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JavaScript Weekly Issue 185
June 13, 2014
Editor: Peter Cooper
ECMAScript 6 Schedule Changes Allen Wirfs-Brock, editor of the ECMAScript 6 specification, recently mentioned on Twitter that the schedule for ES6 has changed slightly. Formal publication of the ES6 standard is now due in June 2015.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
JSConf EU 2014 Call for Speakers Closes June 20th. Is in Berlin, Sep 13-14.
Easy 3D-Accelerated Games in A Browser with JavaScript and WebGL using Three.js or Babylon.js It’s always good to see Scott excited about something as he shares his insights so well, and 3D accelerated graphics in the browser is an increasingly important use case for JavaScript.
Scott Hanselman
Submit a Talk to Speak at 'Powered by JavaScript' at Strange Loop The popular Strange Loop developer conference is co-hosting a one-day Powered by JavaScript JavaScript event on September 17. If you want to speak, get your proposal in ASAP.
Powered by JavaScript
From our Sponsor
AngularJS 101: From Zero to Angular in Seconds
How to build realtime into your AngularJS app in just 99 lines of HTML and JavaScript.
SIMD in JavaScript An introduction to SIMD (Single instruction, multiple data), a set of CPU instructions that can perform the same operation across a range of data, and a look at how Intel is bringing SIMD support to JavaScript through extending the language specification.
Intel Open Source Technology Center
Tutorial: Real-Time Chat With Node's Readline and A tutorial by Matt Harzewski on using Node's readline module to create a powerful(ish) terminal-based prompt that you can then build a chat system on top of with Node. (If you like this, be sure to check out Node Weekly.)
jQuery: Using Only What You Need See how you can include only the pieces of jQuery that your application needs using AMD by TJ VanToll.
Telerik Developer Network
Vic Ramon's Ember on Rails Tutorial An introduction to the Ember JS framework in 22 chapters. It shows you how to build an Ember app with a Ruby on Rails-based backend and explains all the underlying concepts along the way.
Vic Ramon
Building a Multi-Step Form in AngularJS Using UI Router
Chris Sevilleja
Getting Started with Browserify Browserify allows you to use Node.js style modules in the browser and Patrick Catanzariti presents a complete introduction.
Using ES6 Modules Today
Jack Franklin
Rethinking AngularJS Controllers Todd shares his thoughts on a different way to look at Angular controllers, as well as some best practices.
Todd Motto
Dependency Injection in JavaScript Reflections on using dependency injection in JavaScript to manage complexity.
Krasimir Tsonev
JavaScript as an Alternative to AppleScript on OS X Yosemite (10.10)
Why Ramda? Ramda is a ‘practical functional library’ for JavaScript developers, but on the surface it can be tricky to see the benefits. This article digs into the use cases.
Scott Sauyet
Refactoring JavaScript Apps Into a Framework Podcast. The JavaScript Jabber crew get together with Brandon Hays to talk about frameworks and their role in building more modular JavaScript apps.
JavaScript Jabber
Senior Front End Software Engineer at Moz (Seattle, WA) Passionate about high quality SW? Moz Analytics is looking for a Senior Developer to join the Applications team- responsible for building all of the Front End apps that deliver marketing analytics through meaningful data visualization and insight.
JavaScript Engineer at Pantheon (San Francisco, CA) We're looking for an engineer with a passion for JavaScript to help us build the best user experience for our customers. Join our collaborative team of brainstorming developers and enjoy a role where you can own your initiatives.
JavaScript Software Developer (Madison, WI) Widen Enterprises is looking for a JavaScript expert who wants to join a dynamic team, have fun, and work with great people and technology.
Widen Enterprises
Code, Libraries and Tools
Boba.js: A JavaScript Library for Google Analytics A small, easily extensible library to make working with Google Analytics easier. Tie together events with Google Analytics, etc.
qooxdoo 4.0 Released A universal JavaScript framework covering desktop, mobile and server uses.
DHTMLX 4.0 Released: A Modern JavaScript-Based Web App UI Library
Springy.js: A Force Directed Graph Layout Algorithm in JavaScript Uses physics to figure out how to show a network graph in a way that looks good.
Dennis Hotson
50 Emulators Written in JavaScript Links to different JavaScript-based emulators for classic systems like the Sega Master System, ZX Spectrum, and NES.
Frederic Cambus
Telerik NativeScript: A Forthcoming Framework for Building Native Mobile Applications with Pure JavaScript Declare business logic and data models in JavaScript and share across all target platforms. Bring in your own third party libraries. No Mac required to compile for iOS. Not yet public but beta testers appear to be sought.
Last but not least..
Help us build the best open-source training library on the planet Pluralsight is building the best open-source training library on the planet, and we can’t do it alone. We’re looking for JavaScript experts who are passionate about teaching. If that sounds like you, find out how you can create online courses and start earning royalties today.
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