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JavaScript Weekly Issue 178
April 25, 2014
Editor: Peter Cooper
Andreas Gal Becomes Mozilla's New CTO Mozilla gets another JavaScript guru at the helm. One of Andreas’ most notable projects was his just-in-time JavaScript compiler, TraceMonkey, which played a key role in advancing the state of the art in JavaScript performance.
Andreas Gal
Creating Defensive Objects with ES6 Proxies Nicholas looks at how ES6 makes it easy to enforce contracts and prevent yourself referring to properties that don’t exist.
Nicholas C Zakas
Traces of Errors: Getting Better JavaScript Stacktraces (video)
MountainWest JavaScript 2014
From our Sponsor
Hardcore Functional Programming in JavaScript: Live Workshop Online/In-Person May 9th
Typical front-end code is unclear, hard to test, and brittle. Learn to apply techniques from the forefront of computer science research to solve practical problems in JavaScript.

Attend in-person or online with HD video plus chat. Join in on May 9th.
Frontend Masters
Easier Angular Directives with SweetJS Vittorio Zaccaria explains Sweet Angle, a new project that aims to provide a simpler and more intuitive way to write Angular directives.
Flippin' Awesome
You Have Ruined JavaScript A controversial piece about the complexity of modern JavaScript frameworks that has been popular on the social networks this week. (Note: Inclusion of this item does not mean we agree with it.)
Rob Ashton
Functional JavaScript: .apply(), .call(), and the 'arguments' Object
Leland Richardson
Patterns for Asynchronous Programming with Promises Looks at working with both parallel and sequential asynchronous operations. Uses Q for its promises implementation along with Underscore.
Joe Zim
JavaScript Unit Tests and Code Coverage Tracking using Venus.js
Ariya Hidayat
Handling Required Parameters in ECMAScript 6 ‘Abusing’ default parameter values in ES6 to throw an error when a mandatory parameter has not been provided.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
The MEAN (MongoDB/Express/Angular/Node) Stack – A Quick Start Guide Want to get started with the MEAN stack (i.e. MongoDB/Express/Angular/Node.js)? This quick start guide by Mathew Carrella will walk you through.
Flippin' Awesome
Getting Started With NodeJS: Installing And Writing Your First Code A set of high quality videos if you’ve not yet dipped your toe into the Node.js pool. Then, if you get hooked, come join us at Node Weekly as well ;-)
Build an Anime Robot in WebGL Using Three.js It’s not gratis but Giles has a good reputation for putting out interesting stuff. If you’ve not yet climbed the mountain that is WebGL and Three.js, this could be a good guide up.
Giles Bowkett
Snappy Means Happy: Performance in Ember Apps
EmberConf 2014
Build a Killer Node.js Client for Your REST+JSON API (video)
The Unofficial, Official Ember Testing Guide
EmberConf 2014
Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft (Redmond, WA) In Visual Studio Cloud Services we pride ourselves on building fast, scalable web applications to make developers productive. We are looking for javascript developers that thrive in fast paced agile environment, shipping to production multiple times a month.
JavaScript Developer is looking for the world’s best Front End Developers all around the globe! Join us at our beautiful headquarters in Amsterdam and work on planet Earth’s #1 accommodation website with some of our industry’s smartest people!
Code, Libraries and Tools
Gulp Fiction: Easy Visual Editing of Gulp Files Gulp.js is an increasingly popular streaming build system (and alternative to Grunt). This webapp presents a graphical user interface for automatic gulp.js creation.
esparse: An ECMAScript Parser Written in ES6
FormulaJS: JavaScript Implementation of Microsoft Excel's Formula Functions
Sutoiku, Inc.
relativeDate: Auto-updating, Relative Time Labels in Angular.js Available through bower as ‘angular-relative’.
Andy Cohen
ripple: A Minimal Foundation for Building Reactive Views with Plugins
Prism: Lightweight, Extensible Syntax Highlighter
Lea Verou
Last but not least..
A Heavyweight Node.js Playground in the Cloud Codio has everything you need to run Node.js and HTML5+CSS+JS applications 100% in the cloud and it’s completely free. You get a beautiful IDE and a dedicated Ubuntu server with Node and NVM preinstalled for each and every project.
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