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JavaScript Weekly Issue 118
February 22, 2013
asm.js: A Highly Optimizable, Low-Level Subset of JavaScript
The idea is that JavaScript engines with asm.js support will be able to compile code using the asm.js subset of JavaScript into faster underlying code. asm.js was inspired by Emscripten which uses a standard C/C++ compiler to generate LLVM bitcode that is then compiled to JavaScript. The asm.js FAQ explains more of the motivation behind the project, and other good articles include Big Web App? Compile It!” (video and slides by Alon Zakai, creator of Emscripten and co-creator of asm.js), “asm.js: closing the gap between JavaScript and native” and Badass JavaScript's “asm.js: A Low Level, Highly Optimizable Subset of JavaScript for Compilers.”
jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 Released This release is focused on elevating responsive web design and brings lots of new widgets including panels, dual handle range sliders, and two different responsive table modes. Additionally, the Ajax nav system has been refactored and made easier to use.
Qt GUI Toolkit Ported to JavaScript via Emscripten
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Frontend Masters: New JavaScript Course by Douglas Crockford
Douglas claims JavaScript has, “some of the best parts of any programming language ever created”. He explains what these “good parts” are and then expands the audience's knowledge with JavaScript challenges.

Take Crockford's mind-expanding JavaScript challenges in this new course from Frontend Masters!
JavaScript Functions Explained Covers functions, blocks and scoping.
Building an AngularJS Collaboration Board with Lukas Ruebbelke demonstrates all the steps necessary to build a real-time collaboration board powered by AngularJS and
Two Ways to Set A Conditional Breakpoint in JavaScript Focused on debugging with Chrome and IE’s developer tools.
Say “Hello” to Lo-Dash Lo-Dash is a fork of the popular Underscore.js library (with language utility functions). It focuses on performance and a configurable build process.
Using Web Workers to Speed Up Your JavaScript Applications Web workers let you write multi-threaded code in JavaScript.
Developing An End-to-End Windows Store App Using JavaScript: Hilo
Rolling Out Your Own Uptime Monitor with Node.JS
Ember 1.0 RC1 JavaScript webapp framework.
Grunt 0.4.0 The JavaScript task runner.
Yeoman 1.0 Beta Modern workflows for modern webapps. Now faster and more configurable.
AngularJS 1.0.5 and 1.1.3
Meteor 0.5.7
Code and Libraries
Typeahead.js: Fast and Full-Featured Autocomplete Library Twitter's engineers have built a library that helps with filling out a text field via a menu that shows choices derived from what has already been typed in. A blog post gives background information and a page with examples lets you see the library in action.
Durandal: Single-Page App Framework Built on top of jQuery, Knockout and RequireJS. Other keywords: MV* architecture, async programming via promises, integrates with other libraries such as SammyJS and Bootstrap.
Simple Frontend Boilerplate A starting point to develop websites or web applications without forcing a specific MV* framework or modular loader.
Emblem.js: Concise, Indented Alternative Handlebars Syntax A templating language that you can use instead of Handlebars to write templates for your views in Ember.js (and soon, in any other setting). Emblem.js uses indentation instead of braces to delimit things and compiles to Handlebars.
MIDI.js: Sequencing in JavaScript A MIDI sequencing library with support for visual effects. Includes a tool for converting SoundFont files to a browser-compatible format.
version.js: Configure The Versions of Libraries You Load Via A Query Parameter Useful for testing, you can invoke the same test runner multiple times and each time tell it to use a different version of jQuery. For example, version 1.5.0:
Console++: Enhance Your Console with Colors and Logging Levels Works with PhantomJS and NodeJS out of the box.
dropzone.js: Provides Drag and Drop File Uploads with Image Previews
Pipermail: Node.js Utilities for Reading Pipermail Archives One popular example of such archives is the es-discuss mailing list.
memdiff: A BDD-style Memory Leak Hunting Tool for Node
Array.js: Better Arrays for Browsers and Node.js Array.js is a custom implementations of arrays that are observable and have more methods for functional programming.
emacs.js: A Ready-to-use Emacs Setup for JavaScript Developers
Conway’s Game of Life in Processing.js
JavaScript Engineer at the Guardian (London) The Guardian is looking for a strong JavaScript developer to work on its content platform and new editorial tools. You'll be familiar with MV* JavaScript frameworks (Backbone, AngularJS, Knockout) and be confident using AMD patterns to organise your JS.
Contract Client-Side Developer at Photobox (London) A 2 month contract at the UK's leading online digital photo printing service for a client-side developer with responsive design experience.
Front-End JavaScript Engineer (jQuery/Backbone/Underscore) at Flite We are looking for a top-notch JavaScript Engineer. If you're wanted to build a web platform that is backed by top VCs and used by top-tier clients like SalesForce, LinkedIn, and P&G, while working with some cutting edge technology including Node.js, check us out.
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least..
Kyle Simpson's Kickstarter for a jsPerf Book Kyle Simpson has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for producing a short but helpful guide to effectively testing and benchmarking JavaScript performance using and Benchmark.js.
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