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JavaScript Weekly Issue 168
February 14, 2014
Editor-of-the-dance: Peter Cooper Editor-bunking-off: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
The JS1k 2014 Contest is Underway The long running JavaScript code golfing competition is back with three new variants: classic, ++ (you get 2K instead of 1K) and webgl. Submissions close March 31. Rules here. There’s also some interesting behind the scenes info about this year’s contest.
localForage: Offline Storage in the Browser, Improved A library that uses the very simple localStorage API but provides an asynchronous API with callbacks, support for ES6 Promises, arbitrary type support, and more.
Mozilla Hacks
Call For Proposals Open for CSS Dev Conf 2014 (Oct 13-15, New Orleans)
This Week's Issue of Node Weekly Don't forget that most of our Node specific items are now broken out into Node Weekly. If you want to quickly subscribe to it, do so here in 1 click.
Cooper Press
From our Sponsor
ES6 One Liners to Show Off 10 simple one liners showing off various techniques, such as array creation, swapping variables, and list comprehensions.
Hemanth HM
Compiling JavaScript in The Background for A Smoother User Experience in Chrome
Chromium Blog
How To Build A CLI Tool With Node.js And PhantomJS A walk through the concepts and techniques required to build a command line tool using Node.js and PhantomJS.
Smashing Magazine
You Don't Know JS: JavaScript Books to Read on GitHub A series of books (readable on GitHub) that dive deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language. Scope & Closures is the most complete so far.
Kyle Simpson
Playing with Iterators and Generators in ECMAScript 6
Callum Macrae
Angle Brackets, Rifle Scopes A two part article taking an in-depth look at scopes and directives in Angular, as well as the life-cycle of an Angular application.
Nicolas Bevacqua
Multiple Simultaneous Ajax Requests (with One Callback) in jQuery
Chris Coyier
Promises in Wicked Detail An in-depth tour of promises and the concepts behind them for those with some existing familiarity.
Matt Greer
What Are Integers in JavaScript?
Axel Rauschmayer
Replacing Callbacks with ES6 Generators A concise, step by step explanation of ES6 generators and showing how they can replace nested callbacks by Matt Baker.
Flippin' Awesome
Getting Started with D3.js: Drawing A Graph
Patrick Mulder
Tagtree: Screencasts for The Full Stack JavaScript Developer 4 so far covering Express.js middleware, Canvas with Paper.js, using D3 with Rickshaw, and Angular with Yeoman. Free, good quality, etc.
An Introduction to TypeScript A 41 minute tour of the strict JavaScript superset by Luke Hoban. TypeScript adds optional static typing, modules, and classes on top of the JavaScript you already know and love.
O'Reilly Media
Full Stack Engineer at HiringSolved (Chandler, AZ) Please come join our team so I can stop writing these stupid job descriptions and get back to building awesome distributed systems.
Full-stack Software Engineer at (SF) Help us build realtime collaborative software to change the way people hire. We use OSS web frameworks (, to make modern enterprise software. We need help building more features for customers like Box, Quora, Lyft, Firebase & Chartio.
Front End Engineer at Gilt (New York) Gilt has been breaking new ground for over five years, creating new markets for fashion and luxury goods. As a Gilt engineer, you’ll become part of a team that is obsessed with every tiny detail of the user experience, and you'll want to be too.
Code, Libraries and Tools
Multithread.js: In-Browser Multithreading Made Easy A simple wrapper to take the headache out of using Web Workers.
Keith Horwood
jQuery Notebook: An Ultra Simple WYSIWYG Editor Inspired by Medium.
Raphael Cruzeiro
ESLint 0.4.0 Released The pluggable linting utility, originally built by Nicholas C Zakas.
Croppic: An Image Cropping jQuery Plugin
Ognjen Božičković
InstantClick: A JavaScript Library to Make Your Website 'Instant' Preloads pages as soon as someone hovers over a link. This cuts out about 200ms of lag in general.
Alex Dieulot
katon: Automatically Start Your Node Based Projects and Serve Them Locally On .dev Domains A bit like Ruby’s Pow tool.
Scala.js: A Scala to JavaScript Compiler
Last but not least..
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New Relic  Sponsored
A Sudoku Solver using JavaScript/ES6 Generators and Backtracking
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