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JavaScript Weekly Issue 131
May 24, 2013
Discover Meteor: Learn How to Build Real-time JavaScript Web Apps
Meteor is a popular open source framework for rapidly building powerful, live-updating JavaScript apps and Tom Coleman and Sacha Grief have written the definitive guide to using it. It costs money but they've extended a discount to all JS Weekly readers and there's a sample PDF to get a feel for it too.
A Deep Dive Into Require.js Require.js provides a handy mechanism for breaking your code up and making it more modular. Jonathan Creamer of appendTo looks at some of the powerful features of Require.js you might not already be aware of.
gif.js: A JavaScript GIF Encoder That Runs in The Browser Create GIFs (and, yes, animated GIFs!) on the fly in the browser. Includes a couple of demos.
From our Sponsor
Simple JavaScript Testing with QUnit
Testing helps us write better code in less time and makes us feel more comfortable with the eventual outcome. Sadly, we don't do it nearly as much as we should. Learn how the testing units work and what they can do, along with what they’re like to use. You’ll get an informed and honest opinion before you try them out with your own code.
Lessons Learned: A Year with a Large AngularJS Project After a year of working with a large AngularJS project, Joel Hooks shares a few of the things he learned in the process.
Dojo for jQuery Developers If you understand jQuery, this rather extensive, code-filled tutorial will walk you through developing an on-page feature using the Dojo Toolkit.
Writing Testable JavaScript Rebecca Murphey presents an introduction to testing in JavaScript, covering the distinctions between unit and integration tests, and looks at some patterns and organizational techniques for writing more easily tested code.
How We Built eBay’s First Node.js Application eBay is mostly Java based but Senthil Padmanabhan explains how they dabbled with Node to produce eBay's first Node-based app.
Compiling to JavaScript, and Debugging with Source Maps A tutorial on writing a compiler that generates JavaScript as its target language and maintains line and column meta-data through source maps for debugging.
How We Built Pusher-JS 2.0 In this 3-article series, Pusher (the hosted real-time communications API folks) helps us understand the thoughts and processes that go into creating a popular JavaScript library.
Chrome's Forthcoming 'requestAutocomplete()' requestAutocomplete() will give you programatic access to autocomplete/autofill data from JavaScript in the browser.
Alex MacCaw.
Some Native Equivalents of jQuery Functions Only a few examples but well presented.
Fluent APIs and Method Chaining Eric Feminella explains how to use the method chaining pattern to both simplify your API and make it more fluent.
JavaScript Quirk 6: The Scope of Variables
Fun with Function Tracing in JavaScript
Capturing Camera/Picture Data Without PhoneGap
Master Developers: An Interview with Addy Osmani
Embercasts: Ember.js Screencasts Only four episodes old so far but it looks to be a promising resource for Ember.js developers.
Breaking Open AngularJS An interview that digs into the beginnings of AngularJS, how the project came to be sponsored by Google, the community around Angular, alternative frameworks, documentation, its relationship to other Google projects (like Dart), and how Angular addresses issues around SEO. 32 minutes long.
Announcing StrongLoop Node 1.0: An 'Enterprise Ready' Node.js Distribution Essentially a commercial supported distribution of Node that comes with several packages included (Express, Connect, Socket.IO, and so on).
Node v0.10.6 (Stable)
AngularJS 1.0.7 and 1.1.5
Code, Tools and Libraries
lazy.js: Like underscore.js But Lazier A utility library similar to Underscore and Lo-Dash but with one important difference: lazy evaluation (also known as deferred execution).
HelloJS: Introductory Examples for Several JavaScript Libraries A collection of "hello world"-style examples for various JavaScript libraries.
english-time: Parses Times Written in Simple English to Unix Time
backbone-associations: Create Lightweight Object Graphs with Backbone Models
Simple Single Page Application Sample using PathJS, Knockout, and HeadJS
WideArea: For Elegant, Expandable 'textarea's
Introducing AWSBOX, a DiY PaaS for Node.JS
Countable.js: Live Paragraph/Word/Character-Counting for Input Elements
Android and Backbone.js Developers for Gigwalk (San Francisco) Gigwalk is a mobile work marketplace (think oDesk on top of mobile) here in SOMA. We’re looking for startup minded front end and Android developers who love APIs and want to join us in building something huge.
Senior User Interface Engineer, TV Platforms at Netflix (Los Gatos, CA) Netflix is reinventing how people watch TV! Lead the revolution by building our JavaScript-based TV UIs for millions of customers. Architect new frameworks, A/B test radical concepts, and develop for experimental next-generation hardware.
Junior Software Engineer at Thinkful
We’re building the tools to deliver curricula, expertise, and live help so anyone can advance their career. As an engineer at Thinkful you’ll be working directly with both the founders to architect, build and grow our technology and our team. You'll learn new skills and apply them to help others do the same. Talent and curiosity matter more than raw skill. Experience is valued, but not as much as potential.
Last but not least..
How to Keep Up to Date On Front-End Technologies A very well presented guide to blogs, podcasts, e-mail newsletters (naturally!) you can use to stay on top, along with how some established names keep up with things.
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