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JavaScript Weekly Issue 171
March 7, 2014
Editor: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Managing editor: Peter Cooper
Two Overviews of ECMAScript 6 Features Two articles provide an overview of the features of the next version of JavaScript. One is by Luke Hoban, another one is by Casper Beyer.
Custom Elements for Custom Applications – Web Components with Mozilla’s Brick and X-Tag X-Tag is Mozilla’s polyfill for the Web Component APIs. Brick is a set of responsive UI widgets implemented as Web Components. As an aside, X-Tag and Polymer (Google’s polyfill) are interoperable.
Mozilla Hacks
Grunt And Gulp Tasks For Performance Optimization The First JS Conference in Belgium - March 20
From our Sponsor
Untangle Your JavaScript with Browserify Brandon Konkle introduces Browserify, a module system for browsers that is based on the npm package manager.
Brandon Konkle
Inkling Habitat: How A 100,000 Line JavaScript Application Focused On Digital Publishing Is Built This is an atypical project: they are only targeting the latest version of Chrome and use vanilla JavaScript as much as possible (querySelector, Flexbox, etc.).
Coding in Paradise
An Open Letter to The Node Community (from Nodejitsu) “After listening to the deep concern that has been voiced over our application to register the npm trademark we have decided to withdraw the application from the USPTO.”
PayPal and Netflix Cozy Up to Node.js Node.js advocates at a recent event at PayPal’s Silicon Valley offices told how they are moving over to Node.js, the server-side version of JavaScript, at Java’s expense.
5 Best Mobile Web App Frameworks A five part series taking a high level, comparitive look at several different mobile web app frameworks, including Sencha Touch, ReactJS, AngularJS, Kendo UI, and Backbone.
Modus Create
Headless JavaScript testing with Jasmine 2.0
Lorenzo Planas
A Detailed Introduction To Custom Elements Custom Elements are a core part of Web Components. They enable you to create new tags for HTML.
Smashing Magazine
JavaScript Promises – A Comparison of Libraries
Flexbox Bar Navigation Demo Chris Coyier shows how to create a simple bar navigation with icons via CSS Flexbox Layout.
Cleaning Up DOM Selectors in Jasmine Specs Lorenzo Planas avoids DOM selectors in tests by accessing DOM elements via functions.
Lorenzo Planas
Mastering DOM Access Krasimir Tsonev describes how to build a simple jQuery-style API for accessing the DOM.
Graduate Traineeship - Front End Developer (incl. Relocation) You have theoretical knowledge about the main front-web technologies (JavaScript,HTML,CSS), you even have first experiences in building a website and you can’t wait to start using your knowledge on a big website like Come work with us in Amsterdam.
Front-End Product Engineer at Tumblr An engineer/perfectionist with a fast keyboard, ready to take on entire features. What You'll Do: Build the next cool thing on Tumblr; Improve the existing things on Tumblr; Collaborate seamlessly with super talented designers and backend engineers.
Code, Libraries and Tools
Scribe: Rich Text Editor Framework for The Web Platform This editor is used by The Guardian for their internal CMS. It has no dependencies on other libraries.
ScrollMagic: The jQuery Plugin for Magical Scroll Interactions
Jan Paepke
ESLint 0.4.2 Released
multiline: Multiline Strings in JavaScript Via Comments Clever technique/hack by Sindre Sorhus: put multiline text content into your JavaScript code via multiline comments, wrapped in functions.
Sindre Sorhus
es6-macros: A Collection of Sweet.js Macros That Implement ES6 Features for ES5
James Long
Fuse.js: Lightweight Fuzzy Text Search
Kiro Risk
ripple: Minimal Reactive Data-Binding
FSO.js: Client-Side File Storage in JavaScript A library built on top of the FileSystem API, currently only supports Chrome.
Vice.js: Emscripten-Ported Commodore 64 Emulator for JavaScript
Richard Janicek
Last but not least..
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New Relic  Sponsored
Web Rebels Conference (Oslo, 22–23 May 2014) Speaker names announced so far: Angus Croll, Arne Martin Aurlien, James “substack” Halliday, Jed Schmidt, Jessica Lord, Marijn Haverbeke, Max Ogden, Mikola Lysenko, Nuno Job, and Parisa Tabriz.
Web Rebels
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