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JavaScript Weekly Issue 186
June 20, 2014
Editor: Peter Cooper
12 Videos from JSConf 2014 (So Far) New videos are going up each day, but you can already enjoy some of the talks from last month’s JSConf US event from Jenn Schiffer’s amusing sorting talk to Neil Green on writing custom DSLs and Nico Bevacqua on front end ops tooling.
Favoring Curry: How Currying Leads to More Elegant Code Currying is the transformation of a function that expects multiple arguments into a chain of functions that each accept one argument. But what’s the point? This is a good look at the motivations and uses for currying in JavaScript.
Scott Sauyet
The Microsoft Research JavaScript Cryptography Library Supports RSA encrypt/decrypt, AES-CBC and GCM encrypt/decrypt, SHA-256/384/512, HMAC with supported hash functions, PRNG as specified by NIST, ECDH, ECDSA, and KDF. (Beware: It's a 250MB download as the archive includes 750MB of testing data.)
Microsoft Research
From our Sponsor
Announcing JS Error Reporting and AJAX Timing in New Relic
Currently, 1.2m domains use the New Relic Browser monitoring tools to maintain a comprehensive overview of their browser page load times, throughput, browser transactions, JavaScript errors and Ajax timing. Find out how real-time insights help people build better performing software with New Relic.
New Relic
Multiple Return Values in ECMAScript 6 A quick look at the syntax behind obtaining multiple return values from a function call with ES6.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Building with Gulp Gulp is a build system that can improve how you develop websites by automating common tasks, such as compiling preprocessed CSS, minifying JavaScript and reloading the browser.
Smashing Magazine
Developing a Single Page 'To Do' App With Backbone.js
Force Directed Graphs in D3 Steven Hall brings together d3.js, pseudo-classical JavaScript, graph theory, and Lewis Carroll.
Steven Hall
How to Learn AngularJS - An Extensive Introduction A rather extensive introduction to AngularJS that we missed before. Starts right from the motivation and reasoning for using something like Angular and then walks through with demos of the main concepts involved.
Ari Lerner
Controlling the (HTML5) Canvas with JavaScript Objects An excellent demonstration of CodePen’s new blogging feature for showing off coding concepts in an interactive way. An ideal read for beginners too.
Rachel Smith
Structs and ImmutableStructs
Reg Braithwaite
Detect, Undo And Redo DOM Changes With Mutation Observers
Addy Osmani
7 Patterns to Refactor JavaScript Applications: Service Objects The second in a series of posts each covering a different object-based pattern that can be used during refactoring for producing more modular, expressive code.
Michael Philips
Build a Better User Registration Page with jQuery UI A 13 minute introduction, aimed at the beginner level.
Help, I'm Stuck in An Event Loop Philip Roberts presents a handy 20 minute talk packed with handy visualizations and demos with the goal of demonstrating what an event loop is and why they’re relevant to all JavaScript developers.
Building Native Apps with Node.js (video) Jacob Lowe takes a high level 20 minute look at the growing interest in creating GUI-based apps (as opposed to servers or webapps) with Node, such as with node-webkit or Atom’s atom-shell.
Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft (Redmond, WA) In Visual Studio Cloud Services we pride ourselves on building fast, scalable web applications to make developers productive. We are looking for JavaScript developers that thrive in fast paced agile environments, shipping to production multiple times a month.
Frontend (JS / Angular) Engineer Want to travel the world? We are in need of client facing frontend engineers who know how to build single page apps, deliver quality code and thrive while working in a project team delivering POC's and implementations of our customer experience platform (CXP).
Code, Libraries and Tools
Introducing Smarty: An Autocomplete UI in AngularJS
Katie Thomas
Collectionjs: Implementations of Collection Data Structures Specialized alternatives to plain arrays and objects with numerous types of sets and map structures.
Montage Studio
smallworld.js: Utility for Generating Map Overviews using GeoJSON and HTML5 Canvas
Mike Fowler
ki Language: A Clojure-inspired Language to Complement JavaScript A functional programming language that expands into JavaScript through a thin layer of sweet.js macros.
Luca Antiga
Last but not least..
24% of devs don’t use database source control – make sure you aren’t one of them Databases are catching up with applications when it comes to version control. So what steps can you take to source control your databases? SQL Source Control connects databases to the source control system you already use. Try SQL Source Control free.
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