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Top 10 Angular mistakes, JS hardware roundup, simple and powerful ES6 features, and more.
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 202 — October 10, 2014
Javier Márquez
Dives into a CSS layout debugger (delivered as a one-liner bookmarklet) by Addy Osmani to look at the various JavaScript tricks used inside.

Mark Meyer
Covers a diverse range of ideas from directory structure to controller bloat and scoping.

Patrick Catanzariti presents an overview of the various devices that communicate with or that use JavaScript, including Leap Motion, the Oculus Rift, and Tessel.

Raygun   Sponsored
Raygun gives you a complete overview of software bugs and crashes that are happening in your applications. Just add a few lines of code to your application and start fixing bugs before your users are affected.


Colin Toh
Colin describes the let keyword, destructuring assignment, default parameters, rest parameters, and more, as ECMAScript 6’s ‘quick wins’ you should know about.

Sebastian McKenzie

Brian Peiris
Strap on your VR helmet and code in a 3D environment. The video demo on YouTube is fun.


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