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JavaScript Weekly Issue 162
January 3, 2014
Editor: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Managing editor: Peter Cooper
jQuery Mobile 1.4.0 Released Features performance improvements, pure CSS theme inheritance, a new default theme, SVG icons and more.
45 Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks and Best Practices Saad Mousliki shares 45 JavaScript snippets covering tips, tricks and best practices from beginner to more advanced.
Flippin' Awesome
EmberConf: March 25-26, Portland, OR
From our Sponsor
Getting Started With Gulp Gulp is a build tool in the vein of Unix “make”. The current de-facto standard build tool in the JavaScript world is Grunt. Where Grunt is more declarative, Gulp is more imperative. Read this introduction to find out whether Gulp’s different style suits you.
What’s Coming in Ember.js in 2014 In December, the Ember core team got together and discussed what will come to Ember in 2014: support for ECMAScript 6 modules, improved build tools, HTMLBars (enabling nicer, HTML-aware syntax and cleaner output), support for animation, and more.
Ember.js Blog
An Overview of JavaScript Promises Or if you want to go a step further, consider A Deeper Dive into JavaScript Promises.
Om: The Future of JavaScript MVC Frameworks? Om combines immutable collections borrowed from ClojureScript with Facebook’s React, which results in a fast and unconventional client-side MVC framework.
David Nolen
Creating A Self-Correcting Alternative to JavaScript’s `setInterval()` Due to the single-threaded nature of JavaScript, the setInterval() handler may be called later than specified. Some browsers don’t make the next call sooner to correct that delay. This blog post explains how to fix that.
Andrew Duthie
Build A 3D Nyancat with three.js and Yeoman in 30 Seconds
Learning three.js
Streams and Middleware in Strata.js Strata is a “streaming HTTP server for Node.js” and an alternative to Express.js. This article is an introduction to it.
Getting Started with Bower, the Browser Package Manager
Matt West
A Utility for Implementing Variadic Functions in JavaScript
Blake Embrey
Get Your Frontend JavaScript Code Covered Nicolas Perriault explains how to use the code coverage library Blanket.js with the test framework Mocha.
JavaScript Patterns A collection of JavaScript patterns and anti-patterns that covers function patterns, jQuery patterns, design patterns, and more.
Visualize GitHub Language Stats with D3.js Explains how to use the visualization library D3.js to generate various bar charts (in plain HTML and SVG) from JSON data.
Dana Silver
The Web Platform: 5 Technologies to Look Forward to in 2014 This blog post describes five technologies that will make 2014 an exciting year for the web platform: asm.js, ParallelJS, ECMAScript 6, Web Components and CSS Grid Layout.
Axel Rauschmayer
Promiscuous Promises Ruben Verborgh explains promiscuous, his “smallest possible implementation” of the Promises/A+ specification.
Ruben Verborgh
6 Other Articles in Node Weekly Issue 16 Don't forget to check out our Node Weekly for the latest Node reading, and subscribe if you like it :-)
Node Weekly
Code, Libraries and Tools
Jasmine 2.0 Released, Turns 5 Years Old The testing framework Jasmine recently turned 5 and version 2.0 was released. Features of the new version: new syntax for asynchronous tests and spies, better Node.js support, many refactorings, and more.
Pivotal Labs
math.js: An Extensive Math Library for JavaScript and Node.js Compatible with JavaScript’s built-in Math library, it features a flexible expression parser and offers an integrated solution to work with numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, units, and matrices.
Jos de Jong
earhorn: JavaScript Execution Logs Instruments your JavaScript code and displays the code along with constantly updated annotations describing the current state of the program. Be sure to check out the demo.
GitHub Generating A RESTful Server From Backbone Models and Collections
SimpleStateManager: Responsive State Manager for JavaScript Allows you to target different JavaScript towards different states of your site. It lets you define as many states as your site requires and lets you have independent Enter, Leave and Resize events for each of the states.
Planetary.js: Interactive 3D Globe Generation and Rendering
Brandon Tilley
wordcount.js: Count A File’s Newlines, Words and Bytes, On The Client Emulates Linux’s wc command and is based on the HTML5 File API.
ogv.js: An Ogg Theora and Vorbis Video Decoder in JavaScript
Badass JavaScript
9 Other Libraries in Node Weekly Issue 16 Check out our Node Weekly for the latest Node code and projects.
Node Weekly
JavaScript/CoffeeScript Engineer at Scribd Scribd is a technology company in San Francisco building the world's online library. By making it easy for anyone to publish books and documents on the web, we've assembled the web's largest library of written works. We need an experienced JavaScript/CoffeeScript Engineer to join our team.
Front End Engineer at Liftopia At Liftopia we're building tools that are igniting a revolution in the ski industry, bringing innovative changes that benefit both mountain resorts and those who love snow. We're looking for a Front End Engineer to help us evolve both our consumer and resort-facing desktop and mobile products.
Front End Engineer (New York, NY) Two hundred person startup providing cloud-computing services to 200,000+ subscribers (including Fortune 500 companies and top retailers) seeks Front End Engineer with 2-5 years of experience. Competitive pay, cool perks, great growth opportunities.
Last but not least..
O'Reilly's Fluent 2014 Conference: March 11-13 in SF
We’re back for another round of great Web Platform and JavaScript oriented talks, tutorials, and community events this March in San Francisco. Come join both Peter and Axel and catch up with folks like Paul Irish, Brendan Eich, Lea Verou, and Scott Hanselman. See the full schedule here.
O'Reilly Media
OCRAD.js: Pure JavaScript OCR via Emscripten
Kevin Kwok
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