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JavaScript Weekly Issue 180
May 9, 2014
Editor: Peter Cooper
Let’s Make a Bubble Map In this useful, easy to follow tutorial, you’ll create a ‘bubble map’ of population by US county. This brings Node, d3.js, data acquisition, and SVG skills together and is a great way to get into the art of creating data visualizations.
Mike Bostock
Prototypes, Scopes, and Performance: What You Need to Know A well written code-driven article with useful diagrams.
Quill: An Open Source Rich Text Editor with an API Has an extensible architecture, an expressive API, and looks good to boot. Works on Chrome, IE9+, Safari, and Firefox.
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JavaScript Framework Showdown: Live Workshop Online/In-Person June 13th
Brian Holt, front-end developer at Reddit, will help you make an informed decision on which JavaScript framework you choose for your upcoming projects. Discover the unique value propositions in AngularJS, React, Backbone and Ember.

Attend in-person or online with HD video plus chat. Join in on June 13th.
Frontend Masters
ECMAScript 6’s New Array Methods Includes from, of, entries, keys, values, find, findIndex, and fill.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Automate Recurring Tasks with Grunt: An Introduction Learn how to automate front-end Sass and JavaScript tasks with Grunt, and how to get your project using it in no time.
Catherine Farman
Roll Your Own Asset Pipeline with Gulp
Jeff Dickey
A Simple Introduction to Client Side Testing with QUnit
Jumping JavaScript: Hands-on with the framework is an open source JavaScript framework for building high-performance mobile Web and hybrid apps. Take a guided tour of this new framework here with a series of screenshots, demos and samples.
Building a Simple App Using Ionic, an Advanced Mobile App Framework Ionic is an open source front-end framework for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5 and AngularJS.
The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Node.js If you've spent more than 10 minutes with Node, this isn't for you, but otherwise it's a good, simple introduction.
Brandon Cannaday
Slush – A Better Web App Scaffolding Tool Joakim Bengtson explains why Slush, which is built upon Gulp, might be a better web application scaffolding tool and shows how to use it.
Flippin' Awesome
PyPy.js: Now Faster Than CPython? There are some provisos but the performance of PyPy.js, a version of the fast JITted Python interpreter compiled to JavaScript with Emscripten, beats the regular CPython interpreter under certain conditions. Interesting developments whatever the results.
Ryan Kelly
How To Build Amazing JavaScript Static Analysis Tools How to use ASTs to create intelligent JavaScript static analysis tools. Greg specifically delves into using Esprima, Estraverse, and Escodegen to create transpilers.
Greg Franko
Live Coding an Ember.js Application Just over an hour long but you get to see ‘over the shoulder’ of someone building an Ember app live.
Joachim Haagen Skeie
Senior Front End Web Developer (Mobile Team) at (Las Vegas, NV) You will work with Web technologies (JavaScript, CSS, HTML), Node.js, libraries (including but not limited to Lo-Dash and Backbone.js) and other related technologies to create performant, scalable mobile web experiences.
Front-End Software Engineer at Trove Want to help us build the future of news on the web, iOS and Android? Trove is looking for a talented software engineer with JavaScript chops. Experience with backbone.js and/or knowledge of modern web applications required. News junkies encouraged.
Client and Server JavaScript Engineers (Wellington, NZ) We're looking for client and Server engineers to help us build the next generation of design software. Use cutting edge technologies to work on some extraordinary challenges, and build a product that matters.
Code, Libraries and Tools
Synth: A Back-End Framework for Making (Angular|Ember|Backbone) Web Apps Easier to Create A web framework for synthesizing API-first web apps that also have web front-ends.
Jon Abrams
React Forms: Form Rendering and Validation for React
Prometheus Research
n3-charts: Versatile Line Charts for AngularJS Built on top of D3.js and AngularJS, n3-charts.line-chart directive creates beautiful charts in AngularJS applications.
Sébastien Fragnaud
Restive.JS: A jQuery Plugin to Make your Website Responsive or Adaptive Using a combination of device detection, advanced breakpoint management, and orientation management, Restive helps your site respond and adapt to almost any Web-enabled device.
Epoxy.js 1.0.0: Elegant Data-Binding for Backbone.js
Greg MacWilliam
At.js: A Github-like Autocomplete Library for WYSIWYG Editors
imgLiquid: A jQuery Plugin to Resize Images to Fit in A Container
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