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JavaScript Weekly Issue 108
December 7, 2012
Amazon Web Services SDK for Node.js – Now Available in Preview Form This SDK, direct from Amazon, allows you to access Amazon Web Services (S3, Elastic Compute Cloud, DynamoDB, etc.) from Node.
Notes on the TC39 Meetings in November 2012 TC39 (“Technical Committee 39”) is working on the ECMAScript 6 standard. Rick Waldron has written comprehensive and nicely formatted notes, chronicling what happened during their most recent meeting, in the November 2012.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer is JavaScript Weekly's New Editor
From our Sponsor
Rich data for JavaScript Apps is a Breeze
When a desktop application moves to HTML/JavaScript, the need for rich data moves with it. Consider BreezeJS for querying, caching, offline, change tracking, object graph navigation, and bulk saves. Make it part of your JavaScript client app stack.
Arrays in JavaScript Dr. Axel Rauschmayer gives an in-depth explanation of how JavaScript arrays work: differently than in most other programming languages.
Testing JavaScript with PhantomJS PhantomJS is a headless browser: the WebKit browser engine without a UI, controllable via JavaScript. That makes it a great choice for automated testing of client-side code that relies on browser APIs such as the DOM. This article explains how to use PhantomJS.
What They Didn’t Tell You About ECMAScript 5’s “Array Extras” Felix Bohm explains ECMAScript 5’s “array extras” methods (forEach, map, etc.).
jQuery.Deferred is the Most Important Client-Side Tool You Have It makes asynchronous programming (e.g. Ajax requests) prettier.
Callbacks Considered a Smell: Some Alternatives Alternatives to callbacks for asynchronous programming include events and promises.
Using the Dropbox API with Node.js and MongoDB
Client-Side Templating Application logic is increasingly moving from the server to the client. The popularity of client-side templating reflects this. Lars Kappert gives an overview of technologies and best practices.
Grunt.js-Supported Web Development Workflows Merrick Christensen shows how you can use Grunt.js to support your web development workflow (linting, unit-testing etc.).
Introduction to Node.js Streams Giovanni Ferron explains how streams work, which are used for many I/O tasks on Node.js.
JavaScript Performance Analysis: Sampling, Tracing, and Timing
JavaScript Code Coverage with Istanbul How much of your code is covered by your tests? Ariya Hidayat explains how to use Istanbul to find out.
Source Maps: Languages, Tools and Other Info If a source language is compiled to JavaScript or CSS, source maps allow one to debug in the source language, instead of the target language. This page by Ryan Seddon collects various material on source maps, including articles explaining what they are.
JSConf EU 2012 Videos Available The JSConf EU team has uploaded a bumper selection of videos from their recent conference. Lots of great talks to enjoy here.
The Birth of Brackets Adobe principal scientist N.J. Jaramillo walks us through the birth and development of Brackets, a new open source code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Code and Libraries
PhantomCSS: Test Your Browser Code for Visual Problems PhantomCSS takes screenshots captured by PhantomJS and compares them to baseline images using js-imagediff to test for RGB pixel differences. This allows you to check for visual problems. In contrast, functional UI tests make assertions on HTML markup, not on what that markup looks like.
Blanket.js: Seamless JavaScript Code Coverage An easy to use JavaScript code coverage library that works both in-browser and with Node.
jStat: A JavaScript Statistical Library jStat is a statistical library written in JavaScript that allows you to perform advanced statistical operations without the need of a dedicated statistical language (i.e. MATLAB or R).
xCharts: a D3-Based Library for Building Custom Charts and Graphs
SocialCount: Show Share Counts from Social Networks The problems with social networking widgets are well documented. They’re heavy and slow to load especially on high-latency mobile connections. SocialCount is a small jQuery plugin for progressively enhanced, lazy loaded, mobile friendly social networking widgets.
jHERE – Maps Made Easy A jQuery (or Zepto.js) plugin for displaying maps, based on Nokia’s HERE maps API.
Sheetsee.js: Turn Your Google Spreadsheet Into a Website Sheetsee.js is a combination of several JavaScript libraries that lets you fill a website with content from a Google Spreadsheet. The web content and visualizations will update with every auto-save by Google. No pushing or uploading of changes required.
Geolib: a Library for Basic Geographical Operations A library with basic geo functions such as distance calculation, conversion of decimal coordinates to sexagesimal and vice versa, etc.
Alertifyjs – an Unobtrusive Customizable JavaScript Notification System Includes modal dialogs and non-modal notifications.
FastClick – a Library for Removing Click Delays on Touch Browsers FastClick is a simple library for eliminating the 300ms delay between a physical tap and the firing of a click event on mobile browsers.
Noduino: Control Arduino with Node.js, WebSockets and HTML5
Frontend Engineer at Wealthfront (Palo Alto, CA) We hire outstanding engineers with a passion for defining how people understand and manage their investments. We talk to real clients, make things they want and need, and ship well-tested code with modern standards-based markup dozens of times daily. Join us!
Lead Front End Web Developer (Hoboken, NJ) Summit Business Media is seeking a Lead Front End Developer who will manage our client side architecture as well as a team of frontend developers. The Developer will work closely with design, backend, infrastructure, and project management teams to deliver engaging applications.
Data Visualization / UI Lead Leverage our rich analytics data and the latest UI technologies to create meaningful visualizations and a world class user experience. Lead our UI technology strategy and integrate suitable frameworks such as D3.js, RaphaelJS and Backbone.js.
Last but not least..
O'Reilly Fluent 2013 CFP Closes on Monday; Submit Your Talk Now I'm working on Fluent, O'Reilly's web browser, JavaScript, and HTML5 conference. We've lined up some great speakers including Lea Verou, Brendan Eich, and Estelle Weyl but want to give our program committee a really rich set of proposals to consider :-)
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