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ES6 proxies guide, Angular performance, Flux architecture explained, ES6 template strings, and more.
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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 211 — December 12, 2014
A detailed, example-packed look at ES6 proxies, a meta programming feature that lets you intercept and customize operations performed on objects.
Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

A look at some common performance problems people encounter with Angular and how to resolve or avoid them.
Abraham Polishchuk

If you haven’t quite understood Facebook’s Flux architecture yet, this is a great article for getting up to speed complete with diagrams and examples.
Flarnie Marchan

Can deploying to prod be a joyful experience? At Ninefold, we think so. Get a 1.5 GB Rails app server in the US, for free (seriously). Just sign-up, deploy a Rails app and enter your billing details.
Ninefold   Sponsored

Andy Wingo looks at the parts of V8 and Spidermonkey that are themselves written in JavaScript and implements a new feature himself.
ffconf 2014

Principally about picking frameworks and tools, this is the higher level stuff it pays to get right.
Cody Lindley

People have had a chance to reflect on the Io.js Node fork and Wesley Smith thinks the move is a positive one. Also worth checking is Isaac Z. Schlueter's A Brief FAQ About Io.js.
Wesley Smith


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