From DOM Spaghetti to Backbone.js
When Not to Use YUI: A Slidedeck
Easier Web App Debugging in Chrome with Multi-User Profiles A tip from Addy Osmani.
Code and Libraries
Magna Charta: Accessible Barcharts From HTML Tables A jQuery plugin from Jack Franklin for producing bar charts from HTML table data. Be sure to check out the examples page.
Domo: Writing Markup, Style, and Code All in JavaScript Lets you write markup and styles in JavaScript syntax, both in the browser and on the server. It's an interesting alternative to template engines and CSS pre-processors.
Craft.js: A Small JavaScript Framework A library made up of extra methods for enumerating hashes and arrays, Ajax features, element selection, string manipulation, etc.
Shumway: A SWF (Flash) Interpreter Entirely in JavaScript Features a live demo to enjoy.
Automatic Timezone Detection Using JavaScript Uses the getTimezoneOffset method and a bit of guesswork.
Responsive Img: A jQuery Plugin for Responsive Images
Springy: A Force Directed Graph Layout Algorithm in JavaScript
jPanelMenu: jQuery Plugin for 'Panelled' Sidebar Menus
sublime-js-snippets: JavaScript Snippets for Sublime Text 2
Garlic.js: Automatically Persists Form Text Fields Until Submission Automatically persists your forms' text field values locally until the form is submitted so users don't lose any data if they close their tab or browser.
WebAWK: AWK in JavaScript The Unix data extraction and reporting language/tool compiled to JavaScript using Emscripten.
jQuery Form Validator: Custom Validations for HTML Forms Uses jQuery but isn't a jQuery plugin.
Modern Javascript Developer (Node.js, Express, q, etc.) Want to work with Node.js full time? Xobni is hiring modern JavaScript developers to build both client and server side components.
Come and work with Rikki (UK) Rikki heads up our JavaScript team. We think he's amazing, but he needs help. He needs someone to build the fantastic interfaces which give our products their awesomeness – someone who's at home working on pure JavaScript applications. Help make Rikki's day.
Javascript Developer - Go Daddy (Multiple Locations) As a JS Developer, you will you will develop maintainable, scalable and highly-reliable applications. Perform code, unit test and integration testing. Develop Enterprise level multi-threaded applications to scale with business needs. Strong Object Oriented C# and ASP.NET skills.
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Last but not least..
JavaScript Machines: IBM PC Model 5150 An original 4.77MHz IBM PC emulated in the browser with JavaScript. Includes IBM Personal Computer BASIC.
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