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June 27, 2014  #187
Henrik Joreteg
A free-to-read online book (also available as a paid e-book) all about building well-structured apps with clean, easily understood JavaScript. Includes a foreword by Jan Lehnardt.

Google I/O 2014
At Google I/O, Eric Bidelman of the Chrome team gave an enthusiastic 35m talk looking at where things stand with Web Components, what problems they solve, and how to shift your Web development thinking to working with them.

Google I/O 2014


Frontend Masters   Sponsored
Kyle Simpson, author of the “You Don’t Know JavaScript” book series, dives deep into the JavaScript language. Prototypes/OO, scope, closure and asynchronous code have all tripped us up at times and Kyle goes through all these key topics in detail. Try out a sample lesson lesson on scope and the JavaScript compiler.

Frontend Masters

Billing itself as a modular, loosely coupled, ‘non-frameworky framework’ for building JavaScript apps, Ampersand is a Backbone-derived group of small, easily brought together modules. This introduction gives more background.

Smashing Magazine
A client-side internationalization approach that uses CSS selectors to change text dynamically.

jQuery Conference
Timmy Willison presents a quick 15m talk on customizing jQuery to be as slim and speedy as possible for your use case.

If you want to rely on a 3rd party site to host common libraries, this site gives a feel for which are the fastest and most reliable.

Krasimir Tsonev looks at techniques behind key framework features, like AngularJS’s dependency injection, Ember’s computed properties and React’s templates.


  • Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft (Redmond, WA)
    In Visual Studio Cloud Services we pride ourselves on building fast, scalable web applications to make developers productive. We are looking for javascript developers that thrive in fast paced agile environment, shipping to production multiple times a month. 
  • Frontend Magician (AngularJS/RequireJS)
    Looking to build real software that is being used by millions of people? Are you a master of cross-browser compatibility? Do you apply architecture design patterns to your work? You will like Backbase. 
  • Senior JavaScript Engineer (Oakland, CA or Austin, TX)
    We’re looking for a Senior JavaScript Engineer to focus on the evolution of our HTML5 Application while contributing throughout the stack. In both Oakland, CA and Austin, TX. 

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