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JavaScript Weekly Issue 122
March 22, 2013
Backbone.js 1.0 Released Backbone.js is a JavaScript library for user interface infrastructure (models, views, collections and events). Version 1.0 has been released, 888 days after Backbone was first published.
Kickstarter Project: “JS Git” by Tim Caswell Tim Caswell has started a Kickstarter project for JS Git, an implementation of the git client tools in pure JavaScript. Its main use case is offline development inside a web browser. The project in its minimal version has been funded, any additional money enables stretch goals.
asm.js in Firefox Nightly OdinMonkey, an asm.js optimization module for Firefox’s JavaScript engine, is now in Nightly builds and will ship with Firefox 22 in June.
UtahJS 2013 Conference Call For Speakers (May 17th)
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How I Write Node.js Modules James Halliday (“Substack”) gives tips for writing Node.js modules.
The Genius of Unicode in JavaScript Identifiers Fun (if slightly unorthodox) idea: make your identifiers unique by appending rare Unicode characters. As a result, your source code becomes easier to navigate (code completion, finding usages, etc.).
Strict Mode = Static Scoping ECMAScript 5’s strict mode brings sanity to JavaScript's scoping rules, by guaranteeing static scoping.
ECMAScript 6 and Method Definitions ECMAScript 6 has a more compact syntax for writing methods in object literals (and classes). Ariya Hidayat explains how it works.
Notes of The March 2013 TC39 Meeting March 12–14, TC39 had a another meeting where more decisions about ECMAScript 6 were made. These notes chronicle those decisions. Highlight: we now know more about ECMAScript 6’s module system. Details are explained in a Gist.
Superhero.js: Resources On Handling Large JavaScript Code Bases Creating, testing and maintaining a large JavaScript code base is not easy. This website collects articles, videos and presentations on this topic and JavaScript in general.
Make Backbone.js Better With Extensions Covers Backbone.Marionette, Backbone.Validation, Backbone.LayoutManager and Backbone.ModelBinder.
Adobe’s Ecma TC39 Involvement
The Art of Node Max Ogden’s short introduction to Node.js. Work in progress, you can watch it being written.
Machine Learning: Naive Bayes Document Classification in JavaScript
Currying Favor with Partial Application to Get JavaScript SQL
Introductory Reading
Several great items aimed more at entry level developers came across our radar this week, so we thought we'd put them into their own section.
OOP In JavaScript: What You Need to Know An introduction to object-oriented programming in JavaScript (aimed more at the beginner level).
A JavaScript Refresh A primer on JavaScript all on a single page. Reviews the nature of the language and the basics.
Ember.js: Baby Steps Getting started with Ember.js.
Fun with AngularJS Introduces AngularJS via a simple web app that interfaces with the iTunes Search API.
Code and Libraries
Chart.js: HTML5 Charts for Your Website Easy, object oriented client side graphs for designers and developers. Built around HTML5 Canvas. Certainly looks very attractive.
Companion: Load Vanilla JavaScript Into Your Node Projects Lets you easily load javascript libraries into node that were not developed with node's module implementation.
Punch: A Fun and Easy Way to Build Modern Websites Static site generation in a simple, intuitive web publishing framework. Includes a five minute screencast to get you up to speed.
Kendo UI Spring 2013 Released Kendo UI is a framework for web and mobile app development. It offers jQuery-based widgets, validation, internationalization, a MVVM framework, themes, templates and more.
jQuery TourBus: jQuery Tour/Walkthrough Plugin
Clouseau: Node.js Library for Testing Your Web Page Run your page headlessly on Node.js via PhantomJS and perform checks while it runs.
node-chimera: Headless WebKit Integration for Node.js An alternative to PhantomJS.
Intro.js: Wizard-Like User Interface Guides Intro.js helps you with writing wizard-like user guides and introductions to new features.
Sublime Web Inspector: Debug Javascript Right in The Sublime Text Editor
Bootstro.js: Show Users A Guided Tour Of What's On Your (Bootstrap) Page
Front-End JavaScript Engineer (jQuery/Backbone/Underscore) at Flite We are looking for a top-notch JavaScript Engineer. If you're wanted to build a web platform that is backed by top VCs and used by top-tier clients like SalesForce, LinkedIn, and P&G, while working with some cutting edge technology including Node.js, check us out.
Senior Frontend Developer at Podio Looking for a fantastic job in Copenhagen? Look no further. We’re looking for an expert in browser technologies, who wants to put their skills to work building a world-class user experience for a product you’ll get to deploy everyday.
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least..
Book: Functional JavaScript Michael Fogus has written a book on functional programming in JavaScript using the Underscore.js library. Available for preorder now. This site aims to provide an easilly browsable nicely formatted copy of all the e-mail correspondence on the ES Discuss mailing list (where people discuss the future of JavaScript.)
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