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Facebook Flow, ES6 video, accessibility in Angular, debugging a Node app, and more.
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 208 — November 21, 2014
Flow is designed to find type errors in JavaScript programs with little programmer effort. It relies on type inference to find type errors even when the program has not been annotated.

Jim Cowart
In this session from the recent Nodevember event, Jim Cowart aims to get you excited about and up to speed with ECMAScript 6.

Marcy Sutton
The new ngAria module introduced in Angular 1.3.0 can be used to improve the user experience for people with disabilities.

Frontend Masters   Sponsored
Join Justin Meyer, creator of JavaScriptMVC and CanJS, to solidify your knowledge of JavaScript closure, new keyword, “this”, prototypical inheritance, type comparators and coercion. You’ll also learn to build interactive components through pure DOM scripting which jQuery and it’s utilities use under the hood.
Join us December 4th & 5th – attend online or in-person!

Frontend Masters

A look at how Netflix tracked and resolved an interesting bug in an Express app. Subscribe to Node Weekly for more like this.

Smashing Magazine
A walk through the development process of a Chrome extension with modern web tools and libraries with Daniel Sternlicht.

Maxime Chevalier
A JIT compiler for JavaScript targeting x86-64 platforms. Uses novel techniques, written in D, and being developed as part of PhD work.

Built on top of IndexedDB, provides SQL-like syntax and works cross-browser.


  • Developer Evangelist at Backbase (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)Are you someone who enjoys spreading and sharing your knowledge? Do you want to travel, train and write about the best practices, visit technical conferences? We are looking for a charismatic engineer who can become a voice for Backbase.
  • Front-end developer at Econify (New York, NY)Econify is a development shop that primarily works with established companies, leading them through complicated technology challenges. We’re currently seeking a front-end JS/Rails developer to work on-site with our fantastic clients.
  • Front End Developer at (Amsterdam), planet Earths #1 accommodation web-site, is hiring world class Front End developers! If you are interested in making an impact on the user experience of millions of people, come join our team in amazing Amsterdam.

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