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JavaScript Weekly Issue 22
April 15, 2011
Welcome to issue 22 of JavaScript Weekly and thanks to all who sent in testimonials for the new, forthcoming JavaScript Weekly site. I'll thank you personally soon and show you the site. In the meantime, enjoy this week's JavaScript links.
Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview Released Microsoft has unveiled the first preview of IE10 which boasts significant progress in 'native HTML5 support'. Sadly, third party benchmarks have shown it to be no faster in the JavaScript department than IE 9 so far.
Emscripten (LLVM to JavaScript Compiler) 1.0 Released Emscripten is a LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler that has made it possible to run compiled C code (and more!) directly in JavaScript. It's reached its 1.0 release and is considered 'pretty solid' with no outstanding bugs. It runs about 10 times slower than the native code (which is pretty impressive when you think about it).
Remy Sharp's Server Side JavaScript with Node Workshop (UK) Esteemed Javascript developer (and jQuery For Designers host) Remy Sharp is running two Node.js workshops in the UK (Nottingham and London) in May. The London one is sold out but Nottingham is still open.
Announcing YUI (Yahoo! UI Library) 2.9.0
Node v0.4.6 Released (minor release)
I For One Welcome Our New Micro-Framework Overlords Thomas Fuchs (of fame) celebrates JavaScript 'micro-frameworks' - small libraries that do one thing only, rather than trying to be a catch-all for many problems. This post kicked off a small debate in the JavaScript world, so keep reading on to the next post (below)..
Imagine a Beowulf Cluster of JavaScript Frameworks Tom Dale responds to Thomas Fuch's post by noting that overwhelming choice may be a negative with JavaScript frameworks. He argues in support of larger, more established frameworks by saying that developers want a 'happy path' that they can be reasonably assured will work well. Many comments were left :-)
ECMA-262, 5th Edition: A Survey of the Latest JavaScript Spec Rob Larsen has a look at the history of the ECMAScript 5 specification and presents a code-driven walkthrough of some of the major features it describes.
Amb() in JavaScript - The Ambiguous Operator An interesting series of posts by Mihai Bazon about the implementation of the "ambiguous operator" - an operator that nondeterministically attempts to make an expression succeed.
Debugging Errors Within Node.JS Derek Perez runs through some interesting tricks that you can use to debug the internals of NodeJS that he picked up from Ryan Dahl at CodeConf 2011.
An Intriguing Critique of 'JavaScript: The Good Parts' Despite being a much celebrated JavaScript book, 'garnet420' has many nits to pick with Douglas Crockford's 'JavaScript: The Good Parts' and even demands a personal apology.
How (not) to Trigger a Layout Render in WebKit (or Chrome)
Will the Rise of Javascript Mean the End of LAMP?
8 Stunning Javascript WebGL Demonstrations
Evaluating jQuery Learning Material with Addy Osmani
How to Create & Deploy a Node.JS App on Nodester in 2 Minutes Chris Matthieu will show you how to create and deploy a new node.js application in less than 2 minutes using Nodester, an open source Node hosting platform.
Experimenting With Node.js And Server-Side Javascript Ben Nadel plays with Node.JS and shows off how he built a basic JSON-based API app.
Xbox Kinect Controlling A Web Browser via Node.js
Code and Libraries
Workflow.js: Async Workflows in JavaScript With Iterators & Generators Matt Bridges shows off workflow.js, a small library that lets you break out of the tangle of nested callbacks by separating asychronous actions in-line with 'yields'.
kapi: Keyframe API for HTML 5 Canvases Kapi is a keyframing API for the HTML 5 canvas. It streamlines animation development by providing a simple interface for defining 'actors' and their changing states over time.
string_score: Intelligent String Comparison Scoring string_score adds a .score() method to the JavaScript String object. It's framework independent and lets you compare two strings against each other and get a score of their similarity. It considers abbreviations, casing, string lengths, and more to get an intelligent result.
Event.JS: A 'super-awesome' JavaScript Event Handler Library Events.js is a simple, cross-browser event handler library that supports some commonly unsupported events, custom events, keystroke handling, and more. Very clean and the README has some handy examples.
RouteMap: URL Mapping for Client-Side and Server-Side JS
Spider: Programmable Web Spidering with Node.js and jQuery
Jobs - well, one job for now
Front-End Developer for Songkick (London, UK) Songkick is a London, UK based concert and event notification service looking for a gifted front-end developer with HTML, CSS, and unobtrusive JavaScript (preferably using jQuery) chops.
Last but not least..
Ender.js: The No-Library JavaScript Library (so meta..) I mentioned Ender.js just last week, but now it has a snazzy homepage! Ender is an open, powerful, next level JavaScript library composed of application agnostic modules wrapped in a slick intuitive interface. It's just 8K in size and looks awesome.
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