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JavaScript Weekly Issue 109
December 14, 2012
Backbone.js 0.9.9 Released Creator Jeremy Ashkenas says this is a “preview of what Backbone 1.0 will be” and that we should “kick the tires, and report issues.” Go for it.
WebRTC Hits Firefox, Android and iOS WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is becoming increasingly more prevalent and better supported in Web browsers says Google's Sam Dutton over at HTML5 Rocks. And support for the browser-to-browser 'DataChannel' API is just around the corner. If this sort of thing interests you, subscribe to our sister HTML5 Weekly newsletter as we include more of the browser API oriented stuff there nowadays.
ECMA-402: ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification On December 13, the Ecma General Assembly unanimously approved the ECMA-402 standard.
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Are Your Mixins ECMAScript 5 Compatible? ECMAScript 5 added getters to the language which can introduce subtle bugs if you implement mixins naively.
Do We Need a Node.js Application Server? Panyasan argues that we do and that it would save us from repeatedly writing boilerplate code for authentication, user management, access control, etc.
Coroutine Event Loops in JavaScript Harold Cooper uses ECMAScript 6 generators (that are already available in Firefox) to implement coroutines and simplify asynchronous programming.
A Conversation About JavaScript: Node.js, Backbone.js, and Garbage Collection Dev Pro’s Richard Campbell interviews Derick Bailey.
Using Underscore.js's debounce() to Filter Double-Clicks Count two clicks in quick succession as a single click. Rodney Rehm has written a reply to this article with more information.
Best Practices When Working With JavaScript Templates
Underappreciated NPM Commands Developers Should Know About
Implementing pushState for Twitter Engineering explains how they used the HTML5 pushState API to reduce latency when navigating between sections of
Continuous Integration for Mobile LinkedIn Engineering describes the continuous integration setup for their mobile apps (HTML5 and native).
Unboxing: Meteor A very quick walkthrough of the Meteor all-in-one JavaScript-based web app development framework.
Asynchronous JavaScript: Callbacks, Listeners, Control Flow Libs and Promises Tools and techniques for asynchronous programming.
YUI From the Inside The YUI project finds some peace, harmony, transparency and renewed collaborative spirit.
Running Node.js on Amazon Web Services
Windows Store Apps using JavaScript Versus Traditional Web Apps
32 Talks from the JS.everywhere() 2012 Conferences 11 talks from JS.everywhere() in San Jose, CA, USA and 21 talks from JS.everywhere(Europe) in Paris, France.
Code and Libraries
Numbers: Advanced Mathematics Library An advanced mathematics toolkit for JavaScript and Node.js developed by Steve Kaliski. Covers calculus, matrix operations, statistics, and more.
TraceKit: Stack Traces for JavaScript Tracekit is a JavaScript library that automatically normalizes and exposes stack traces for unhandled exceptions across the 5 major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.
Analytics.js: Easily Integrate Several Analytics Services Into a Web Application
Brushtail: Tail Call Optimization for JavaScript Rewrites JavaScript code to make it tail call optimized.
Haraka: Event-Driven SMTP Server for Node.js
node-lame: Node.js Bindings for libmp3lame and libmpg123 Hooks into two of the most popular MP3 manipulation libraries for all your async streaming MP3 encoding/decoding needs.
ScrobMaster: Manage Scroll Events Manage scroll events based on the elements you are affecting. ScrobMaster allows you to attach events to scroll points based off registered DOM elements.
Chromath: JavaScript Color Conversion and Manipulation Caveat: there are no tests.
JavaScript Developer on NOOK Study Applications (New York City) We are Barnes and Noble's Digital Education development group. Here we are all about JavaScript, but we don't build web sites (no cross browser headaches on this job). You'll be working with the bleeding edge features of ECMAScript 5 that you always wished you could use in your current job. We dabble with WebKit, fiddle with Windows 8 and poke around with Node.js.
Lead Front End Web Developer (Hoboken, NJ) Summit Business Media is seeking a Lead Front End Developer who will manage our client side architecture as well as a team of frontend developers. The Developer will work closely with design, backend, infrastructure, and project management teams to deliver engaging applications.
Front-end Engineer at Edlio Edlio hosts 1500 school websites across the US. You'll join our devteam writing production code but also do tons of design prototyping and experimenting. We aim to bring consumer-like tools and experiences to teachers, students, and parents.
Last but not least..
MountainJS: A JS Conference in the Swiss Alps A JavaScript conference in the Swiss Alps, near Geneva, on Feb 4-5, 2013. First speakers have been announced.
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