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JavaScript Weekly Issue 170
February 28, 2014
Editor-standing-in: Peter Cooper Editor-taking-a-break: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Rewriting A WebApp With ECMAScript 6 A team of experienced JavaScript developers share what was involved in rewriting the well known TodoMVC application (implemented with Backbone.js) using ECMAScript 6 language semantics.
How to Build a Remote Desktop (VNC) Client with AngularJS and Yeoman A walkthrough of building a VNC client using JavaScript, plus a small Node-based proxy.
Minko Gechev
Why Nodejitsu Are Registering the 'npm' Trademark
From our Sponsor
JavaScript String: substring, substr, slice Which function should you use when?
Ariya Hidayat
An AngularJS Overview For Managers
Prototypal Inheritance With Stamps Stamps are a special type of factory function that allows inheritance via factory composition.
Using Grunt? Consider Fez Fez is a build tool along the lines of Make. Isaac Wagner explains how it works and how it compares to Grunt.
Flippin' Awesome
React.js with Backbone Router and Local Storage (with require.js)
Pro JavaScript
Debugging JavaScript in a Hostile Environment The hostile environment in this case was a Visual Basic app using the WebBrowser Control to host HTML/JavaScript.
E.J. Dyksen
The Future of jQuery
Dave Arel
Promise Anti-Patterns A look at 6 gotchas or mistakes when using Promises.
Tao of Code
Managing Large Scale Projects with Grunt
Thanasis Polychronakis
AngularJS 2.0 Data Persistence Design Doc If you want to keep up with the particulars of development of Angular 2.0.
Google Docs
The Four Layers of JavaScript OOP Object-oriented programming (OOP) in JavaScript can be complex. To make it easier to understand, in this webcast Axel explains it via four layers: simple objects, prototype chains, constructors, and inheritance between constructors. Slides are also available.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Senior Software Engineer at Remind101 (San Francisco, CA) With a $15MM series B, we're improving education and adding 40,000 users per day. We need you.
Software Engineer at SpanishDict (Arlington, VA) Our team runs SpanishDict, the world's most popular Spanish reference site with 75 million unique learners last year. We just launched Fluencia, the easiest way to learn Spanish online. Change the future of online education in a true startup environment.
'Two weeks after applying I was employed and living in San Francisco' Underpaid or undervalued? JavaScript Devs are in high demand. 692 tech companies in LA, SF, NYC, and Boston compete to hire you. See salary, equity, and signing bonus before you interview. $1+ Billion in offers made. Apply for free today.
Code, Libraries and Tools
Announcing TypeScript 1.0RC A feature-complete TypeScript 1.0 language (a strict superset of JavaScript) with a spec-conformant compiler and a production-level language service capable of working with codebases with hundreds of thousands of lines of code.
DynJS: An ECMAScript Runtime for the JVM
Nodyn: Node.JS for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) A node.js compatible framework, running on the JVM powered by the DynJS Javascript runtime running under vert.x - the polyglot application platform and event bus. Get more like this in the latest issue of Node Weekly.
JavaScript Code Presented As ASCII Art
ReactJS Productivity Package for Sublime Text Snippets and syntax highlighting for React.js / JSX.
Jonas Gebhardt
nanobar.js: Very Lightweight Progress Bars (~725bytes gzipped)
Jacobo Tabernero
is.js: Compare Values, Test Types of Values, and Create Comparator Functions
Trevor Landau
Maple.js: MVVM Micro Library to Create Large Scale and Real Time Web Applications Quickly
Last but not least..
Why is your .NET application running slow? Boost the performance of your .NET application with ANTS Performance Profiler. Get rich performance data on your code and database queries to find your application’s bottleneck fast. Try ANTS Performance Profiler free.
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