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JavaScript Weekly Issue 132
May 31, 2013
Welcome to issue 132 of JavaScript Weekly. A little later and shorter this week as I'm still in SF tying up the loose ends from Fluent. Hopefully everyone who was at Fluent (and still at JSConf) has had/is having a great time :-)
jQuery 1.10.0 and 2.0.1 Released Both branches of jQuery get an update. jQuery 1.10.0 follows on from jQuery 1.9 so maintains support for older browsers (i.e. IE 6, 7 and 8). The overall goal with these releases has been to synchronize features and behaviors across 1.x and 2.x.
Official jQuery Blog
Brendan Eich: 'JavaScript at 18: Legal to Gamble'
Brendan Eich opened O'Reilly Fluent this week with a keynote looking at the future for JavaScript, ASM.js, and the cutting edge of Mozilla and Epic's Unreal Engine demo (yep, Brendan gets busy with a rocket launcher mid-talk).
From our Sponsor
New Relic is hard at work on their Node.js Agent
Are you a proud member of the Node.js community? Do you wish you had a way to monitor and improve the performance of your app? Well, you're in luck. We have extremely talented monkeys in the back room tinkering away at building the only Node.js APM solution. It's almost ready so make sure you let us know who you are so you can be first in line.
The Design of Code: Organizing JavaScript Anthony Colangelo looks at the module pattern and jQuery plugins for A List Apart.
A List Apart
JavaScript is Web Assembly Language and That's OK Microsoft's Scott Hanselman reflects on, and reasserts, his often quoted "JavaScript is the assembly of the Web" statement.
PhoneGap and AngularJS: First Steps The start of a series of tutorials on using PhoneGap and AngularJS together within an iOS app.
Compiling A Node.JS Project To A Single Binary
CPU Core Estimation with JavaScript A look at a clever technique to estimate how many cores a user's CPU has from JavaScript.
Multi-line Strings in JavaScript and Node.js A cute trick but proceed with caution.
Things I Wish I Were Told About Angular.js Ruoyu Sun likes using Angular but after having finished a project, there are things they wished they'd known earlier.
Implementing Multidimensional Arrays in JavaScript
Optimizing Your JavaScript Game for Firefox OS
Mozilla Hacks
JavaScript Inheritance Revisited
A Comparison of Various JS Frameworks Using Cold Hard Data
Paul Irish on JavaScript Authoring Tooling
Paul reflects on his Fluent 2012 keynote 'JavaScript Development Workflow of 2013' and what's happened in between. He also digs deep into the latest hotness within the Chrome DevTools.
Taking JavaScript Seriously with Backbone.js The creator of Backbone.js, Jeremy Ashkenas, discusses how the framework is aimed at the common patterns that JavaScript-heavy web applications rely on, how the pieces work together, and some of the design decisions that give Backbone.js its flavour. A 50 minute presentation from Web Directions.
Hey Underscore, You're Doing It Wrong Brian Lonsdorf offers some solutions for using Underscore productively and looks at some of the functional concepts involved.
Code and Libraries
Tourist.js: Simple, Flexible Guided Tours Through Your App The latest in a long line of libraries dedicated to making it possible to roll out smooth 'guided tours'/walkthroughs of a Web app. This one has a nice UI and relies upon Backbone and jQuery.
Cytoscape.js: JavaScript Graph Library Can be used for graph analysis, visualisation, and graphs can be easily displayed on your site/within your app. Also supports user interaction.
VNC Over GIF: Screen Updates as Animated GIF over HTTP Powered by Node, node-gif, and node-rfb2. Claims to work on Netscape 2 and above ;-)
jquery-resizable-columns: Resizable Table Columns jQuery Plugin
Montage: An HTML5 Framework for Building Modern Web Apps Includes components, HTML templates, 2 way data binding, serialization, and event management.
Hexo: A Node.js Blog Framework using Static Files
openpgpjs: An OpenPGP implementation for JavaScript
Plato: JS Source Code Visualization, Static Analysis, and Complexity Tool
No more IE9 and down! Front-end JavaScript developer for Ember.js JavaScript and San Francisco. What's not to love? Come help us build the most awesome Ember.js web app the world has ever seen. We like open source. We have a lot of fun (beers) on the team. Work on an exciting modern app and show off your skills!
Frontend CoffeeScripter We're Poll Everywhere, the worlds largest real-time polling platform. We're looking for a CoffeeScripter with a strong sense of user interaction design who can help build new features in our mobile app, HTML5 visualizations, and pretty much everything else.
Junior Software Engineer at Thinkful
We’re building the tools to deliver curricula, expertise, and live help so anyone can advance their career. As an engineer at Thinkful you’ll be working directly with both the founders to architect, build and grow our technology and our team. You'll learn new skills and apply them to help others do the same. Talent and curiosity matter more than raw skill. Experience is valued, but not as much as potential.
Last but not least..
JSON Generator: A Tool for Generating Random JSON Data A clever online tool that can generate 'random' JSON data based upon simple, editable JavaScript-powered templates.
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