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JavaScript Weekly Issue 123
March 29, 2013
Mozilla and Epic Games Bringing Unreal Engine 3 to the Web Last week we noted that Mozilla has rolled out its new OdinMonkey engine in Firefox Nightly which allows asm.js-code to run at close to native speeds. Now, Mozilla is working with Epic Games to use this technology along with Firefox's WebGL support to bring the popular Unreal Engine 3 3D gaming engine to the Web.
O'Reilly's Free Online JavaScript Conference Next Week Join me on April 4th when O'Reilly will be running an online conference featuring four talks on JavaScript and HTML5. Topics include prototyping with Node and Express, the role of "this" in JavaScript, AngularJS, and hardware access from JavaScript and HTML5.
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What's The Point Of Promises? Promises are generally used as a means for managing callbacks for asynchronous operations, but due to their design, they are way more useful than that. Joe Zimmerman provides a wealth of examples here.
Deploying JavaScript Applications Alex Sexton documents and shows off some ideas involved in deploying and caching JavaScript apps in order to get the best performance possible.
Getting Started with AngularJS Kris Schultz walks you through building your first application using the AngularJS framework.
Why asm.js Bothers Me V8 engineer Vyacheslav Egorov gives an excellent, in-depth explanation of why he's not entirely keen on asm.js and the optimizations it provides.
Avoiding Common Backbone.js Pitfalls
AngularJS Directives and The Computer Science of JavaScript Burke Holland examines Angular Directives, explaining what they are, what problems they solve, and how you can use them to create your own re-usable components.
5 Reasons You Should Avoid __proto__
Why dart2js Produces Faster JavaScript Code From Dart The dart2js compiler, which converts Dart to JavaScript, now produces smaller and faster code compared to a hand-written JavaScript benchmark, thanks to its global type inferencer.
JavaScript, The Lesser Known Parts: Bitwise Operators
ECMAScript 6 is JavaScript 2
Creative JavaScript in Advertising Two developers explain how they're using JavaScript in their work at a digital marketing agency.
Node's Harder Side Eric Gradman, an inventor and entertainer, discusses the challenges and rewards of interfacing with interesting hardware using Node.
Separating from the DOM, a JavaScript Refactoring Story A walk through the process of treating jQuery and the DOM like a third-party library, and creating a wrapper object to manage interaction with the DOM.
Building an App with Ember.js A 30 minute screencast by Ember core team member, Tom Dale.
Jasmine Tactics Screencast A live walkthrough of building JavaScript tests using Jasmine.
Code and Libraries
Kratu: Data Analysis and Visualization Framework from Google A client-side analysis framework to create simple yet powerful renditions of data. A new project from Google.
Josh.js: Toolkit for Building Readline-Enabled Terminals in The Browser A great demo live on the page, but there's also a blog post that outlines the whole idea.
CanJS: A JS Framework for Making Rich Web Applications Easy Supports jQuery, Zepto, Dojo, YUI and Mootools and provides live binding templates, observers, declarative event bindings, routing, and more.
mqa.js: Simple Media Query Library A small library for managing media queries programmatically.
Venus: A Tool to Simplify Running Unit Tests in JavaScript Organize and run your entire JS testing system with a single tool using Node.js.
Local.js: Run User Applications on the Page using Web Workers An HTTP abstraction over the Web Worker 'postMessage' API. It allows local servers to run in browser threads, where they host HTML and act as proxies to remote services.
MarionetteJS v1.0 A library for structuring large scale Backbone-based JS apps.
Pomo: A JS Implementation of GNU 'gettext' in a Compact Module
Fragment.js: Loads HTML Fragments Using data-fragment Attributes
js-sequence-diagrams: Simple JS Library to Turn Text Into Vector UML Sequence Diagrams
jQuery Pin: Stick an Element in Place While Scrolling
Front-End JavaScript Software Developer Build something great. Make an impact on how the world uses energy. Pulse Energy is looking for software developers who are passionate about building awesome web-based user interfaces.
Senior Frontend Developer at Podio Looking for a fantastic job in Copenhagen? Look no further. We’re looking for an expert in browser technologies, who wants to put their skills to work building a world-class user experience for a product you’ll get to deploy everyday.
Front-End JavaScript Engineer (jQuery/Backbone/Underscore) at Flite We are looking for a top-notch JavaScript Engineer. If you're wanted to build a web platform that is backed by top VCs and used by top-tier clients like SalesForce, LinkedIn, and P&G, while working with some cutting edge technology including Node.js, check us out.
Last but not least..
Take A 3D Minecart Ride in 1KB of JavaScript A rather impressive entry to the JS1K contest.
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