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JavaScript Weekly Issue 184
June 6, 2014
Editor: Peter Cooper
Create a TV Show Tracker using AngularJS, Node.js and MongoDB A superbly thorough and well-presented tutorial. It goes all the way from starting a new Express project through to deploying it on Heroku.
Sahat Yalkabov
A First-Person Engine in 265 Lines of JavaScript A look at the basics of creating a simple but effective raycaster (similar to the technology used in Wolfenstein 3D) in JavaScript. If the mechanics of how they work is new to you, you’ll learn a lot.
iOS 8 WebKit Changes Finally Allow All Apps to Have The Same JavaScript Performance As Safari
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My ECMAScript 7 Wishlist With ECMAScript 6 now feature complete, any further changes to the core of JavaScript will happen in ECMAScript 7. Nicholas Zakas shares a variety of things he hopes to see in ECMAScript’s (and therefore JavaScript’s) future.
Nicholas C Zakas
7 Steps to Better JavaScript Den Odell presents a seven step plan to better code including the tools to streamline the process. Both an article and a 9 minute screencast.
Creative Bloq
The Mystery Of The jQuery Object: A Basic Introduction
Smashing Magazine
Turning Coders into Makers at JSConf 2014 Ian Cole takes a high level look at some of the hardware mischief taking place at JSConf last week. It looks like everyone had a great time.
Summary of Maintainable JavaScript Talk by Nicholas C. Zakas A written summary of an old, but still relevant, conference talk by esteemed JavaScripter Nicholas C. Zakas.
Alex Kras
Using Basic and Tween Transitions in d3.js
Stefan Judis
Laser Intrusion Detection with Johnny-Five on Node.js Rick Waldron is up to his usually awesome experiments, this time hooking up a laser to JavaScript using Node and Arduino.
Building Robots and Rockets with JavaScript
Executing JavaScript In The LESS CSS Precompiler
Ben Nadel
craigslist is seeking javascript developers in San Francisco craigslist is seeking javascript developers to imagine, design, implement, test, and roll out new features in a small (50), tech-driven, laid-back workplace.
Senior Software Engineer at Vaurum (Palo Alto, CA) We're an early-stage venture-backed startup building infrastructure and novel financial products with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Code, Libraries and Tools
ng-inspector: The AngularJS Inspector Pane for Your Browser A browser extension for Chrome and Safari that adds an inspector pane to help you develop, debug and understand AngularJS applications.
Bruno Daniel
React Bootstrap: The Popular Front-End Framework, Rebuilt for React
Stephen J. Collings
Sprinkles: The 'ActiveSupport of Vanilla JS' ActiveSupport is a Ruby library that’s part of the popular Rails framework and it provides a myriad of helpers for views and front-end use. Sprinkles is a far smaller but similar effort for JavaScript covering areas like cookie management, XHR helpers, and date parsing.
Card: Make Your Card Form Input Better in One Line of Code Includes animations, a card ‘preview’, and is all pure CSS, HTML and JavaScript with no images used.
Jesse Pollak
flare.js: Unobtrusive Event Emitter API for Google Universal Analytics Event Tracking
Todd Motto
MotorCortex.js: A Way to Separate The Mechanics of On-Page Animations from Logic Code Provides a way to fully decouple animation and application code so that designers can work on animations independently without interfering with frontend developers.
Andreas Trantidis
Headroom.js: Hide Your Page Header Until You Need It
Nick Williams
Library Detector For Chrome: An Extension to Detect JS Libraries Used On Page
Andrew Bredow
randomColor: A Color Generator for JavaScript More impressive than it sounds. You can ask it to give you 18 varieties of red, 27 ‘light’ colors, etc.
David Merfield
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