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Issue 233 — May 22, 2015
Promises are awesome, but Nolan Lawson has noticed that ‘many of us are using promises without really understanding them.’ He clears up a lot of misconceptions in this example-rich post.
Nolan Lawson

A look at why Bocoup chose Backbone for their client-side dev workshop. In short, Backbone is compact, popular, mature, and still a great choice.
Mike Pennisi

At the Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2015, Christian Heilmann demonstrated the pros and cons of the latest JavaScript features along with workarounds to keep things working.
Christian Heilmann

DigitalOcean provides simple cloud infrastructure that’s built for developers. You can deploy an SSD cloud server in under a minute and run it for as little as $5/mo (512MB RAM, 20GB SSD, 1CPU, 1TB transfer). Use promo code DO10 for $10 credit.
DigitalOcean   Sponsored

‘JSX is like a healthy vegetable that tastes like decadent chocolate cake,’ starts Eric Elliott on React’s inline HTML markup format.
Eric Elliott

Edge, Microsoft’s IE replacement on Windows 10, is setting new records in the JavaScript speed wars. Chakra’s PM Lead, Gaurav Seth, explains.

Quick examples of jQuery-free alternatives to common JavaScript tasks from selecting elements and handling events to Ajax and animation.

Some discussion over the potential for the popular Underscore and Lodash libraries to merge.
Jeremy Ashkenas


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