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JavaScript Weekly Issue 126
April 19, 2013
jQuery 2.0 Released The mightiest lion in the jungle of JavaScript libraries and frameworks has reached version 2.0. As promised, it leaves behind IE 6, 7 and 8 support (continue to use jQuery 1.9 for support there) but is smaller and faster. This release post summarizes the rest of the changes.
Package Managers: An Introductory Guide For The Uninitiated Front-End Developer Cody Lindley gives an overview over JavaScript package managers, specifically npm (Node.js package manager, server) and Bower (client).
Cody Lindley
Will JavaScript Take Over the Programming World? Roughly a year ago, O’Reilly’s Simon St. Laurent thought that JavaScript would eventually dominate the programming world. Recently, he has changed his mind, because compiling other languages to run on JavaScript engines has made tremendous progress.
A Comparison of Angular, Backbone, CanJS and Ember
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Rich data for JavaScript Apps is a Breeze
When a desktop application moves to HTML/JavaScript, the need for rich data moves with it. Consider BreezeJS for querying, caching, offline, change tracking, object graph navigation, and bulk saves. Make it part of your JavaScript client app stack.
Understanding JavaScript Inheritance A humorous look by Alex Sexton at ways of explaining JavaScript inheritance.
Random Number Generation in JavaScript This blog post discusses the limitations of using Math.random() for generating random numbers and refers to several alternatives written in JavaScript. This post is first in a series on numerical simulation techniques in JavaScript.
Unix Philosophy and Node.js Node leader Isaac Schlueter expresses the Unix Philosophy in terms of Node.js principles.
Reactive Charts with D3 and Reactive.js
Duck Wrapping JavaScript automatically wraps or unwraps values if they don’t fit a required type. That can lead to a variety of problems.
Common Backbone Patterns Simplified with Marionette The blog post introduces Marionette, a library that fulfills many common needs of apps based on the browser framework Backbone.js. For example, it helps with managing views, application infrastructure and messaging.
Explaining DOM Futures Quoting the introduction: “DOM Futures were only recently introduced, and it seems like suddenly every [web] API is being forced into using them. Why? How did this crazy idea suddenly appear? Where was the discussion? Hopefully I can answer a few of these questions, and explain why Futures are so useful and should be used widely.”
Grunt: A Build Tool for Front-End Projects An introduction to Grunt, an increasingly popular JavaScript build tool. Roughly, Grunt is a replacement for command line tools such as Unix’s make or Apache Ant. Thanks to Node.js, it is implemented completely in JavaScript and cross-platform.
Web Page Clipping with PhantomJS Ariya Hidayat shows how to create snapshots of web pages via PhantomJS. He uses a clipping rectangle to virtually scroll the page before doing so.
Creating Windows-8-like 3D Animations with CSS3 and jQuery Sara Soueidan recreates a Windows 8-style home screen including many of the animations and visualizations using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Cody Lindley on Learning Paths for JavaScript Cody Lindley explains how to best learn JavaScript and what to learn.
Introducing the YUI Modules Explorer A tool that computes the required modules for YUI-based projects, by parsing their source code.
jQuery Custom Events For widgets, jQuery allows you to define custom events that behave like DOM events.
JavaScript quirk 2: Two “non-values” – undefined and null In the latest part of a series on JavaScript 'quirks', Dr. Axel Rauschmayer looks at two 'non-values' in the language.
How to Install and Run A Node.js App On CentOS 6.4 (64 bit)
Test-Driven Development with Jasmine A 50 minute presentation by Joshua Clanton.
How to Create JavaScript Functions with Variable Arguments A quick 6 minute video from Treehouse.
Podcast: JavaScript Jabber #54 with David Herman and Ariya Hidayat Topics discussed: JavaScript parsing, ASTs, language grammar and more.
Ember 101, Episode 1: Intro to Ember, Binding Data to Templates An introduction to the Ember.js framework.
Video Tutorial: AngularJS Fundamentals in 60-ish Minutes
Dan Wahlin
Getting Physical: Networked Hardware with Node.js Ted Hayes discusses WiFi, XBee and their associated network topologies, and demoes controlling a networked pong game with a physical joystick using Node.js.
Re-imagining the Browser with AngularJS Miško Hevery demoes using AngularJS to create dynamic web applications using reusable components.
Sencha Ext JS 4.2 A desktop web application framework with an MVC architecture and modern UI widgets. 4.2 includes a new theme with a flatter, contemporary look.
Howler.js v1.1.0 A Web Audio API library with HTML5 audio fallback. Now supports 3D positioning for sounds.
Orion 3.0 M1 An open source online IDE from Eclipse.
Code and Libraries
Shapeshift v2.0 A dynamic grid system with drag and drop functionality. Depends on jQuery and a few plugins.
Log: console.log for The Bold and Reckless Format your output via Markdown.
Sly: Library for Advanced One-Directional Scrolling Scroll through items with varying degrees of sophistication. Depends on jQuery.
Packery: JavaScript Layouting Via A Bin-Packing Algorithm There are various options for configuring the algorithm and for allowing elements to be dragged around.
Enchant.js: A Simple JavaScript Framework for Creating Games and Apps
rndr: An HTTP Server That Uses PhantomJS to Render HTML
Opera Dragonfly / JavaScript developers Interested in working from beautiful Oslo? Opera Software's Desktop team is looking for passionate JavaScript developers to be involved in working on its Opera Dragonfly developer tools and other challenges.
Front End Developer – HAVAS LYNX Europe (Manchester, UK) LYNX is seeking an experienced front-end developer to produce amazing user experiences on varied, highly innovative projects. You should have exceptional HTML5, CSS and jQuery skills and be confident in venturing ideas to ensure projects stand out. For more information and to apply, visit our careers site.
Senior JavaScript Developer @ Backbase (Portal Software) #amsterdam
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least.. Node.js Hosting and Deployment Made Easy A service that provides 'ready to go' full application stacks for vanilla Node, Meteor and Express.js apps, backed by SSD-powered servers from Digital Ocean.
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