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JavaScript Weekly Issue 119
March 1, 2013
Secrets of Awesome JavaScript API Design Explains principles of good API design and gives examples from various libraries. People following our @JavaScriptDaily Twitter account really loved this.
The jQuery Learning Center The jQuery Foundation’s new effort in collecting together crowd sourced open source learning material, in a manner similar to and MDN.
Try jQuery: An Interactive jQuery Learning Experience The jQuery Foundation and CodeSchool have teamed up to produce a new jQuery learning experience based on CodeSchool's interactive tutorial technology. They say it'll take about 2 hours for you to work the whole way through.
Bombermine: Massively Multiplayer Bomberman built using AngularJS Uses HTML5 Canvas and AngularJS as its main technologies. Note that it may be under heavy load as Reddit and Hacker News have picked up on it this week too.
From our Sponsor
Frontend Masters: New JavaScript Course by Douglas Crockford
Douglas claims JavaScript has, “some of the best parts of any programming language ever created”. He explains what these “good parts” are and then expands the audience's knowledge with JavaScript challenges.

Take Crockford's mind-expanding JavaScript challenges in this new course from Frontend Masters!
A Plain English Guide to JavaScript Prototypes A clear explanation of JavaScript inheritance by first examining prototype chains and then constructors.
Interview: Speaking With the Ember.js Core Team Ember.js is a framework for single-page web applications. Rey Bango interviews the Ember.js Core Team leads, Yehuda Katz and Tom Dale. They discuss what prompted them to begin the Ember project, its design philosophy, and where it fits into an already crowded framework ecosystem.
Why No Directories.lib in Node (the Less Snarky, Too-Long-for-Twitter Version) Isaac Z. Schlueter explains some of the design decisions behind module and file paths in the Node.js module system.
Method Chaining in Underscore.js Underscore.js tip: If you want to apply several functions to data, you can also use chained method calls.
Choices, Choices: Dart or AngularJS? In this great discussion on Google+, read some of the debate from a real developer trying to make the choice between Dart and AngularJS for his next project. (Note that if Dart interests you at all, we also publish Dart Weekly :-))
Hilbert’s Grand JavaScript School A few examples of programming with infinite streams of data, in the vein of lazy functional programming.
JavaScript and Friends: CoffeeScript, Dart and TypeScript This post gives an overview of several approaches to improving JavaScript, including ECMAScript 6.
Learning From the Brackets Source Code Brian Rinaldi takes a look inside the Brackets’ source to examine what techniques, libraries and frameworks you can learn using examples directly from the Brackets’ code.
HTML's New 'template' Tag: Standardizing Client-Side Templating Google's Eric Bidelman takes a look at the implications of the W3C HTML Templates spec along with its new 'template' tag and how to use it.
Unit-Testing Backbone.js Applications with Mocha
Render PDFs on the Server with PDF.js and Node-Canvas
Douglas Crockford on 'Syntaxation' Douglas Crockford’s talk at the mloc.js Conference in Budapest (Feb 14–16). The talk’s topic is syntax: what it’s for, what it can cost and what language designers should be aware of.
15 Videos from W3Conf: W3C's Tech Conference W3Conf is an annual World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) conference, targeted at web professionals. Videos of the talks (by folks including Lea Verou, Ariya Hidayat, and Kit Cambridge) are now available to watch.
Enyo 2.2: Even More Platforms, List Madness The biggest changes are: First, more supported platforms (Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 have been added to their Tier 1 Platform list). Second, an improved infinite-scrolling list widget, which now supports drag-and-drop reordering and “swipeable” items.
Meteor 0.5.7: Major Scaling Update, New DDP Version, EJSON Major improvements: New revision of DDP (Meteor’s protocol) with different messages and a version negotiation step; extensions to JSON to represent additional data types; and new database observer and publish APIs.
Announcing Browserify Version 2 Biggest change: a move from dynamic module resolution inside the browser to pre-computed module resolution tables.
CoffeeScript 1.5.0 The popular language that compiles down to JavaScript.
Light Table 0.3.0 An intriguing IDE development experiment that now has improved support for JavaScript.
NetBeans IDE 7.3 Open source IDE, now with Chrome integration, a revamped JavaScript editor, and a new JavaScript debugger. There's a 10 minute screencast showing off the release.
Code and Libraries
Spoiler Alert: Hide Text and Images, to Be Revealed On Click Don't spoil it! Hide text and images by blurring them. Hint on mouseover, reveal on click.
svg.js: A Lightweight Library for Manipulating and Animating SVG
grunt-parallel: Run Grunt Commands and Tasks As Child Processes!
ngInfiniteScroll: Infinite Scrolling for AngularJS
Parallel.js: Library for Parallel Computing Via Web Workers
Cannon.js: Lightweight and Simple 3D Physics Engine for The Web
Full Stack Engineer at Divshot (Los Angeles, CA or Remote) Divshot is looking for multi-talented engineers who can help us build amazing tools that developers love. Want to work with bleeding edge browser tech and shape the future of web development? Drop us a line!
Sr UI Engineer - Javascript - Orbitz Worldwide - Chicago This position is with our UI Component Team, responsible for maintaining and improving the frameworks for the UI and Web layers of our Global Platform.
JavaScript Engineer @ Tastemaker Interested in interior home design? We're looking for a talented front-end engineer with the ability to hand code rich interactive front end designs for web apps with JavaScript. Help us push the limits of what can be done in web browsers and mobile devices.
Last but not least..
WebOps Daily: A Twitter Account for the Web Perf and Optimization Crowd In a hint at a new newsletter of ours that's 'coming soon' comes @WebOpsDaily, a Twitter account oriented around Web performance, deployment, scaling, and related issues, whether for complete webapps or directly on individual pages.
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