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JavaScript Weekly Issue 166
January 31, 2014
Editor: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Managing editor: Peter Cooper
Featured For Finding What JavaScript Libraries Meet Your Needs A quick look at JavaScriptOO, a directory of JavaScript libraries with examples, CDN links, statistics, and videos.
Mozilla Hacks
You Might Not Need jQuery Do you need jQuery as a dependency? You might not, argue the creators of this page that shows how to perform various operations using jQuery and without.
Adam Schwartz and Zack Bloom
Building Rich Web UIs with Knockout A tight 20 minute introductory tour of Knockout, a popular JavaScript UI library built around declarative bindings and the Model-View ViewModel (MVVM) pattern. Creator Steve Sanderson covers the problems Knockout solves and live codes a shopping cart system.
O'Reilly Media
Nordic.js: A Forthcoming 2 Day JavaScript Conference in Stockholm (Sep 18-19)
From our Sponsor
A Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Ember.js App A nice tutorial and introduction to Ember.js.
Balint Erdi
Embedding Angular in The Physical World This tutorial shows how to build a remotely controlled temperature monitor via relatively cheap open source hardware (an Arduino and a few more pieces for a total of $85.50) and AngularJS.
ng-newsletter A Website to Document and Promote Promises
Facebook’s React Framework in Pure JavaScript Explains how use React in “pure” JavaScript (without relying on the JSX language extensions).
My First Gulp Adventure A tutorial for the Gulp build tool by Nicolas Bevacqua.
Nicolas Bevacqua
Tips for Enabling SEO for AngularJS Apps
Jose Raya
BDD in JavaScript with CucumberJS CucumberJS is a JavaScript port of the Ruby BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) tool 'Cucumber'. It allows you to define Feature Specs (tests) in a Domain-Specific-Language called Gherkin (a subset of English).
Flippin' Awesome
Creating Apps with Angular and Node using Yeoman
Tyler Henkel
7 Things You Need To Know About Web Workers
Making JS More Learnable In this 30 minute talk, Pamela Fox discusses what makes JavaScript difficult to learn and how to help beginners with this task.
Pamela Fox
IRHydra 2.0 Demo Mr. Aleph (Vyacheslav Egorov) demonstrates the new version of his tool IRHydra which helps with exploring how V8 executes JavaScript. A blog post provides additional information.
Mr. Aleph
Leveling up in AngularJS This 40 minute talk by Alicia Liu covers: patterns and strategies for developing more complex apps using AngularJS; avoiding pitfalls; and how to write your own directives and components the “Angular Way”.
Alicia Liu
Mentor - Front End Web Development Love sharing your knowledge? Smile when you see others grasp a complicated topic? Thinkful students learn front end development with the help of a mentor. Join Thinkful and be someone's hero today.
Software Engineer at Turn (Silicon Valley) Angular, Node, Bootstrap. Big data, machine learning, distributed systems. If these are technologies you're interested in and you're good with JavaScript, we'd love to talk to you about joining our front-end applications team at Turn.
Front End Developer at Econsultancy (London) We're looking for a Front End Developer to join our 8 man dev team in central London. You'll be working with AngularJS, HTML5, responsive designs, Rails and other exciting technologies. Passion required, ideally perm, but will consider contractors too.
Code, Libraries and Tools
NodeJX: A Variant of Node with a Multithreaded Core Supports multithreading and includes a messaging API for client platforms including Android, iOS, .NET, and browsers. Multiple isolated Node instances can run on a single process. A beta is now available for OS X, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Windows.
CoffeeScript 1.7.0 Released This release contains many new features: improved error messages, source maps and stack traces; parentheses-free chaining; proper multiline strings; expansion in array destructuring; new mathematical operators; and more. Consult “CoffeeScript upcoming changes” by Aseem Kishore for additional information.
angular-wizard: A Wizard Library for AngularJS Helps with creating wizards that guide users through multiple steps.
Martin Gontovnikas
JellyReader: A Self-Hosted, Angular-Powered RSS Reader
Ray Wang
Testardo: Browser-Agnostic JavaScript Web Driver
Andrea Giammarchi
promoSlide: jQuery Plugin for Promotional Content That Appears with User Scrolling
Andy Atkinson
hackathon-starter: Boilerplate App for Node.js-Based Web Applications An app skeleton to get you started quickly, building on MongoDB, Express and Bootstrap. Includes authentication, account management, and API integration examples out of the box.
Sahat Yalkabov
ScrollReveal.js: Declarative On-Scroll Reveal Animations Enables you to configure how elements fade in when they enter the viewport. No dependencies on other libraries, but depends on CSS3 transitions (which are only available in modern browsers).
beautify-with-words: Unminifying JavaScript with Unique Words As Identifiers Artificial words such as “quinis” and “tenmiey” are easier for humans to handle than minified identifiers such as “h” and “a”.
WebODF: Open Document Format (ODF) Viewing and Editing WebODF is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to add Open Document Format (ODF) support to your website and to your mobile or desktop application.
The ECMAScript Conformance Test Suite test262 Available On GitHub The test suite test262 ensures the compatibility of various JavaScript engines. It is now available on GitHub, making it much simpler to contribute. And contribute people did: There are already over 20 pull requests.
Ecma TC39
Custom Elements: Web Components Gallery A directory for widgets based on the upcoming Web Components standard.
Last but not least..
Can you spot the 4 most common .NET memory problems? Red Gate’s Beth Aitman looks at 4 common types of .NET memory problem and how to fix them. She covers the symptoms, how to investigate each problem, and possible solutions. Read this new article.
Red Gate Software  Sponsored
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