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JavaScript Weekly Issue 183
May 30, 2014
Editor: Peter Cooper
Introducing Socket.IO 1.0: A Leap Forward for the Real-Time Communications Library After what looked like a long quiet period for the popular project, the milestone 1.0 release is now out. Guillermo shows off how it’s been re-architected and the new features and changes. It’s an exciting leap forward.
Guillermo Rauch
Checking Whether A Value Is An Integer in JavaScript Integers lead an odd life in JavaScript. In the ECMAScript specification, they only exist conceptually. In this post, Axel explains how to check whether a value is an integer or not.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
One Year of Open-Source React React is a high speed JavaScript library for building user interfaces with one-way reactive data flows. This year marks the one year anniversary of its release by Facebook and they reflect on it here. In related news, you can see the slides for a talk given at JSConf this week called Why does React scale?
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JavaScript Framework Showdown: Live Workshop Online/In-Person June 13th
Brian Holt, front-end developer at Reddit, will help you make an informed choice of which JavaScript framework to use for your upcoming projects. Discover the unique value propositions in AngularJS, React, Backbone and Ember. Attend in-person or online with HD video plus chat. Join in on June 13th.
Frontend Masters
Love Generating SVG With JavaScript? Move It To The Server You can bypass some of SVG’s limitations by generating it server-side.
Smashing Magazine
Explain This JavaScript Name Clash A simple question and answer on Stack Overflow remind us of why it’s important to remember what effect JavaScript’s 'function hoisting' can have on our code.
Stack Overflow
HTML5 Forms: JavaScript and the Constraint Validation API Craig Buckler concludes a series of posts about HTML5 forms by looking at using JavaScript and the Constraint Validation API to improve the usability of forms across as many browsers as possible.
Google Now Executing JavaScript to Render Pages It Crawls Google shares some insights into what they’re doing at the crawler end to work with JavaScript. They’re also planning to release some tools through the Webmaster Tools system to help you analyze how they’re executing your JavaScript and any problems they’re encountering with it.
Microsoft Plans To Bring HTTP/2, Web Audio And JavaScript Promises To The Next Version Of IE
Find The Index of The Smallest Element in A JavaScript Array Three techniques, but which is fastest?
The Old New Thing
Compile, Pre, and Post Linking in AngularJS Directives have many mysterious features when you first come across them but experiments, such as that demonstrated in this post, can help you figure out what’s going on behind the scenes.
K. Scott Allen
Building Your First Grunt Plugin Mykyta Semenistyi walks you through creating your first Grunt (the build system) plugin so that you’ll be prepared to build plugins of your own.
Flippin' Awesome
What's an Object in JavaScript? An easy to follow 7 minute video from Head First JavaScript Programming Teasers. Perfect for beginners/people not closely familiar with JavaScript’s object model.
O'Reilly Media
The Secrets of React's Virtual DOM A talk from FutureJS by Pete Hunt of Facebook.
Understanding The Four Layers of JavaScript OOP
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Senior Software Engineer at Vaurum (Palo Alto, CA) We're an early-stage venture-backed startup building infrastructure and novel products with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Design Technologist, Amazon's Display Ads As a front-end lead you will work directly with UX Designers and developers to implement consistent and modular components in HTML/CSS, and use JavaScript to bring them to life with responsive, adaptive, data-driven interactivity.
JavaScript Senior Developer (Barcelona, Spain) is looking for a JavaScript Senior Developer to work on our Chrome Extension team in a well funded start-up in sunny Barcelona.
Code, Libraries and Tools
Recognizer: Experimental Implementation of Semantic Highlighting for JS Development Some interesting ideas demonstrated within the Adobe Brackets editor.
Jakub Jurových
Storage.js: Asynchronous Browser Storage with Multiple Back-Ends Supports IndexedDB, WebSQL, and localStorage.
Aleksey Kulikov
App.js: Mobile Webapps Made Easy App.js is a JavaScript UI library for creating mobile web apps for iOS and Android.
10 of the Best jQuery Mobile Device Plugins Sam Deering shares a variety of jQuery plugins that focus on aspects of building mobile sites.
ProtectJS: Private Methods in JavaScript using Prototype Chaining
Otto: A JavaScript Parser and Interpreter Written Natively in Go
Robert Krimen
LoopBack: A New Node.js Framework by StrongLoop Use a command line based wizard to create REST APIs based around models. Includes role-based access controls. Connect to a variety of backend data stores. If you want more like this, don't forget Node Weekly.
Numeral.js: A JavaScript Library for Formatting and Manipulating Numbers
Adam Draper
ngActivityIndicator: Preloaders for Angular.js Applications with Built-in Styles
Dmitri Voronianski
ngReactGrid: An AngularJS Grid using ReactJS to Render
Single Page Application Skeleton using Backbone, RequireJS and jQuery
Last but not least..
Breaking Development: Beyond The Desktop - Nashville, TN July 28-30 BD Conf is a single track conference that blends conceptual and practical with keynote talks that will give you info you can take to work the next day as well as new ideas that force you to think bigger and more long term about how you design and build for the web.
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