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JavaScript Weekly Issue 113
January 18, 2013
Announcing the jQuery Plugin Registry The jQuery Plugin Registry is a new site for centralized distribution and discovery of plugins. One of the goals was to improve on the old jQuery plugins site with regard to ease of contributing to plugins and to the site itself.
jQuery 1.9 Final, jQuery 2.0 Beta, and Migrate Final Released
Node 0.8.17 (stable) Released This release addresses a potential security vulnerability for code that uses TypedArray. It also upgrades npm to 1.2.0 and includes other improvements and fixes.
Backbone 0.9.10 Backbone 0.9.10 is out. Features include: improved event handling, support for the HTTP PATCH method, and an update() method for Collection, enabling smarter syncing with the server.
From our Sponsor
From MSDN Magazine: A Deeper Dive into jQuery Mobile Wallace McClure takes a look at the popular mobile-focused JavaScript libary for Microsoft's MSDN Magazine's 'scriptjunkie' sub-site.
Using Web Workers to Speed Up Your JavaScript Applications Matt West teaches us how to write multi-threaded JavaScript applications using Web Workers. One benefit is that longer-running tasks can be performed in the background and won’t lock up the user interface thread, any more.
The Magic of the jQuery 1.9 Source Map jQuery has support for source maps: you can debug the minified version via the original source.
A Strategy for i18n and Node.js John Resig’s first blog post in a while. He describes how he internationalized a Node/Express web application.
Building A Node.js Server That Won’t Melt How can you build a Node.js application that keeps running, even under impossible load?
Source Maps 101 If you compile from one language to JavaScript, a source map is a file that maps line numbers in the compiled file to line numbers in the original. Via source maps, several browsers now let you debug the compiled version via the original.
Building Huge Apps with AngularJS Brian Ford tells you how to organize and manage your app as it grows to tens or hundreds of thousands of lines of code.
JavaScript Unit Testing with Jasmine: Part 1
Faster Websites: A Crash Course on Web Performance Delivering a fast and optimized user experience in the browser requires careful thinking across many layers of the stack – TCP and up. Ilya Grigorik is an expert in this area and presents two videos plus slides on the topic.
Reid Burke at YUIConf: Write Code That Works Focuses on testing.
Code and Libraries
Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 Beta This release is focused on elevating responsive web design and brings lots of new widgets including panels, dual handle range sliders, and two different responsive table modes. Additionally, the Ajax nav system has been refactored and made easier to use.
Introducing Yeoman: Express Stack, A Full Stack Experiment The Express Stack is a proof-of-concept branch of Yeoman that includes support for the Express middleware, CRUD generators for Express & AngularJS, and support for LiveReload. A demo application using AngularJS is included.
Basket.js: Simple Script Loader That Caches Scripts with LocalStorage Tests by Google and Bing have shown that there are performance benefits to caching assets in localStorage (especially on mobile) when compared to simply reading and writing from the standard browser cache.
ParamQuery: jQuery Grid Plugin A lightweight jQuery grid plugin inspired by MS Excel and Google Spreadsheet.
iPhone Style Dragging for Both Desktop and Mobile with jQuery
Rye: A Modern, Lightweight Browser Library Using ES5 Natives Rye is a lightweight javascript library for DOM manipulation and events with support for all modern browsers, including IE9+. It also has touch events/gestures, an event emitter constructor, and a jQuery-like API.
Review: Get Screenshots of Your Running Sites in Different Resolutions
Dyson: Node Server for Dynamic, Fake JSON If you need test data for your web app.
TextareaHelper: Improved Tracking of a Textarea A small library that mirrors a textarea's content onto a div to provide the following functionality: get the textarea’s content height and get the x-y coordinates of the caret.
jQuery UI Touch Punch: Touch Event Support for jQuery UI
Laces.js: Provides the M in MVC, While You Tie the Rest In contrast to a full-blown MVC framework, Laces.js only gives you a model and nothing more. It provides you with the laces to tie your model to whatever view or controller you prefer.
Acorn’s Loose JavaScript Parser This parser will try to parse anything as JavaScript, repairing syntax errors as best it can. There are circumstances in which it will raise an error and give up, but they are rare.
jQuery.x18n: jQuery Adapter for x18n X18n is an internationalization library for JavaScript. jQuery.x18n is an x18n adapter that updates your HTML when the language changes or new translations are added.
Maskew: Skew the Shapes of Elements Without Distorting Their Contents Features: less than 5 KB, mobile-friendly, no dependencies, optional jQuery plugin.
50 JavaScript Libraries for Charts and Graphs
Test Driven JavaScript and Ruby Developer (San Francisco and Santa Monica, CA)
<blink>Stuck with a terrible codebase?</blink>
Front End Engineer (Mobile/Ember.js) - Q2eBanking (Austin, TX) Help us build cutting edge user experiences in Ember.js. Q2 has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies for 3 years running by Inc. magazine. Javascript, iOS and/or Android development experience is key.
Senior Front-End Software Engineer at Backbase, New York Backbase is an internationally fast growing portal software vendor with headquarters in Amsterdam, NL. We're currently looking for a Senior Front-End Software Engineer at our New York office. Are you a master in JavaScript, CSS, HTML? Come join Backbase.
Last but not least..
Chrome 25 Beta: Content Security Policy and Shadow DOM Chrome 25 Beta includes unprefixed support for Content Security Policy, which helps reduce the risk of cross-site scripting and other content injection attacks. It also includes prefixed support for the Shadow DOM (a part of the web components infrastructure). Other features: Web Speech API, Resource Timing API, User Timing API, etc. If these sort of topics appeal to you, subscribe to our browser technology focused newsletter HTML5 Weekly as well :-)
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