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JavaScript Weekly Issue 23
April 22, 2011
Welcome to issue 23 of JavaScript Weekly. A happy Good Friday to you if you're celebrating Easter, but even if you are, hopefully you're still up for some JavaScript over the holiday period. This week is a smasher!
jQuery 1.6 Beta 1 Released John Resig unveils the first beta of the forthcoming jQuery 1.6. He asks you to help out by dropping that code into your existing application and letting them know if anything no longer works.
Official jQuery Plugins: A Change in The Roadmap There hasn't been a dedicated team for supporting official jQuery plugins but as they've become increasingly more important and complex, it seems time to lay down a policy. Adam Sontag explains.
The Node Beginner Book The Node Beginner Book is a new, free, single-page 'book' that aims to get you started with developing applications for node.js, teaching you everything you need to know about "advanced" JavaScript along the way.
SproutCore 1.5 Released (1.6 due in June)
Ruby on Rails 3.1 To Adopt CoffeeScript and jQuery
Coming Soon: O'Reilly's 'Stateful JavaScript Applications'
Modern JavaScript: An Ecosystem Analysis JavaScript guru Rebecca Murphey casts her eye across the JavaScript ecosystem and ponders its strengths and weaknesses while suggesting a way forward.
How To Get Started with Object-Oriented JavaScript Code In an article for IBM DeveloperWorks, Kris Hadlock quickly explains how you can get started with OOP in JavaScript through creating and using custom objects.
Douglas Crockford 'Actual JavaScript Engine Performance' Test Douglas Crockford says that most JavaScript benchmarks are not representative of the behavior of real web applications and shows off his own results based on JSLint. This has been controversial though and it shows IE 10 as a clear winner in the performance stakes.
What's New in jQuery UI 1.8? Malcolm Sheridan has a quick look at the latest version of the jQuery UI library and demonstrates the new AutoComplete and Button widgets.
A New jQuery.attr and the New jQuery.prop Method in jQuery 1.6 Timmy Willison looks at the rewrite of jQuery.attr and the new jQuery.prop method that are in the forthcoming jQuery 1.6 and clears up some confusion that jQuery.fn.attr users may encounter on upgrading.
About That Hybrid 'V8Monkey' Engine Paul O'Shannessy of Mozilla was wondering why there was no implementation of Node.js for the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine. Due to Node's tight coupling to Google V8, he and a few other developers set out to build a V8 API on top of SpiderMonkey..
Scraping the Web with is a newish (we covered it in issue 3) screen scraping framework that allows you to easily scrape data from websites using Javascript. This blog post by Ben Dowling demonstrates how to use it to scrape multiple pages.
Multi-touch game controller in JavaScript/HTML5 for iPad
Performance Analysis of (Binary) Byte Arrays in Modern Browsers
Improved V8 External Array Support with Node.JS's 'Buffer' Type (Node Geeks Only!)
CoffeeScript Basics in 25 Minutes Charles Max Wood has put together a solid 25 minute introductory screencast for CoffeeScript, an increasingly popular language that compiles into JavaScript (and which will be a dependency of the next major version of Ruby on Rails.)
Multiplayer Gaming with HTML5: Are We Ready?
Code and Libraries
forever: Keep a JS Script Running Continuously forever is a simple tool for ensuring that a given script runs continuously. You can use forever through the command line interface or by requiring a module in your code.
JQuery-AHM: Reducing Ajax Requests to 1 Line jquery-ahm is a replacement for $.ajax. With $.ajax, every Ajax request needs a callback but ahm reduces javascript code by letting the response data define the callbacks.
rosie: Object Factories for JavaScript Rosie is a factory for easily building JavaScript objects, mostly useful for setting up test data. It takes inspiration from Ruby's factory_girl.
PDP-11 (1970s Minicomputer) Emulator in JavaScript
JSLintMate: JSLint (or JSHint) in the TextMate editor
Spine: A JS MVC Framework With A Different Take to Backbone.js
Sudoku Solver in CoffeeScript - A Code Snippet
Last but not least..
Chrysaora: WebGL + JavaScript Powered Jellyfish If you have a WebGL-compatible browser this is a stunning demo of 3D rendering and, even better, both the GLSL shader code and JavaScript code are easily found under View Source. The future is coming!
Simple Algorithms (Illustrated using JavaScript) An interesting interactive demonstration of several simple algorithms and data structures (hash tables, binary search, bubble sort) using JavaScript.
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