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JavaScript Weekly Issue 111
January 4, 2013
Welcome to issue 111 of JavaScript Weekly. A bumper issue today to catch up after the holiday season - we hope you had a good one :-)
Results of the 2012 DailyJS JavaScript Developer Survey
With 2747 responses there are lots of interesting trends to see. 85% of respondents dig semicolons, Jasmine is the most popular testing library, and RequireJS is the most popular module loading system.
Web Platform Doc Sprint Berlin, February 8–9, 2013 Join like-minded contributors and help to document the web platform and improve the user experience.
ScriptCraft: Program Minecraft in JavaScript Eases the cumbersome edit/compile/reobfuscate/rejar cycle of developing a Minecraft mod, by letting you write mods in JavaScript.
Douglas Crockford: “Java was a colossal failure... JavaScript is succeeding because it works.” [Interview]
From our Sponsor
HTML5DevConf April 1-3: Call for Speakers and Pre-Sale Tickets
Presale tickets are open for HTML5DevConf, the world's largest JavaScript and HTML5 developer conference. We honor our San Francisco grassroots tradition with a limited number of presale tickets at $65; these will be gone within days. Interested, accomplished speakers are invited to apply by Jan 31.
Revisiting JavaScript Objects Lakshan Perera explains ECMAScript 5 features related to objects: data and accessor properties, property descriptors, tamper-proofing objects, etc.
JavaScript Terminology: The Two 'Prototype's
Dashing D3.js: Tutorials, Screencasts, and a Newsletter An excellent set of resources for the popular data visualization framework, D3.js.
Conditional Loading of Resources with Media Queries Christian Heilmann experiments with the idea of using media queries as a basis for loading specific page assets rather than just styling them.
Asynchronous Error Handling in JavaScript The lessons we’ve been taught as programmers to nicely throw and catch excep­tions don’t apply in asynchronous environments.
Implementing Push Technology Using Server-Sent Events Server-Sent Events allow servers to notify clients. They are an alternative to WebSockets for many tasks. Measure the Complexity of Your Source Code The site supports four metrics: lines of code, cyclomatic complexity, Halstead complexity measures and the maintainability index. It computes those metrics via the complexityReport.js library.
Building JavaScript Projects with Grunt Pre-compile templates, minify and concatenate files, etc.
10 Vital Aspects of Building a Node.js Application Structure, deployment, configuration, logs, etc.
Session-based Authorization with Socket.IO
Remy Sharp’s Workflow: Never leaving Chrome DevTools
Code and Libraries
Sparky.js: Client-Side Application Scaffold Sparky.js is a client-side application scaffold which helps those who want to have organized structure in their app, but don't want to subscribe to a particular client-side MVC framework.
Motio: jQuery Plugin for Sprite-Based Animations and Panning
Fay Programming Language: Subset of Haskell The Fay programming language is a subset of Haskell and includes features such as static typing, lazy evaluation, purity by default. Fay is compiled to JavaScript.
controldeck.js: Control HTML5 Presentations with Node.js Use case: remotely control your presentation from a mobile device.
doT.js: Fast Template Engine A fast and concise JavaScript template engine for Node.js and browsers. It supports partials, custom delimiters and more.
jQuery.Shapeshift: Dynamic Grid System with Drag and Drop Functionality
setImmediate: Cross-Browser Implementation This library shims setImmediate on various platforms. Quote: “setImmediate allows scripts to yield to the browser, executing a given operation asynchronously, in a manner that is typically more efficient and consumes less power than the usual setTimeout(..., 0) pattern.”
MD5-Password-Cracker.js: Crack MD5 Passwords with JavaScript Web Workers
Numeral.js: Format and Manipulate Numbers
Dojorama: Single-Page Demo Application Based on Dojo, Twitter Bootstrap and the History API
GruntStart: Grunt-Enabled Head-Start with H5BP, jQuery, Modernizr and Respond Building blocks to quickly get started with Grunt to create an optimized website.
dfatool.js: Data Flow Analysis Tool for JavaScript Code What variables are defined in a given scope? What value does a variable have at a given program location? Etc. Written in JavaScript, runs on Node.js.
jKit: jQuery-based User Interface Toolkit
PhantomJS 1.8 “Blue Winter Rose” Released
Talks To Help You Become A Better Front-End Engineer In 2013 Addy Osmani unearths a large collection of talks about front-end development topics. Mostly slide decks but some with video too.
Top 20 Web Conference Talks of 2012
Web Components: An Introduction Web Components, in concert with the Shadow DOM, enable the encapsulation of HTML5 user interface elements (video players, social buttons, etc.). This video by T.J. Holowaychuk gives an introduction. Additionally, you can watch the following two talks from JSConf EU 2012: Divya Manian: Web Components and Angelina Fabbro: Inspector Web and the Mystery of the Shadow DOM
Front-End JavaScript Engineer (jQuery/Backbone/Underscore) at Flite We are looking for a top-notch JavaScript Engineer. If you're wanted to build a web platform that is backed by top VCs and used by top-tier clients like SalesForce, LinkedIn, and P&G, while working with some cutting edge technology including Node.js, check us out.
JavaScript / Front-End Remote Contract Work @ RideAmigos
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least
Regexper A Web-based JavaScript-style regular expression visualization tool.
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