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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 197 — September 5, 2014
JavaScript Jabber
An epic interview/group discussion featuring Brendan Eich where he walks through JavaScript’s history, warts and all. A lot of back-story and interesting tangents here. It’s almost two hours long but worth the listen to get more insights into JavaScript and its development.

An easy to understand JavaScript DSL to make writing and debugging integration tests in an English-like Cucumber/Gherkin-style simpler. It interacts with your app via a real browser to test its state against your expectations.

Frontend Masters   Sponsored
Aaron Frost, ES6 master, will give you a crash course on the changes JavaScript will see both on the client and server. He will also give you the tools you need to integrate ES6 into your projects.
Join us September 19th – attend online or in-person!

Frontend Masters

Bjorn Tipling
A look at some of the more sophisticated or interesting ways to create and work with objects, including ES6’s proxies and symbols. If you want to do some diving into JavaScript’s more technical parts, you should enjoy this.

Addy Osmani
Last week I linked to the awesome slides but now Google has uploaded the full talk. Addy Osmani show us how to master the Chrome DevTools for effective memory management to tackle things like memory leaks, pauses, bloat, etc.

Nordic.js is a 2 day JavaScript conference in Stockholm. It’s sold out but you can sign up for free to watch the live stream on September 18-19 featuring speakers like Leah Culver, Tom Dale, Jina Bolton and Douglas Crockford.


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