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JavaScript Weekly Issue 174
March 28, 2014
Editor-standing-in: Peter Cooper Editor-taking-a-break: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Meteor 0.8.0 Released: Introduces a New Next-Gen Live Templating Engine Meteor is a popular JavaScript-based full stack framework and with 0.8.0 introduces Blaze, a new ‘live’ templating engine which turns HTML templates into automatically live-updating DOM elements and even works with SVG.
Don't Make JavaScript Equality Look Worse Than It Is A JavaScript equality table was doing the rounds earlier this week, but Craig Gidney says its layout was unfair and has come up with a better version.
Craig Gidney
Bringing SIMD to JavaScript Through Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions, CPUs can exploit fine-grained parallelism by simultaneously processing the same operation on multiple data items. And Intel is bringing SIMD to JavaScript..
Intel Open Source Technology Center
From our Sponsor
13 Steps to AngularJS Modularization Christopher Hiller looks at why modularizing your components is a good idea and presents a 13 step plan to doing it on your existing codebase.
Safari Books Online
Announcing 'Understanding ECMAScript 6'
Nicholas C Zakas
Ember Conf Picks Up Where The Rails Community Left Off A bit of a ‘feel good’ piece but it’s great to see the Ember community coming together and organizing around this week’s successful EmberConf event.
Brian Cardarella
The npm Debacle Was Partly Your Fault (and What You Can Do About It) When the npm repository's certificate situation changed recently, many developers complained it was breaking their deployments. But you shouldn’t necessarily be relying on npm to that level. This article looks at what you can do to keep things running in future.
Let's Code JavaScript
Solving Riddles with Prolog and ES6 Generators Explains how to create and use a simple interpreter for the logic programming language Prolog, in fewer than 160 lines of JavaScript.
String Templating Considered Harmful Rich Harris says that generating HTML from string templates, as many popular templating frameworks do, is an inefficient process.
Flippin' Awesome
Using Media Queries in JavaScript
Flippin' Awesome
Migrating Backbone Views to React
Leo Garcia Crespo
The Unofficial, Official Ember Testing Guide A rather extensive slide deck.
Speaker Deck
Front-end Web Developer at Wedding Party (Palo Alto, CA) We're looking for a passionate front end developer to join our team. We're backed by incredible investors and you'll get to work with really smart folks on a product that is changing the wedding industry and impacting millions of couples and their guests.
Wedding Party
Senior Javascript Engineer at State (London, UK) We've just launched a completely new kind of communications platform, a global opinion network. A place where people connect based on what they think, not who they know. We're looking for a JavaScript expert to build core web components on our platform.
Senior JavaScript / UI Engineer at Lonely Planet (Nashville, TN)
Lonely Planet
Code, Libraries and Tools
EpicEditor: An Embeddable JavaScript Markdown Editor With split fullscreen editing, live previewing, automatic draft saving, offline support, and more.
Oscar Godson and John Donahue
Exploring Eclipse Orion 5: An Open Source Webdev IDE Orion is a project under the Eclipse umbrella that’s a browser-based open tool integration platform entirely focused on Web development.
Ariya Hidayat
reD3: Reusable Charts and Components for D3.js
Gaurav Sharma
JSCritic: Quickly Check How Well 3rd Party Scripts Behave An online tool that checks code to see if it extends native objects, sniffs for the browser, uses eval, and a variety of other things.
MicIO.js: Sending Data From A Microcontroller to Any Smartphone/Computer An approach that uses HTML5’s Web Audio API to create a ‘hardware bus’ similar to Square’s credit card readers. This post looks at the technology and protocol.
Colin Bookman
Tiny.js: A Subset of JavaScript Implemented in JavaScript
Marc André Cournoyer
Duktape: An Embeddable JavaScript Engine Focused on portability and compact footprint and easy to integrate with C/C++ projects.
Sami Vaarala
Last but not least..
Get real-time data from your real end-users Learn how New Relic Browser provides valuable insights into the actual experience your real-users are having on your site. Get deep visibility into the front-end code of your web apps including browser page load times and performance breakdowns by browser and geography.
New Relic  Sponsored
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