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JavaScript Weekly Issue 114
January 25, 2013
O'Reilly Fluent Program Unveiled and Registration Opened (SF, May 28-30) Fluent is an O'Reilly conference dedicated to JavaScript, Node, HTML5 and browser technologies that's in its second year in 2013. The program has now gone live and includes folks like Brendan Eich, Lea Verou, Heather Arthur, Ben & Dion, and Ilya Grigorik (who's giving a workshop on Web performance). Be sure to say hi to us if you come.
ECMAScript 6: My Favorite Things TC39’s Rick Waldron shows what ECMAScript 6 will look like, via real-world examples. Slides with lots of code from his talk at the Boston JavaScript Meetup on January 22. A video of the talk is also available.
jQueryTO 2013 – Toronto’s jQuery Conference (March 2–3) The first jQuery Conference in Canada will cover cutting-edge tools and techniques for building interactive web and mobile experiences.
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The (post-PC) Revolution Will Be Televised
Calling all front end ninjas! Show off, win cool prizes, and move the web forward Feb 7-8 at the TV Hackfest with Moovweb, the easiest way to redesign any site for mobile, tablet, or any other device without backend integration.
Bacon.js Makes Functional Reactive Programming Sizzle Functional reactive programming enables a different way of event handling: instead of registering callbacks, you work with data flows (similar to spreadsheet programming).
Build a Milestone Calendar with IndexedDB and FullCalendar.js Uses FullCalendar.js, a jQuery plugin that provides a full-sized, drag & drop calendar.
Get Loaded with the File API The File API lets you read and write binary data objects that represent files in Web applications. You can read user-selected files into Web apps and download new data objects as files from Web apps. Andrew Dodson takes a look.
Writing Testable Frontend JavaScript Part 1 – Anti-Patterns and Their Fixes First of a two part introduction to writing testable JavaScript UI code.
Testing jQuery Plugins Cross-Version with Grunt Runs through the creation of a plugin using the JavaScript build tool Grunt. Shows how to configure unit tests to run automatically across multiple versions of jQuery.
A Bit of Advice for the JavaScript Semicolon Haters There is no such thing as too many blog posts on semicolons ;-) As usual, Ben Alman is informative and entertaining. (Note: At time of production, Ben's site seems to be offline, but we're crossing our fingers it'll be back..)
Voxel.js: Minecraft-like Block Based Game Engine Using Three.js, WebGL and Node
Should You 'use strict' in Your Production JavaScript? Not an easy decision.
Develop Easy Real-Time Websites with Meteor
Functional Testing for Node.js Using Mocha and Zombie.js How to turn natural-language acceptance tests from your customer into executable tests.
Brendan Eich Tells How to Prevent JavaScript Memory Leaks (Interview)
Egghead IO: 26 AngularJS Tutorial Videos “Egghead Videos aims to provide the best experience for teaching with video tutorials on the web.” For starters, there are 26 videos on AngularJS.
Videos from the dotJS 2012 JavaScript Conference dotJS 2012 was a conference in Paris with many international speakers. This playlist collects the videos of the talks, as they are put online. There's already a lot of great stuff to watch.
Code and Libraries
Queen: Platform for Running Scripts on Many Browsers Queen is a server that assembles a pool of browsers into a distributed platform on which you can execute code.
jQuery UI 1.10.0 Released
MathBox.js: High Quality Mathematical Diagrams with WebGL A still-under-development library for making presentation-quality math diagrams with WebGL.
Canvas Query: jQuery-like (Chained Methods) Syntax for Drawing on HTML5 Canvas
Parsley.js: JavaScript Forms Validation A library that helps with this unpleasant task. Works with jQuery and Zepto.
replpad: Pipe Files Into the Node.js REPL Whenever They Change Use case: split terminal with editor and REPL. Change your code in the editor, play with it interactively in the REPL. Check out the demo video to see how this works.
Caress: Multi-Touch in Any Browser Get multi-touch support in any browser (including desktop ones), via Caress Client + Caress Server + hardware that supports the TUIO prototcol.
TaffyDB: Handle Arrays of Objects like a Database Query, update etc. your arrays of objects. Reminds me of Microsoft’s LINQ.
omggif: JavaScript Implementation of a GIF 89a Encoder
toobusy: Don't Let Your Node.js Server Fall Over When It's Too Busy Goal: keep serving as many requests as possible if your server is under heavy load. Approach: register to be notified if your request processing takes a long time. Then you can stop accepting requests early and give your system a chance to breathe.
texlive.js: Compile LaTeX in Your Browser Check out the live demo. Nicely complemented by pdf.js.
Ratchet: Prototype iPhone Apps with Simple HTML, CSS, and JS Components
SpreadJS Alpha: Deploy Powerful Spreadsheets into your Webapps Based on HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3.
Testing Boilerplate for Jasmine, Mocha and QUnit
Software Engineer with WaPo Labs, part of the Washington Post Company Want to help us tackle the future of news? We're looking for a talented software engineer with JavaScript chops. Backbone and knowledge of modular client-side applications required. Don't want to work in DC? We've got an office in SF too.
Web Developer at Webdigi (UK, London or Remote) We are a leading web agency in the UK and we are looking for the best web developers to join our growing team. Remote working from the UK is OK. Please send your details through the contact form on our website. Salary around £55,000 per year ($88,000.)
Back-end and Front-end JavaScript Developer (Paris, France) We are looking for a talented back-end and front-end JavaScript developer to join our team at a renowned customer (banking industry). You have good skills with both front-end and server-side technologies like Node.js; Backbone.js; Bootstrap.
Senior Frontend Web Developer at Backbase, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Backbase is an internationally fast growing portal software vendor with headquarters in Amsterdam, NL. We're currently looking for a Senior Frontend Web Developer for our Amsterdam team. Are you an expert in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML - come join Backbase.
Front End Engineer (Mobile and Ember.js) at Q2eBanking (Austin, TX)
Last but not least..
The Truth About Event Loops - The Online Masterclass Marc Andre Cournoyer is back with the latest run of his online course that digs into the technology and concepts behind evented I/O and event loops, as popular in JavaScript engines and Node.js.
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