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JavaScript Weekly Issue 21
April 8, 2011
Welcome to issue 21 of JavaScript Weekly. I need a favor. I'm putting together a new JavaScript Weekly site and including reader testimonials. It's a win-win if you genuinely like JavaScript Weekly because I'll link back to your site. Reply to this e-mail with a comment, your name and URL (if you have one). If you have a small pic or avatar I can use (even a Twitter one) that would be great too. Thank you!
Mozilla CTO and JavaScript Inventor Brendan Eich Joins Advisory Board (of Cloud9 IDE fame) has announced that Brendan Eich (creator of JavaScript and CTO of Mozilla) has joined the company's advisory board. A bit of a dry announcement but about as prominent an appointment as you can get in JavaScript land.
CommunityJS: JavaScript User Groups & Conferences CommunityJS is a new site attempting to put together a list of JavaScript user groups and conferences around the world. Head over there to find one to attend or to submit your own.
Qooxdoo 1.4 and 1.3.1 Released Qooxdoo is a innovative JS framework for creating Rich Internet Applications that requires no DOM knowledge. It compares itself to Qt and SWT in terms of building UIs.
SproutCore 1.5 Release Candidate 1 Released
dotCloud (Cloud app hosting platform) gets Node.js support
Rare Javascript Operators in 20 Slides A slick set of 20 slides by Timmy Willison that look at some of the less common JavaScript operators. Well put together and I recommend checking this out.
The JavaScript Comma Operator Angus Croll of Twitter provides a code-driven, comprehensive tour of the relevance of the comma in JavaScript.
Javascript Documentation Generation Dale Harvey of Couchbase shows off a good looking way to produce HTML documentation from JavaScript code using jsdoc-toolkit and a template he designed.
Node.js Jumpstart A very short but sweet OS X-focused "how to" on getting started with Node.js by Jerry Cheung of Intridea. This is one for total node.js beginners only.
CSS3 Animation with jQuery Fallbacks
List Posts
6 Free E-Books and Tutorials for Learning and Mastering Node.js
A Roundup of 58 JavaScript and jQuery Tools and Libraries by Smashing Magazine
Code and Libraries
How to Convert XML to JSON with JavaScript David Walsh needed a way to turn XML into JSON. He shares his approach here. A lot shorter than I'd have imagined.
ender.js: Tiny but Powerful JS Toolkit Library Dustin Diaz has unveiled ender.js, a small (7K!) yet powerful JavaScript library composed of application agnostic open-source submodules wrapped in a slick intuitive interface. You get a class system, selector engine, async loader, and more.
node-sync: Simple Synchronous Code in Node.js Using Fibers node-sync is a simple library that allows you to call any asynchronous function in synchronous way. The main benefit is that it uses JavaScript-native design instead of heavy APIs you'd need to learn.
Firmin: JS Animation Library using CSS Transforms Firmin is a JavaScript animation library that uses CSS transforms and transitions to create smooth, hardware-accelerated animations.
SAX JS: A SAX-style Parser for XML A SAX-style parser for XML. Designed with node.js in mind but should work fine in the browser or other CommonJS implementations. It's not yet a useful HTML parser but is billed as a 'stepping stone' to such.
jquery.qrcode - A QR-Code Generator jQuery Plugin jquery.qrcode.js is a jQuery plugin that provides a pure browser QR code generator. It's stand-alone and under 4K after minify+gzip. No image downloads required.
jsgif: Animated GIF Player in JavaScript jsgif is an interesting GIF decoder by Shachaf Ben-Kiki that lets you enable frame by frame control over the display of animated GIFs.
ichabod: JavaScript Testing with Headless Webkit and MacRuby
An Example jQuery Plugin Written in CoffeeScript
Last but not least..
An Introduction to Node.js with Ryan Dahl Node.js is a system for building asynchronous JavaScript apps using Google's V8 JavaScript engine. In this 1 hour presentation, Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node.js, introduces you to node.js and shows it off a bit. A well put together recording and a great primer.
Speed Up Your JavaScript - a classic tech talk from 2009
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