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JavaScript Weekly Issue 115
February 1, 2013
Flight: A Lightweight, Component-Based JavaScript Framework from Twitter Yesterday, Twitter Engineering introduced Flight. Flight is a lightweight, component-based JavaScript framework that maps behavior to DOM nodes. Twitter uses it for their web applications. Among others, it is based on: es5-shim, jQuery, AMD.
30 Days to Learn jQuery: A Video Course A course from Tuts+ with one bite-sized video for each day. This is pretty remarkable for free.
Building Blocks: Reusable UI Components for Firefox OS Mozilla's Firefox OS is coming along nicely. The UI components are complemented by an app that generates boilerplate and remote debugging.
From our Sponsor
Play with 1,000,000 database records from your browser
Manipulate data with pure server-side JavaScript code – no SQL, no ORM – on a live beta application. See for yourself how fast and easy it is to use Wakanda: The open source, data-driven platform for Web and mobile apps.
Our First Node.js App: Backbone on the Client and Server Airbnb engineering explains how they used Node.js to share more code between client and server. That code runs “on both sides of the wire, serving up real HTML on first pageload, but then kicking off a client-side JavaScript app.”
Do You Know When You Are Looping in jQuery? Elijah Manor explains the difference between explicit and implicit loops in jQuery. The difference has performance implications.
Creating an RSS/Blog Reader for Windows 8 using JavaScript The latest in a multi-part series on building a complete RSS reader for distribution in the Windows Store. Microsoft has placed JavaScript at the heart of Windows 8 so it's interesting to see how existing JavaScript skills can be used to gain an advantage with app development there.
JavaScript is the New Perl
What’s So Great About JavaScript Promises? This article explains the appeal of promises, a technique for asynchronous programming.
Beginner HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, and CSS3 Resources
Keyboard Events in JavaScript Are Broken Current keyboard events can’t be used if you are differently-abled; if you try to make an accessible rich internet application; or if you just have a different keyboard layout. This article explains the problem and a possible solution.
Getting Started with Anvil.js Anvil.js is a “Convention Over Configuration” (CoC) build system developed by Alex Robson and sponsored by appendTo. Anvil’s philosophy is to be a build system that stays out of your way.
What You Might Not Know About JSON.stringify() JSON.stringify() converts a JavaScript object to a string in JSON format. This blog post explains how it works.
Making Use of jQuery UI’s Widget Factory To aid in the process of building widgets, the jQuery UI team introduced the Widget Factory, which removes most of the boilerplate that is typically associated with managing a widget.
Answering Baranovskiy’s JavaScript Quiz Nicholas Zakas uses Dmitry Baranovskiy’s JavaScript quiz as a jumping-off point for explaining some of the quirkier parts of the language.
Instant Form Validation Using JavaScript HTML5 introduces a couple of new attributes for implementing browser-based form validation. For browsers that don’t yet implement these attributes, we can use their values as the basis of a polyfill. We can also use them to provide a more interesting enhancement – instant form validation.
Introducing Web Activities On mobile devices, you can register your app for handling certain types of actions, or specify in your app what kind of actions you need support for. Web Activities, one of the WebAPIs, enable the same thing for the web. Read the comments to see how Mozilla’s Web Activities are related to Google’s Web Intents.
ECMAScript 6 and Array Comprehension Ariya Hidayat explains this ECMAScript 6 language feature.
Teaching Javascript to Cats (and Humans) A talk by Max Ogden from the recent Empire.js event. Empire.js is releasing more videos of their talks over the coming weeks.
PeepCode Releases Ember.js Screencast
Code and Libraries
Node.js 0.9.8 (Unstable) Can be considered a preview of 0.10.0
A Public Directory of Bower Components Bower is a popular package manager for the web for which many JavaScript oriented packages are available. This site elegantly catalogs packages, enabling you to find interesting ones quickly.
Backgrid.js: Data Grid Widget for Backbone Provides a JavaScript API and produces easily stylable, semantic HTML.
Behave.js: Lightweight Library for Adding IDE-Style Behaviors to Plain Text Areas
Canvas Query: jQuery-like (Chained Methods) Wrapper for Drawing on Canvas A fan of jQuery-style chained methods? Imagine if drawing on a canvas were as simple as cq(640, 480).drawImage(image, 0, 0).fillStyle("#ff0000").fillRect(64, 64, 32, 32).appendTo("body"), etc. That's what Canvas Query provides.
Toolbar.js: jQuery Plugin for Tooltip-Style Toolbars
Howler.js: Audio Library for the Modern Web Defaults to Web Audio API and falls back to HTML5 Audio.
Accounting.js: Lightweight JavaScript Library for Number, Money and Currency Formatting
Yocto.js: Small In-Memory Object Database with an API Inspired by Tuple Spaces Think: queries for your arrays.
QUnit 1.11 Release: A Look Back (and Forth)
AngularJS 1.0.4 and 1.1.2 Released
Grow with the cloud at Amazon Web Services Want to influence thousands? Here's your chance: AWS is seeking Node.js / JavaScript engineers to build the suite of tools and SDKs thousands of developers will use to create their applications. Apply now and grow with the cloud at AWS.
Front End Web Developer Front End Web Developer with VitalSource Technologies (VST)in Boston, MA. This role will be responsible for building & maintaining interactive games & other web products using HTML5/Javascript for the education industry.
Software Engineer with WaPo Labs, part of the Washington Post Company (DC or SF)
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least..
O'Reilly Fluent 2013: San Francisco, May 28-30
Fluent is an O'Reilly conference dedicated to JavaScript, Node, HTML5 and browser technologies. The program is now mostly complete and includes folks like Brendan Eich, Lea Verou, Heather Arthur, Ben & Dion, and Ilya Grigorik (who's giving a workshop on Web performance). Be sure to say hi to us if you come.
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