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JavaScript Weekly Issue 125
April 12, 2013
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The Baseline JS Compiler Has Landed in Firefox Firefox’s JavaScript engine currently compiles in three stages. All code is initially interpreted but if it becomes “hot” (is executed several times), it gets compiled via the JaegerMonkey compiler. If the code gets even hotter, it is compiled via IonMonkey. That takes longer, but also produces much faster code. The Baseline Compiler is a replacement for JaegerMonkey that fits better between the interpreter and IonMonkey, is simpler and brings performance and memory footprint improvements.
Angry Birds of JavaScript: Patterns Elijah Manor shows off short examples of 10 different design patterns in JavaScript, including Singleton, Factory, and Observer.
jQuery 2.0 Beta 3 Released
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Frontend Masters: New Web Performance Course by Kyle Simpson
Despite the proliferation of mobile internet with slower speeds, Steve Souders just reported that the top 1000 websites have gotten 24% heavier year over year! Page weight, resources loading and speed of your code is all incredibly important for building good web experiences.

Watch a free lesson from Kyle on why you should be using a script loader and why document.write is considered harmful.
Taming The Unicorn: Easing JavaScript Memory Profiling In Chrome DevTools Chrome has two developer tools called Heap Profiler and Timeline Memory View that help with finding memory leaks on both the desktop and mobile devices (via remote debugging). This article by Addy Osmani explains how to use them.
Object-Oriented Design Principle: Encapsulate What Varies Nicholas Cloud explains his favorite object-oriented design principle. He gives examples for applying that principle to branching statements and external state checks. Both can be encapsulated as methods.
Backbone Model Unit Testing with Jasmine Ken Tabor walks through tips and techniques for testing using the Jasmine BDD framework, with a special focus on testing Backbone.js applications.
Custom jQuery Builds with Grunt This blog post explains that you can customize jQuery via Grunt: Some of its functionality is grouped into modules that can be removed from the code base. Examples of modules: ajax, css and effects.
12 JavaScript Quirks A series of blog posts explaining common JavaScript quirks and how to best handle them. Concludes by showing that ECMAScript 6 fixes most of those quirks.
Fast C++ On The Web Using Emscripten and asm.js Slides from a talk by Alon Zakai, creator of Emscripten and co-creator of asm.js.
Demystifying Cordova and PhoneGap Cordova is an application container that lets you deploy HTML5 apps natively on mobile devices. It is the engine behind PhoneGap. This blog post goes into more details about what both projects are and how they differ.
JavaScript MVC Frameworks: A Comparison of Marionette and Chaplin
JavaScript Conditionals Anders Janmyr explains ways of implementing conditionals in JavaScript.
Unit Testing Your Ember.js Templates with Jasmine: Part 1
Why I Use CasperJS for Regression Testing Web Applications
Building Large, Maintainable, and Testable Knockout.js Applications
Building A Collaborative Route Planner with SignalR, Knockout.js and Google Maps
Spain.js: A Summer JavaScript Conference in Madrid (July 4-6) Speakers so far include Douglas Crockford, Reg Braithwaite and JSW editor Axel Rauschmayer.
BackboneConf (Jul 31-Aug 1 in Boston, MA) CFP and registration both open now.
BrazilJS Conf 2013 (Porto Alegre, August 22-23)
The 6 Minute Impact.js Starter Kit For Windows 8 and Web A set of videos to help you get started with Impact, a commercial HTML5 and JavaScript game engine.
Highcharts 3.0 The popular interactive chart library. Includes new chart types and an updated design.
Apache CouchDB 1.3.0
PhoneGap 2.6.0
Yeoman 1.0 beta 4
Node 0.10.4 (stable)
Code and Libraries
Hoodie: Node Framework for Rapidly Building Apps Hoodie is a framework for frontend-only web apps. It stores data locally first and syncs it in the background when possible, with a backend based on Node.js and CouchDB. At the moment, the project is still a developer preview and requires OS X and homebrew.
Restangular: Use RESTful Web Services Via AngularJS Restangular is a module for AngularJS that lets you get, update and delete data via a RESTful web service.
Tabletop.js: Interact with Google Spreadsheets Access Google Spreadsheets from JavaScript. Has no dependencies, works on browsers and Node.js.
Groundkeeper Removes Forgotten Console and Debugger Statements From Your JavaScript Files A shell script that reads a file with console and debugger statements from stdin and writes that file without those statements to stdout. Installed via npm.
HackFlowy: Open Source WorkFlowy Clone WorkFlowy is a personal information manager – roughly, a mixture of a wiki and an outliner. HackFlowy is an open source clone of WorkFlowy, built using Backbone.js and
Snap.js: A Library for Creating Beautiful Mobile 'Shelves'
jQuery Mobile Flat UI Theme
Squel.js: SQL Query String Builder for JavaScript
Front End Developer at is the world’s leading accommodation website. We serve millions of customers all over the world from our headquarters in the center of Amsterdam where we’re looking for User Experience experts to join our front-end team.
JavaScript Engineer at Editorially Love JavaScript? Progressive enhancement? The written word? Join the team at Editorially and help us imagine the future of writing.
Senior Javascript Developer @ Backbase (Portal Software) #amsterdam As a front-end JavaScript developer you will collaborate with strategic clients in the design, development and evolution of mission critical web applications. You will be part of a highly skilled international multi-disciplinary team doing great JS projects.
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least..
JavaScript Scope Context Coloring An experiment that colors JavaScript source code according to what scope it belongs to, built on JSLint and CodeMirror and inspired by Douglas Crockford.
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