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JavaScript Weekly Issue 12
February 4, 2011
Welcome to issue 12 of JavaScript Weekly - we've just topped 4000 subscribers, thanks for subscribing and all of your help!
This week's top news
jQuery 1.5 Released - For Real This Time! For the third week in a row I've announced a release of jQuery 1.5 here but.. this is the full and real deal. There's a ton of new stuff and this post from the jQuery team goes over the most significant points.
jQuery Mobile Alpha 3 Released It's been a busy week for John Resig! Hot on the heels of jQuery 1.5 comes the release of jQuery Mobile's third alpha. The changelog is impressive and shows significant work on many features. The first beta is expected within the month.
This week's top articles
Introduction to jQuery Mobile C. Enrique Ortiz presents a code and screenshot packed introduction to the jQuery Mobile framework at the IBM developerWorks blog.
An Intro to Backbone.js: Part 1 - Models and Collections Neal Stewart kicks off a series of posts that introduce you to Backbone.js, a light-weight MVC (Model, View, Controller) JavaScript framework that's been taking off as a way to write better structured client-side code.
Spotlight on jQuery 1.5: jQuery.sub() Explained Addy Osmani has put together a 10 minute screencast showing off jQuery 1.5's new sub() method that lets you create a 'copy' of jQuery within your context so you can override its methods while leaving the original jQuery untouched for other code to use.
Scraping Made Easy with jQuery and SelectorGadget David Trejo says that 'scraping with jQuery is a real pleasure' and demonstrates how to do it with node.js.
Node.js Interview: 4 Questions with Creator Ryan Dahl Kevin McCarthy interviews node.js creator, Ryan Dahl, for BostInnovation. Not any deep and dark secrets here but a nice 30,000ft view of Ryan and his intentions nonetheless. (P.S. Node 0.4 is coming within the next week!)
CloudEdit: A Backbone.js Tutorial with Rails A great tutorial by James Yu that dips into using the Backbone.js JavaScript MVC framework in collaboration with the Ruby on Rails framework to build a basic webapp.
Interesting new libraries and code
alfred: Fast in-process key-value store for node.js Alfred promises to be a 'super fast' file-based key-value store for Node.js developers. Wynn Netherland demonstrates how it works.
prototype-delegation: An event delegation framework for Prototype prototype-delegation adds jQuery-style event delegation to the Prototype framework by giving you delegate and undelegate methods with which you can tie functions to events received by elements referenced by Prototype CSS selectors.
jQuery File Upload - Multiple File Upload Plugin for jQuery jQuery File Upload is an open source plugin for jQuery that supports multiple file uploading with features including drag and drop, progress indication, and cross-site file uploads. The demo is amazingly simple.
Inspect: Hierarchical Object Inspection in Node Inspect brings a handy hierarchical object displayer to JavaScript - covering methods, accessors, and properties.
Stylus: An Expressive CSS Generator for Node Stylus bills itself as a 'revolutionary new language' for providing an expressive and dynamic way to generate CSS. It looks a little like Haml (or the old version of Sass).
Animated HTML5 Logo using K3D and JavaScript A cute tech demo by Kevin Roast using JavaScript and Canvas to render an animated HTML5 logo. Kevin's put the code behind the demo into the public domain so it's easy to play with or use.
AwesomeChartJS: Good Looking Charts on Canvas AwesomeChartJS is a JavaScript library that produces good looking graphs using the canvas element. It supports horizontal bar, vertical bar, pareto, pie, exploded, and donut charts.
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