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JavaScript Weekly Issue 165
January 24, 2014
Editor-of-the-day: Peter Cooper Editor-away-editing-his-book: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
jQuery 1.11 and 2.1 Released A focus has been put on preventing jQuery from unnecessarily forcing the browser to redo layouts (expensive performance wise). jQuery releases are now also being published on npm and Bower.
Official jQuery Blog
Static Showdown: A Hackathon for Static Web Apps (February 8-9) You can register now and there will be prizes.
Node v0.10.25 (Stable)
Node.js Blog
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Cooper Press
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Frontend Masters
The User Timing API: For Understanding your Web App Alex Danilo looks at a handy browser API that lets you instrument your web application to identify where your application is spending its time.
HTML5 Rocks
Keeping jQuery in Check A 'jQuery soup' codebase is one where ad hoc references to $ appear everywhere. Here’s a look at keeping things segregated to clean code up.
Pete Hodgson
The $ Object Demystified (Wrap Like An Egyptian)
Lars Kappert
JavaScript: The Right Way An easy-to-read, quick reference of links to JS best practices, popular tools, etc. No JavaScript Weekly though? For shame ;-)
William Oliveira
Prototypes Are Not Classes
Reg Braithwaite
Grunt.js: Custom Tasks
Hargobind Khalsa
Asynchronous Control Flow with jQuery.Deferred
Stephen Young
Image Cutter: Open Source JavaScript Image Cropping
Steven Riche
The new operator implemented in JavaScript
Axel Rauschmayer
Ember.js - An Application Framework For The Future An hour long introduction to the Ember MVC app framework oriented around live coding and examples.
Joachim Haagen Skeie
29 Videos from ng-conf 2014, Last Week's AngularJS Conference
Yo Polymer: A Whirlwind Tour Of Web Component Tooling “Web Components are going to change everything you think you know about building for the web,” says Addy Osmani. In a talk at DotJS and a bonus video, Addy walks through what Web Components have to offer and how to build them using modern tooling.
HTML5 Rocks
pushState to the Future: Progressive Enhancement Using HTML5 pushState at Twitter
O'Reilly Media
JavaScript Developer (London) Come join our team of JavaScript developers. Build rich client side applications and make our SaaS marketing platform a joy to use. Play with the latest technology, learn on the job and start a fantastic career working in a fast growing company and product.
Software Engineers at Neo (Singapore) Experienced, well-rounded software engineers to join us in Singapore. Our clients engage with us because we help them ship tested, well-crafted software that solves their hard business problems. We practice TDD, program in pairs, and work sustainable hours.
Javascript Engineer ~ £50,000 [London, UK] Keepmebooked is a well-funded startup looking for an engineer who is passionate about good front-end architecture and has experience building thick-client apps. Join our team of 2 (soon to 5) and lead the development of our Angular app.
Code, Libraries and Tools
verb: A CAD Library for the Web A JavaScript library for creating and manipulating NURBS surfaces (non-uniform rational basis splines).
Peter Boyer
Drop: A Fast and Capable Dropdown (Menu | Control | Card) Library
Zone.js: Execution Context 'Zones' for JavaScript A Zone is an execution context that persists across async tasks. You can think of it as thread-local storage for JavaScript VMs.
Gizmo: Like The jQuery Widget Factory, But Without The jQuery
Tim Ambler
Uniter: A PHP to JavaScript Transpiler Still a work in progress, Uniter is an on-the-fly recompiling interpreter from PHP to JavaScript.
Dan Phillimore
webkit.js: An Experimental Pure JavaScript Port of WebKit Still only one for the very curious, ultra technical types.
Trevor Linton
Tether: To Keep Absolutely Positioned Elements Attached to Other Elements
fn.js: A Library Encouraging A Functional Programming Style & Strategy
Eli Perelman
Last but not least..
Store and Sync Data in Realtime with Firebase Using Firebase’s powerful JavaScript SDK, you can easily build realtime apps without worrying about networking, scaling, or writing complicated server code. See how it works and start developing instantly.
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