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JavaScript Weekly Issue 169
February 21, 2014
Editor-in-temporarium: Peter Cooper Editor-editing-his-book: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
ES6 Fiddle: An Online Sandbox for ECMAScript 6 Think along the same lines as JSFiddle, but for playing with ECMAScript 6 (the language behind the near future of JavaScript).
QuakeJS: A Port of a Modern Quake 3 Client to JavaScript ioquake3 is an open source FPS engine compatible with Quake 3 and it has now been ported to JavaScript. You can play it in the browser right now. As long as we don't bring the site to its knees, the performance is amazing. There’s also a fascinating article about some of the internal process of compiling Quake 3 scripting code to a JavaScript backend.
Anthony Pesch
Ember.JS – What It Is and Why We Need to Care About It
Mozilla Hacks
From our Sponsor
Frontend Masters: New Web Animation Course by Rachel Nabors
Award winning cartoonist Rachel Nabors teaches you the fundamentals of animating and storytelling on the web with many hands-on HTML5 and CSS3 examples.

Watch Rachel explain CSS cut-out animations in this free lesson.
Frontend Masters
Working with ES5 JavaScript Array Functions in Modern and Legacy Browsers A list of all the ES5 Array functions, a brief description on how to use each, and their corresponding polyfills for non-compliant browsers.
The Little JavaScripter, Revisited (Y Combinator implementation in ES6)
Rick Waldron
Best Practice Recommendations for Angular App Structure
What Every JavaScript Developer Should Know About Floating Points JavaScript numbers are floating points and this has important implications for arithmetical calculation, as Xuanyi Chew explains.
Flippin' Awesome
AngularJS Scopes: An Introduction
The Carbon Emitter
Introduction to the 'Component' JavaScript Package Manager Component is a JavaScript package manager built on Node. Toby Ho walks you through how to get started using it.
Flippin' Awesome
An AngularJS Style Guide for Closure Users at Google
Detecting CSS Animation Completion with JavaScript
David Walsh
Localization with RequireJS and AngularJS
The Cloud Spinners Team
Roll Your Own HTML5 Web Components with Vanilla JS
Chris Nelson
How To (Semi-)Automate JavaScript Refactoring Giles Bowkett looks at a variety of ways to refactor and process JavaScript code.
Giles Bowkett
The Challenges of Large Single Page JavaScript Applications with Bart Wood A 45 minute group chat.
JavaScript Jabber
Lead Front End Software Engineer - SpaceX (Hawthorne, CA) We seek to accelerate the course of human history by developing the technologies necessary to become a multi-planetary civilization. Your expertise shaping user-centric products is needed to revolutionize access to space.
Software Developer at View The Space (New York, NY) View The Space is a fast growing online leasing platform for commercial real-estate brokers and we need your help. If you love learning new technologies and have experience with Rails, JavaScript, Angular.js, iOS, TDD or all of the above, you’d be a great fit.
View The Space
Sr. Front-End Engineer at The New York Times The New York Times is looking for an experienced software engineer with good UI sensibilities to create and maintain cutting-edge tools that allow the newsroom to publish
The New York Times
Code, Libraries and Tools
React v0.9 Released: A Library for Building User Interfaces
Cytoscape.js: A Graph Library for Analysis and Visualisation Very flexible and tons of documentation to get started with.
Cytoscape Consortium
JointJS: An HTML 5 JavaScript Diagramming Library A JavaScript library for visualization and interaction with diagrams and graphs. It can be used to create either static diagrams or fully interactive diagramming tools and application builders.
client IO
jRMenuMore: jQuery Plugin for Responsive Menu or Nav Bar with More Option
Srinivas Dasari
Augment: The 'Smallest and Fastest' Classical JavaScript Inheritance Pattern A seven line function which allows you to write CoffeeScript style classes with a flair of simplicity.
Learn JS
Panorama Viewer: jQuery Plugin for Embedding Interactive Panorama Images
Pete R.
WebAudiox.js: A DRY Library for Web Audio API
Broccoli: First Beta Release of a New Build Tool A new tool nipping at the heels of Grunt and Gulp that promises even faster builds with its asset pipeline.
Jo Liss
Last but not least..
The Honeybadger Guide to Usability Testing - Free E-Book Learn why people aren’t using your app, how they’re misusing it, and how to fix it. Get this free guide from the folks at Exception, Uptime and Performance Monitoring for Javascript and Ruby.
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