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JavaScript Weekly Issue 17
March 11, 2011
Issue 17 of JavaScript Weekly is here. As always, thanks for reading :-) (Sorry for the little delay in sending today.)
I've been aware that some of the links in JavaScript Weekly recently have been more browser and HTML5 related, rather than specifically about JavaScript. I also have tons of great leads on HTML5 related topics.. so I'll have an interesting announcement for those of you interested in those areas next week ;-)
WebGL 1.0 Specification Finalized The non-profit Khronos Group has released the final WebGL 1.0 specification for 3D graphics in HTML5 Web browsers (essentially a 3D 'Canvas'). This should help significantly with cross-browser support. A new spec "WebCL" is now in the works to let JavaScript use OpenCL to run operations on GPUs.
The Cloud9 'Development As A Service' Online JavaScript IDE Launches Robert Scoble talks with Rik Arends and Ruben Daniels of Cloud9 who've just released their cloud-based JavaScript development environment. He calls it the 'biggest innovation in IDEs since Visual Basic.' :-)
Coming Soon: JavaScript Enlightenment by Cody Lindley JavaScript Enlightenment is a forthcoming book by Cody Lindley that aims to 'turn a JavaScript library user into a JavaScript developer.' You can sign up to be notified of its release now.
PhonoSDK 0.2 Released: A Better Phone in the Browser Phono is a popular jQuery plugin that can turn any Web browser into a 'phone'. The 0.2 release of the SDK removes the headset requirement, adds echo suppression, and extends support to all modern versions of IE, Chrome and Safari.
How to Create Bookmarklets - The Right Way Bookmarklets can be defined as mini-applications masquerading as tiny snippets of JavaScript hidden in bookmarks in the browser. Siddhath demonstrates how to create a bookmarklet from scratch and shows off some best practices to follow along the way.
The Best Introduction to Monads I've Ever Read (Translated to JavaScript) James Coglan has translated the 'best introduction to monads' he's ever read from its native Haskell to JavaScript. It's a great introduction and the JavaScript approach makes it even more readable code-wise (for me, at least!)
How I Pick Speakers for JSConf Chris Williams, the organizer of JSConf, explains the motivations and numbers behind JSConf and how he picks the speakers. This is handy stuff if you want to be in with a chance in future.
CoffeeScript: The beautiful way to write JavaScript Amir Salihefendic presents a great introduction to CoffeeScript and a summary of the techniques and patterns it makes available to you.
Exploring The Modern JavaScript Backend Stack Amir is back with a straight-forward overview of some 'backend' JavaScript technologies, including Google's V8, Node.js, CoffeeScript, npm, and Docco.
Unified Codebases with Dojo, Node, and RequireJS Colin Snover explains how to use RequireJS, Dojo and Node.js to build a seamless, shared client- and server-side codebase. Thanks to Rebecca Murphey for the tip.
Track jQuery AJAX Requests in Google Analytics There is an easy way to automatically track all jQuery AJAX requests in an application. Steve Schwartz demonstrates how to use it to log requests to Google Analytics.
Visualizing WebKit's Hardware Acceleration Want to know which parts of your web page are hardware accelerated on Safari or Mobile Safari? It's easy to find out. Thomas Fuchs shows off a handy trick.
JavaScript Garden - Beautiful JavaScript Quirks (Again) It was in JavaScript Weekly 3 weeks ago but seeing as the Internet has just gone crazy over it again.. I thought it worth repeating! JavaScript Garden is a growing collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language.
Code and Libraries
Scrumblr: A Real-Time Collaboration Board scrumblr is a Web-based simulation of a physical 'Agile' sprint board that supports real-time collaboration. It's built on node.js, Websockets, CSS3 and jQuery.
Data.js: Data Manipulation and Graph Persistence Data.js is a data manipulation and persistence framework for Javascript. It took some inspiration from existing libraries such as the Google Visualization API and Underscore.js. Data.js can be used in the browser and other CommonJS environments.
Noisy: Background Noise For Your Elements Noisy is a jQuery plugin that adds random visual noise to a given element. The author claims it's more efficient to generate noise rather than include it in background images due to the difficult of compression.
Last but not least..
A Spreadsheet Comparison of 21 JavaScript Loaders Eric Daspet has been busy putting together a spreadsheet comparing the features of 21 different JavaScript loader libraries including LABjs, RequireJS, $script.js, and BravoJS. You can contact him to include yours or to fill in some blanks.
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