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JavaScript Weekly Issue 164
January 17, 2014
Editor: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Managing editor: Peter Cooper
The Next Phase of Node.js and the Road Ahead As Node continues to grow, it gets a new project leader, TJ Fontaine, as Isaac Schlueter hands over the reins and moves on to focusing on npm. In Node.js and the Road Ahead, TJ Fontaine outlines where things are headed under his lead.
Isaac Z. Schlueter
jQuery Conference 2014 - February 12-13 - San Diego, California The next jQuery conference is just around the corner and they’ve joined forces with Bocoup whose Roost training event is also on-site. The jQuery Foundation asked us to offer you the code SD14JSWeekly for $50 off of the jQuery ticket, the Roost ticket or the combination ticket.
jQuery Foundation
The State of jQuery 2014 A broad “state of the union” style article covering topics such as the new leadership, the continuing growth of jQuery, their advocacy for developer needs, etc.
jQuery Blog
From our Sponsor
Callbacks, Promises, Signals and Events Explains when to favor Promises/Callbacks and when to use Signals/Events for asynchronous operations.
Miller Medeiros
A Beginner React Tutorial: Implementing The Board Game 'Go'
Chris LaRose
Practical End-to-End Testing with Protractor in AngularJS An introduction to Angular’s new preferred end-to-end testing framework.
libsass.js: An Emscripten Experiment A technical look at how two developers got the C-based libsass Sass compilation library working within the browser using Emscripten. A great read if you want to do your own integration work with Emscripten.
Rodney Rehm
Hiding Implementation Details with ECMAScript 6 WeakMaps In ECMAScript 6, WeakMaps provide a new way of associating private data with objects. Nick Fitzgerald explains how that works.
Nick Fitzgerald
Getting Started with Kendo UI and MVVM
Kendo UI Team
asm.js AOT Compilation and Startup Performance A deep dive into asm.js that explains how asm.js code is executed in Firefox and the load time optimizations that were introduced since the initial implementation in March 2013.
Luke Wagner
ECMAScript 6 Generator Functions That Yield Multiple Times Explains how to use generator functions to implement lazy evaluation of functions.
Aaron Powell
Gulp Style Stream Piping in Grunt, or Anywhere Else
Evan You
State of Function Decompilation in JavaScript In most JavaScript engines, you can access the source code of a function via its toString() method. This article gives an overview of this feature, looks ahead to ECMAScript 6 and mentions things to look out for.
A Beginner’s Guide to Using Grunt With Magento
Matt Bailey
Flight Mixins Twitter’s Flight framework uses mixins in many places. This blog post describes the team’s experiences with them.
Kenneth Kufluk
What’s in Store for The Future of AngularJS Miško Hevery and Igor Minar describe ideas for future versions of Angular JS. The talk covers both Angular-specific ideas and general language extensions such as Zones for asynchronous programming and Annotations.
Miško Hevery
Tutorial: Context or the “this” Keyword in JavaScript 4 short screencasts that dig into JavaScript’s ‘this’.
Adam Breindel
Native Speed on the Web: JavaScript and asm.js In this 30 minute talk, Alon Zakai (creator of Emscripten, co-creator of asm.js) discusses asm.js: real-world demos, current limitations, the direction for the future, comparison with other solutions for improving web performance.
SOLID JavaScript In A Wobbly World (Wide Web) A talk on applying the SOLID software principles to JavaScript.
Derick Bailey
5 (So Far) Videos From YUIConf 2013 The first videos from YUIConf 2013 (November, San Jose) are online. Topics of the approx. 30 min talks include “YUI and the Future”, “YUI and the New Server-Side Front-End” and “The State of Gestures”.
A series of blog posts links to slides.
Kendo UI Product Marketing Manager [Boston, Palo Alto or Remote] Telerik is looking to expand our marketing team for Kendo UI, the developer-preferred HTML5/JavaScript framework. Is your idea of morning news the top trending articles on Hacker News? Are you a vivid reader of HTML5/JS weekly. If so, we look forward to talking to you.
Frontend Architect At CP+B, we're striving to create innovative brand experiences for our clients. In doing so, we leverage a vast array of technologies. If you're a learner, hacker, maker or just plain thirsty to do, get in touch, we'd love to connect.
Freelance with Companies like Airbnb, IDEO & JPMorgan Work on special projects with great companies through Toptal. Set your weekly/hourly rate, and work from anywhere in the world as an Elite JavaScript Developer. See if you have what it takes!
Code, Libraries and Tools
videoconverter.js: Convert Videos In Your Web Browser Essentially, FFmpeg compiled into JavaScript using Emscripten for client-side video processing.
Brian Grinstead
Responsive JavaScript: Change The Functionality of Your Site Based On Responsive State
Jonathan Fielding
JSCS: JavaScript Code Style Checker Complements JSHint (no overlapping functionality). For example: JSHint 3 dropped style conformance rules, JSCS supports them.
Schema-Inspector: Sanitize and Validate JavaScript Objects
Orbit.js: Coordinated Access to and Synchronization of Data Sources Orbit.js is a standalone library for coordinating access to data sources and keeping their contents synchronized. Access is unified, supported sources include in-memory caches, localStorage and RESTful APIs (via Ajax). Functionality built on top of that foundation helps with offline operation, undo/redo and more. Further reading: Slides for “Introducing Orbit.js” by Dan Gebhardt.
Cerebris Corporation
Slip.js: UI Library for Manipulating Lists Via Swipe and Drag Gestures
Conductance: JavaScript Web Application Server The major pieces of Conductance’s architecture are: a custom JavaScript dialect with special support for asynchronous programming, a Node.js-based server, a user interface library and an infrastructure for real-time client-server communication.
iScroll 5: Dependency-Free Multi-Platform JavaScript Scrolling Library
Matteo Spinelli
Last but not least..
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New Relic  Sponsored
Save the Date for Scotland JS: May 9th & 10th 2014 in Edinburgh Call for proposals closes on February 12th if you want to speak.
Scotland JS
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