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JavaScript Weekly Issue 120
March 8, 2013
Zepto 1.0 Released Zepto, the jQuery-compatible JavaScript micro-library for modern browsers, is now available in version 1.0. Now compatible with Twitter Bootstrap. Has a portable, new Node.js-based build system. Fully automated tests via PhantomJS and Travis CI.
jQuery 2.0 Beta 2 Released
WebStorm 6.0 Released: More for Languages That Compile to JavaScript JetBrains' WebStorm claims to be the 'smartest JavaScript IDE.' Version 6 is a major update and adds support for TypeScript, automatic compilation of languages like Dart and CoffeeScript, and full-featured debugging of these languages with source map support.
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Scaling Node.js Applications Tips for scaling Node.js applications: taking advantage of multiple cores; distributing across machines; and delegating the serving of static content to nginx.
Let Tools Define JavaScript Style JavaScript’s permissive syntax means style debates are easy to run into. This post details how tools can be used to document and enforce your opinion and how this can be integrated into a build process.
Journo & Literate CoffeeScript In Literate Programming the relationship between code and comments is inverted: In normal programs, comments are embedded in code. In Literate Programming, the documentation dominates and the code is embedded. Literate CoffeeScript brings Literate Programming to CoffeeScript, with the documentation part being written in Markdown syntax.
An Introduction to The Crafty Game Engine An excellent walkthrough on Build New Games of creating a simple game using JavaScript and the open source Crafty library.
ECMAScript 6 and Rest Parameter In ECMAScript 6, you can declare a formal parameter to be a “rest parameter”: it receives an array with all actual parameters that appear at its position or later. Ariya Hidayat explains this feature via examples.
An Introduction to Source Maps Source maps offer a language-agnostic way of mapping production code to the original code (TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Dart etc.) that was authored in your development environment. This article explains the details.
Taming Configurations with node-convict node-convict is a tool that helps manage the configuration of Node.js applications. There are two main concerns regarding application configuration: First, most applications will have at least a few different deployment environments, each with their own configuration needs. Second, apps needs credentials and sensitive information, but you don’t want to include those in the source. node-convict takes care of these concerns via configuration schemas that declaratively specify how to configure an app for a given environment.
Chrome Developer Tools (1 of 2): Using the Console Chrome’s JavaScript console is used for two main purposes. First, for logging information via the Console API. Second, for interactively executing JavaScript code in the context of the currently running web application.
Chrome Developer Tools (2 of 2): Mobile Emulation Via the developer tools, the Chrome web browser can emulate mobile features, allowing you to test mobile apps on the desktop. For example, you can: emulate touch events, emulate device viewports, override the device geo-location, override the device orientation, emulate the CSS media type.
jQueryTO 2013 Highlights A blog post summarizing the highlights of the jQueryTO 2013 conference.
Tutorial: Building an Image Gallery with AngularJS
The Beginner's Guide to JavaScript Date and Time
A Guide to Getting Started with Sencha Touch 2.1.1
Upgrading Node.js via NPM
10 Ember.js Talks from Ember Camp Well recorded plus a Q&A session to watch. Includes talks from core Ember team members including Yehuda Katz, Tom Dale and Peter Wagenet.
Let’s Code: Test-Driven JavaScript James Shore presents a fascinating new screencast series on rigorous, professional JavaScript development. (Costs money but is very well produced.)
An Iron Man Like 3D Hologram Controlled by Leap Motion and Three.js
jQuery 2.0 Beta 2 The blog post includes some useful info about 2.0.
PhoneGap 2.5.0 The open source, cross-platform mobile app framework from Adobe.
JSHint 1.1.0 is out New in this version: environment option for PhantomJS; a switch to make JSHint’s style checks compatible with Google Closure’s Linter; increased configurability of the “unused” option; bug fixes; and more.
Node v0.8.22 (Stable)
Testacular 0.6 The 'Spectacular Test Runner' for JavaScript, as built by the AngularJS team.
Code and Libraries
lunr.js: Full-text Search in Your Browser lunr.js lets you set up an “index” (a repository) in RAM and add “documents” (JSON objects) to it. You can then perform a full-text search of the documents. Linguistic techniques such as stemming and stop word filtering are supported.
SlowmoJS: JavaScript Evaluation, Frame by Frame An educational tool for visualizing the evaluation of a JavaScript program: The program is printed multiple times, once per evaluation step. Each time, the relevant part of the code is highlighted and the step is described (the operation that is performed and the result).
Tern: Intelligent JavaScript Editing Marijn Haverbeke has started a campaign to crowd-finance the open-sourcing of Tern, a type inference engine for JavaScript. Its intended use is to help code editors understand the code they are editing, to provide things like auto-completion, function argument hints, and automatic refactoring. In order for an editor to use this functionality, a plugin must be written.
rawson.js: Camera Raw Previewer in JavaScript Supports .CR2, .CRW, .ORF, .NEF and other raw image formats from manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Minolta, Olympus and Hasselblad. A JavaScript port of the open source decoder dcraw. Can display images and extract meta-data. It can also modify images (currently zoom, scale, rotate). Caveat: does not work in Internet Explorer 9 and before, has not been tested on Internet Explorer 10. A blog post on Badass JavaScript has additional information.
PS3.js: A PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller Hook for Node.js, Powered by Node-HID
DataViz/Javascript Engineer at Rackspace (San Francisco, CA) Build awesome data visualizations, open-source projects, & large apps using the latest front-end technologies. We're a leading provider building the future of cloud services. Come work in our 28k sq ft office in the heart of SF. You can also email
Senior Javascript Developer - Go Daddy This position can be based in AZ, Denver or Sunnyvale. Write low maintenance, high reliability code to be used in a highly trafficked 24/7 environment. Work closely with the UX design team and build front-end interfaces
Front End Developer at in Amsterdam Ready for something new? Ready for Amsterdam? Ready for something big? Join the 3rd largest e-commerce site in the world in our head office in Amsterdam and be part of a brilliant Front End Developer team. You are good? We relocate from all over the world!
Last but not least..
JSONMate: JSON Editor, Inspector and Beautifier JSONMate edits data in JSON format and can import it from web services. It can also beautify, uglify and visualize JSON data.
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