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JavaScript Weekly Issue 176
April 11, 2014
Editor: Peter Cooper
After a solid run of 16 months, Dr. Axel Rauschmayer has stood down as editor of JavaScript Weekly to focus on the launch of his new JavaScript workshop and training business, Ecmanauten. A huge thanks goes out to Axel for his great work and if you want to keep in touch with him, check out his blog.
- Peter C
ExpressJS 4.0 Released: The Minimal Node Webapp Framework It’s just a link to the documentation for now, but you might also find Migrating to ExpressJS 4.0 or the older ExpressJS 4.0: New Features and Upgrading from 3.0 useful.
Understanding Scope in JavaScript (video) In his recent jQuery Conf talk, David Aragon covered why scope is critical to applications running in a browser environment, what all this and _that is about, as well as how to avoid some pitfalls even JavaScript experts make.
Quick Left
jQuery UK 2014 – May 16, 2014 – Tickets Still Available
jQuery UK
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Nashorn: The New Rhino on the Block The most recent Java 8 release came with lots of new features, one of them being the new high-performance JavaScript engine, Nashorn. It’s not quite as performant as V8 yet but does give you access to the JVM.
Ariya Hidayat
Implementing Private and Protected Members in JavaScript A look at approaching elegant solutions to a perennial problem.
Philip Walton
A JavaScript Primer For Meteor A look at the absolute minimum amount of JavaScript you need to know to work with Meteor, the full-stack webapp platform.
Sacha Grief
Frizz-Free JavaScript With ConditionerJS ConditionerJS is a library for loading and unloading behavior based on environment conditions.
Smashing Magazine
ES6: Jump In, The Water Is Warm A look at some of the practicalities of working with ECMAScript 6 right now with a focus on tools.
R. Mark Volkmann
ES7+ Proposals ECMAScript 6 isn’t yet complete but work has already begun on ideas to go into ECMAScript 7 and beyond (a.k.a. ES7). Read proposals for things like string padding functions and structured cloning here.
The Insider's Guide to JavaScript Interviewing
How To Build A WinJS App In 10 Easy Steps Build an app with Microsoft’s open-source JavaScript libraries in this simple tutorial.
Read Write
Track JavaScript Errors with Google Analytics
David Walsh
The Basics of Express.js Routes Get started with the Express web framework by learning the basics of routes from Dhananjay Kumar.
Flippin' Awesome
Get Your Hands Dirty Refactoring in AngularJS
Safari Books Online
Building The 2048 Game in AngularJS
AngularJS and i18n At 2014 Pascal Precht demonstrated how to go beyond the basic AngularJS localization support with the angular-translate module, by making use of the provided Two-Way Data-Binding mechanism.
Front-End Engineer at FanDuel (Edinburgh, UK) FanDuel are the market leader in North America for daily fantasy sports. We're looking for a JavaScript expert to join our Edinburgh-based team and help us create a dynamic and engaging real-time fantasy gaming experience for our enthusiastic users
Frontend Engineer (San Francisco) The AltSchool team is looking for a frontend engineer to help drive our web development efforts. You’ll be working with a world-class team of engineers, entrepreneurs, and educators to build the future of K-8 education in a high-energy, fast-paced work environment.
Senior Software Engineer at Handybook (New York, NY)
Code, Libraries and Tools
Unheap: A Tidy Repository of (945, so far) jQuery Plugins
The jQuery Gantt Editor: Updated to Use SVG and Show Critical Paths A Gantt chart is a type of horizontal bar chart that shows a project schedule. The code is on GitHub.
Roberto Bicchierai and Silvia Chelazzi
AngularStrap: AngularJS 1.2+ Native Directives for Twitter Bootstrap 3
Olivier Louvignes
YUI 3.16.0 Released
YUI Blog
Game Graphics with CutJS A new JavaScript graphics library aimed at 2D graphics for cross-browser and cross-platform development.
The Maximum Call Stack Size A function to find out what the maximum call stack size of your JavaScript engine is.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Cleverstack: A Modular Way to Create Your Angular & Node Web Apps CleverStack provides a fully featured AngularJS development workflow aimed at rapid prototyping.
Last but not least..
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