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JavaScript Weekly Issue 181
May 16, 2014
Editor: Peter Cooper
Working With Intl: ECMAScript's New Internationalization API A handy, straightforward guide to the major features of the ECMAScript Internationalization API’s ‘Intl’ object. It makes internationalization less of a pain than before and is supported by most of the major browsers.
Raymond Camden
Jest: JavaScript Unit Testing and Auto Mocking on top of Jasmine Provides extra layers on top of the popular Jasmine testing library to automatically find tests, automatically mock dependencies, and more.
jsfmt: Like Go's gofmt, but for JavaScript A JavaScript code formatter that allows AST searching and rewriting through using Esprima under the hood.
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Programatically Generated Realistic Terrain in 130 Lines An easy to follow explanation of how it works. See the demo here.
Rethinking DOM Traversal Can DOM traversal be done better without jQuery using vanilla JavaScript? Have newer libraries improved it? Brian Rinaldi takes a look.
Flippin' Awesome
An Introduction to IndexedDB Tiffany Brown looks at how to use IndexedDB, an API for high performance client-side storage of structured data, supported by Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera.
ECMAScript 6: A Better JavaScript for the Ambient Computing Era An interesting slidedeck from JavaScript standardization guru and Mozilla Research Fellow Allen Wirfs-Brock.
Allen Wirfs-Brock
Emulating a BBC Micro in JavaScript The BBC Micro was a popular 6502-based computer in the UK in the 1980s, particularly in schools. Here, Matt Godbolt kicks off a series on building a BBC Micro emulator in JavaScript.
Matt Godbolt
Introducing the WebKit FTL JIT A look at the work done in the WebKit project on the FTL (Fourth Tier LLVM) JIT JavaScript compiler. Very technical and low-level but the long story short is WebKit and Safari’s JavaScript performance should be jumping up soon.
Surfin' Safari
When to Use React.js and When to Use Angular? This Reddit discussion is all over the place but you might want to take part.
Using the YUI App Framework to build a Hybrid App with Cordova Jackson Pauls walks through building a simple hybrid app using the YUI framework and Cordova, a framework for building cross-platform smartphone apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
YUI Blog
Extraordinary Functions: Learning to Write Well Structured JavaScript
Leon Lukashevsky
Building AngularJS Forms with JSON Schema
Chris Nelson
Interactive Maps with D3.js, Three.js, and Mapbox
Building A Language in 20 Minutes An engaging talk from FutureJS 2014 that walks through what’s involved in quickly building a working Lisp engine.
James Coglan
Introduction to Polymer: The Next Generation of Web Development
Matthew McNulty
Hardware Hacking for JS Developers by Jamison Dance
MountainWest JavaScript 2014
JavaScript/CoffeeScript Engineer at Scribd (San Francisco, CA) Scribd needs an experienced JavaScript/CoffeeScript Engineer. We're looking for someone who's more than just dabble in JS while doing front end development in HTML and CSS. You'll help us build our mobile website and our state-of-the-art JS-based eBook app.
Weebly is hiring Javascript Hackers and Ping Pong Masters Weebly seeks front-end experts who can help build features that will be utilized by tens of millions of users! Join a creative environment where you'll be able to work on a variety of projects & platforms with awesome peers. Email directly.
UI / UX Design Developer Come join Unify2 and be part of an exciting Product Development team. We offer a collaborative work environment where you have a direct impact on product offerings and the future of the company. Unify2 is a leader in cloud based enterprise solutions
Code, Libraries and Tools
Native Promise Only: A Polyfill for Native ES6 Promises Tries to be as close as possible to the strict spec definitions.
Kyle Simpson
VVVV.js: The Visual Programming Language VVVV in The Browser A toolkit for prototyping and developing rich data visualisations, user interfaces, games, etc. by visually connecting nodes and data flows.
Filtrex: A Simple, Safe, JavaScript Filter Expression Compiler for End-Users If you want end users to enter expressions into your app to get control over data or actions, this could be a handy tool.
Joe Walnes
JavaScript Libraries for Microsoft Office 365 You can now access the Office 365 REST-based APIs using libraries available for .NET and JavaScript. The post includes an example of authenticating and getting calendar events from JavaScript.
MS Office Blogs
Saltarelle: A C# to JavaScript Compiler (and Runtime Library)
Erik Källén
Flux: An Application Architecture for React A 44 minute talk.
VanillaMasker: A Pure JavaScript Input Masker
Last but not least..
A Heavyweight JavaScript Playground in the Cloud Codio has everything you need to run HTML5, CSS and JS applications 100% in the cloud and it’s completely free. You get a beautiful IDE and a dedicated Ubuntu server with each project for build tasks or server side development.
Codio  Sponsored
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