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JavaScript Weekly
Issue 223 — March 13, 2015
The Google V8 team is looking at ways to mitigate performance and usability issues in JavaScript, such as a ‘strong mode’ and SoundScript, all without forking or breaking JavaScript as-is.
Google Chrome V8 Team

An article, slides and video from Christian Heilmann that takes a look at how JavaScript is changing by the ever increasing demands placed upon it but how interoperability must remain key.
Christian Heilmann

Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz bring us up to date with the latest in the world of Ember, the future, the new Glimmer rendering engine, and more, in their inimitable style.

Two upcoming workshops!
- Basics to Building with JavaScript on April 2nd for beginner devs.
- Using All of JavaScript for Your Full Stack on April 3rd on topics like coercion and client/server JS.
Frontend Masters   Sponsored
Frontend Masters

A look at the Visual Studio support for both Angular 2 and the new TypeScript features it uses.

A tutorial that looks at using three.js to build a model of Earth you can rotate.

Originally from HTML5 Weekly but so neat it has to be shared again. A 20KHz tone is generated and then detected by the Web Audio API which lets you do ‘proximity’ detection. Complete with demos.
Daniel Rapp

SIMD.js is a new API for performing SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) computations in JavaScript which is being developed by Google, Intel, Mozilla, and others.


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