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JavaScript Weekly Issue 117
February 15, 2013
Thanks for all of your responses last week. Don't fear, my wording was just bad, we're not making JavaScript Weekly more beginner focused, we're just considering launching a separate newsletter for that. All of your input was great :-)
TodoMVC 1.1 Released: Now Includes Kendo UI, TypeScript, Dart, Thorax and More
Addy Osmani has announced a major update to the TodoMVC project, an attempt at implementing the same 'Todo' application in as many JavaScript frameworks and JS-related languages as possible.
Game Closure Open Sources Its Battle Tested Mobile Gamedev 'DevKit' Till now, Game Closure's HTML5 and JavaScript-based game development framework has been proprietary but this week it's become open source. Battle tested with dozens of games already, this is ready to use out of the box for production-ready mobile games.
Now out: 'Learning from jQuery: Building on Core Skills' by Callum Macrae
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Try this server-side JavaScript code – and countless others – with no SQL and no ORM on a live application with a million records. Play with Wakanda and see for yourself how fast and easy it is to use this open source, data-driven platform for Web and mobile apps.
Peer Dependencies in the Node Package Manager Domenic Denicola looks at the issue 'plugin' type packages can bring up; namely being targeted for use with certain versions of other libraries while not requiring them as dependencies. The solution? Peer dependencies.
Node.js Source Map Support for Better Compiled JavaScript Debugging Evan Wallace has been working on a module thatprovides source map support for stack traces in node via the V8 stack trace API.
Why Discourse uses Ember.js Discourse is a new open source discussion platform built by a team headed by Stack Overflow's co-creator Jeff Atwood. It's a great example of a large scale Ember-powered JavaScript app on the front end backed by a Rails app and developer Robin Ward explains why Ember was a good choice for the project.
Fluent JavaScript – Three Different Kinds of Prototypal OO
What Is Hoisting, Really? Hoisting (a variable seemingly existing before it has been declared) is often described as a rewriting of the source code. John K. Paul takes a look at how the ECMAScript specification sees things.
Event Based Programming: What Async Has Over Sync One of JavaScript’s strengths is how it handles asynchronous (async for short) code. Rather than blocking the thread, async code gets pushed to an event queue that fires after all other code executes. It can, however, be difficult for beginners to follow async code. This article explains how it works.
Creating a Google Talk bot with Node.js: Part One
Client-side Messaging Essentials Jim Cowart gives tips for applying client-side messaging patterns in JavaScript.
A Thorough Introduction To Backbone.Marionette Backbone, being relatively minimal compared to frameworks like Ember or Angular, leaves a lot to the developer to figure out and connect together. Backbone.Marionette was created to alleviate some of the growing pains of Backbone development by providing a composite application architecture.
On using “this” exactly once An alternative to the classic “var that = this” pattern.
ECMAScript 6’s Parameter Default Values
The “Magic” Behind AngularJS Dependency Injection An explanation how dependency injection is implemented in AngularJS and why minification can break it.
Getting Into Context Binds In JavaScript, there is a risk of methods losing their connection to their objects. Binding a method to an object is one solution. This article explains how binding works and what its drawbacks are.
Edge 2013 Videos Now Online Edge 2013 (a.k.a. EdgeConf) was a cutting edge Web development conference that took place in London last week. It took a unique approach for a tech conference: “Our emphasis is on creating a good environment for productive debate and discussion, rather than presenting the experiences of a single speaker.” Videos of all Edge panels are now available online. Topics covered include networking, performance, responsive layouts, and testing.
Building An App with Express and Backbone: Part 1 Part 1 of a series that initially focuses on the server side, on building a Node.js app, based on the Express framework and MongoDB.
Snappy Performance Apps with Ember.js
More Efficient Event Handlers in jQuery
Code and Libraries
Instafeed.js: Simple Instagram JavaScript Plugin Instafeed.js is a simple way to add Instagram photos to your website. No jQuery required, just plain JavaScript.
jQuery.payment: A General Purpose Library for Building Credit Card Forms
Istanbul: JavaScript Code Coverage Tool Computes statement, line, function and branch coverage with module loader hooks to transparently add coverage when running tests. Supports all JS coverage use cases including unit tests, server side functional tests and browser tests. Built for scale.
Ember Tools: Generators and Build Tools for Ember Applications Quoting an article by Kasper Tidemann: “One of the things the Ember.js community has been missing [..] is a proper way of organizing JavaScript files, Handlebars templates etc. in a project. [..] Ryan Florence just unveiled his take on this, ember-tools, which is a command-line interface for creating new Ember projects.”
LucidJS: Chainable Event Emitter Library For browsers and Node.js.
AlloyUI: A Robust UI Framework built on top of YUI3
OneJS: Command Line Tool to Convert CommonJS Packages to Stand Alone JS
AngularUI: Companion Suite to The AngularJS Framework Extends AngularJS with widgets, library functionality, etc.
Front End Developer for National Geographic Society Want to help create the next engaging phase of digital storytelling? Are you JavaScript, HTML, and CSS centric? We're looking for people who are versed in our industry and are excited to keep learning. Django experience a plus!
Senior Front-End Developer at The Beans Group, London (UK) We're looking for a senior front-end developer with experience in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (both hand-crafted and libraries) to join our team undertaking a range of projects on a full-time basis. Rails, HAML and Mobile Apps are desirable, but not essential.
Post a job in the next issue of JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least..
35 Top Examples of JavaScript Several JavaScript developers pick their favorite, recent innovative examples of JavaScript in action.
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